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  1. So,Adam is un reachable for questions?! I wanted his word on this mail,if still working. I will happily buy your Dinar at $10 per million more than the dealers are paying. I am not a dealer, I will be buying for my own personal investing. Thank you. E.G. Dinartrade is currently paying: $900 per million dinars Uncirculated New Notes $760 per million dinars Circulated Notes I will pay $10 more.
  2. Fourth return. I ask do I contact Adam to buy dinar? Thank you. Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender for; Mon, 28 Sep 2015 17:20:30 -0500 Received: by pacex6 with SMTP id ex6so185680328pac.0
  3. Manager died july 9. Tepco never was that rude , these are japanese were talking about after all. Before i get the inevitable your stupid for staying in japan comment, due to the corialis effect im 550 miles to the west and the contamination goes east........... air/water too. So california, hotter than here. Point being the news article is is WORSE than portrayed.
  4. The pumpers all say " 22 is back wall, they have hundreds of reasons to RV!" Why is RVCritical on 22? DFI Fund protection ending? Does any body still think they care about pre RV money or being sued? Second, what are all these vague statements about HAVE to RV? Every currency worth talking about is in heavy currency wars now, under cutting the exchange rate to cartoon criminal proportions. All this foot dragging by Iraq means one thing to me, they want to start out of the gate with a leg up.......low currency rate to kick but at market. Or in there another reasonable point of view for
  5. I fail to see the benefit of shabibi being back. It seems to me everyone threw him under the bus calling him every nasty name in the book like...............dare I say.........a LOPPER? What's so freekin great about a lop? Once again, lost in translation.........
  6. that the fully dressed out price or by the pound?
  7. Not feeling so alone by a bit, Thank you SgtFury! To brighten your personal reality is brilliant , to brighten another's is grease in the rusty cogs of society
  8. Hello, I picked my name to express how lost I am in all entailed in this speculation. It's apparent this is (on-going)on purpose. I long ago got sick of the feeling I get online collecting info. It's akin to a ass pulling a heavy cart following a decaying carrot on a stick. Can't handle that feeling. Besides that , there's only 1 site for the "least" bs. CBI. People say that they read guru sites for fun! If lies are fun, they are more creative on CNN. Now to the focus of my post. I haven't shaken my last and first site.phoenix. His "Matrix of Information" had me in the beginni
  9. Sentinel7- it's like you gotta Chrystal ball! Great answer.I feel more confidant the rug won't be pulled out at the last minute . You Speak the you get into as much trouble as I for that? Thanks for the great posts all
  10. Say, if they wish to hurt us. Why give us money? Why not grind us in to the dirt Per operational procedure?
  11. My statement was that they have ill intent to us.
  12. Since most customers on this site feel the us govt is oppressive....destructive to our well being,dollar values and rights The us and Britain its been pointed out they are keeping Iraq in chapt 7 . My question is, what is the current administrations benefit to letting us to benefit from a r/v?
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