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  1. I am new here, so I was reluctant to share this, but this could very well tie in to what you posted . There is a strong rumor circulating on camp Arifjan based on an e mail form Iraq , that july 6.2011. will be the RV date at $3.30 . Folks this is just an email that came south , I haven't seen it so no link and I was treating it as solid Bravo Sierra till I read this post . Hope I haven't messed up the format again.
  2. Hey Fireman 35 , sorry if I was out of line asking for intel . I thought that was what this site was all about . I am a FNG to posting anything anywhere so if I messed up whatever format there is MY BAD DOG!. As for a link , there is none from his phone to mine .
  3. I just got a call from a fellow contractor ,here in Kuwait . It seems Warka has an open letter on their site stating that they are paying 1 IQD per share to investors for a 100% return . Of course they give no rate on the IQD . It seems that only Warka account holders can obtain this information . If anyone has solid intell please share. Thanks.
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