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  1. Hang in there and Good Luck!!!!! You can do it!!!!! :D Veronica
  2. Congratulations "First time Grandpa", it's great to hear this awsome news!!!! When we take our prayers to God, he listens. Bless you and your family....And...Enjoy Veronica
  3. C.H., Can you spell RUDE??? I mean really, is this necessary? A little RESPECT will get you a LONG way!!!
  4. sportfisher, my thoughts and prayers are with your nephew, Ryan as I pray for a full recovery. God Bless Veronica
  5. I +'d him for you It was an excellent point.
  6. I believe this has already been established as an April Fool's joke...
  7. 80's night sounds good to me...Umbertino, how about some Tainted Love by Soft Cell Thank you, my friend Veronica
  8. Happy Birthday Patty!!! It sounds like you have an awsome family, who truly loves you. You are blessed Veronica
  9. Loved it!!! Thanks for sharing
  10. Biker, I like the way you think I might share a pipe if it's in celebration of an RV Veronica
  11. Well...About the only thing left might be us waiting for them to get back from one of their "new founded" holidays.
  12. Well said truthful1. Those looking for "fun" forums may want to consider facebook or some other "social"network... I happen to like the variety of topics and opinions. As far as political posts...tis the season Veronica
  13. vvalley

    I'm Back

    It's great knowing you are now okay. Many of us missed you. Take care and I hope you have a speedy recovery. Big, handsome muscular hunks over 40 are the best kind flirt away Veronica
  14. Thanks jupitergirl for bringing this to us The next coming days (not weeks or mos.) works for me. The RV would actually make a great birthday present on the 19th!!! Veronica
  15. I like the way you think I wouldn't mind taking a stroll down EASY STREET myself
  16. I love this post!!!! Thanks delta Veronica
  17. Thanks yota, this should be interesting if O really shows up. I saw that the judge denied his motion to not appear today Veronica
  18. What's up with the Ron Paul bashing today TPSprayduster?
  19. Well, I hate to say it, but on this one ...I think you are wrong Veronica
  20. I think an exchange rate of 1.13-1.17 seems pretty logical based on all of the info posted Let's just do this already Goooooo Rvvvvv Alreadddyyyyy
  21. This is my favorite album by any band of all time Thanks umbertino for posting Veronica
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