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  1. Well since you be perfectly this point I don't really believe that the dinar will ever RV. I'm sorry, This is not what I want to happen. I posted about it and my dying dream 2 years ago and then had to let it go, didn't think about it or check here for months and months at a time. Then got Adam's email a couple of weeks ago and thought maybe, just maybe, I was wrong. But still here we are with more of the same rhetoric, day after day, like we're stuck in some kind of a never-ending groundhog day. Yeah, I've reached the point where I have to retreat again. :'(
  2. When you have people believing outright lies and pulling stunts like this, it makes the whole dinar thing really look like a scam to outsiders and the rest of us look like suckers. This is why I don't tell a soul I'm invested in the dinar.
  3. Well as it’s been said before – it totally depends on the rate. But hopefully if the rate’s $1 or over: ~ Give God His 10% ~ Pay taxes (I think someone said that’s 45%) ~ Buy a farm and open a home for teen girls including a therapeutic riding school and horse rescue (we are already 501c3 and we calculate in this area it will take about $1mil) ~ Invest the rest, maybe buy some dong If the rate’s .10 or around there: ~ Give God His 10% ~ Pay taxes ~ Pay off the mortgage ~ Invest what’s leftover If it LOPs: ~ Give God His 10% ~ Pay taxes ~ Buy a nice steak dinner….the end
  4. So after a long busy summer I log on to see how the RV's coming along and what do I find? a countdown to my birthday! I'll take it. On another note, I'm surprised...I don't know why but I truly thought cisole was a woman. Hmmmmmm......
  5. That is soooo true. I said I would not read after the "absolutely must RV by June 30th" date...and yet here I am. It is an addiction. But I'm cutting really...I am... Is there a Dinarvets Anonymous anywhere around I can join?
  6. LOL! Hopefully I'm the one in the donut. But seriously, after today...I'm outta here.
  7. LOL Longhorns, you always make me laugh with your graphics...always!
  8. I know that if the “absolute RV by June 30th” date comes and goes, then I am done reading for awhile. I have spent a full month’s spare time reading and learning and being educated. And it truly had been a good education and I don’t begrudge my time spent here. I’ve learned invaluable things that my husband and I MUST do if this thing pops. Ex: 1. tell NO ONE, etc… (on another really informative post somewhere – “The end will be the beginning” or something like that, I have it on a word.doc) A lot of good has come from even speculating about this whole thing. My husband and I have grown closer, we pray together every day now (not for the RV, but for God to keep our priorities in the right place if it does). We’ve had some really good talks and found things out about each other and ourselves that we maybe didn’t know before. I realized that there is a very selfish place inside myself that I didn’t want to admit was there. I’ve looked at cars and thought “oooooh I’ll take THAT one” as if my ’07 Focus isn’t good enough for me now. Ha! I also realized that I would be one of those people that would want to help EVERYONE and every need I saw. In church on Sunday as I was telling my husband how nice it would be to anonymously pay off a debt we had heard about from some struggling families in our church, he leaned over and whispered “Do you realize that you have probably ‘given away’ about $3 million so far with all the projects and debts you want to pay off for people?” And we laughed. He’s right. So far this has been a positive in our lives. We only invested as much as we could afford to lose, and so it’ll be tucked away when or if anything happens. And if the date comes…and goes….I will step off this roller coaster at the next stop and just continue as I always have...on solid ground. But still…GO RV!
  9. Thank you so much for all the warm responses. This really is a great group of people. It would be nice if all things work out the way we hope, that one day we 'dinarians' could actually meet....kind of like a secret club So if this thing ever does pop, I'm in southeastern PA. Look us up...we'll be "New Dawn Girls Ranch" Blessings, Sandi And of course...GO RV!
  10. First post here. I thought maybe I’d share my story. I bought dinar last March when a friend of mine told me over lunch about this “amazing opportunity, we’re going to be rich.” I’m normally a pretty skeptical person so went home and did nothing until the following weekend when she called me and said breathlessly “PLEASE tell me you bought dinars!” I said no, why, and she said “It’s happening!!” and told me that she and her husband were listening to the conference call right now and Hillarious was over in the ME and it was going down! I called my husband, we discussed it, and quickly bought 2.5 million dinar online that Saturday afternoon thinking we had squeaked in just under the deadline, but in the back of my mind I sort of wondered why they would still be selling dinar IF it was actually “going down right now!” Now I have to say here that the whole reason this investment even appealed to me in the first place is because our dream has been to open a ranch for teen girls and therapeutic riding school for at-risk youth. We also want to do some horse rescue, and pair the girls each up with a horse that needs their individual care. My husband and I are therapeutic foster parents and over the past 20 years have taken in over 100 kids in our home. We have always wanted to open a place that would enable us to help more kids. As you can see, opening a place like this would take a lot of money. We became 501c3 status in January, but in today’s financial climate it’s hard to find people who will fund something like this on such a large scale. We asked ourselves, could this dinar RV be the answer to our prayers? Well, that Monday came and went and nothing. Tuesday, nothing…Wednesday, nothing…and so on for March. For the next few weeks my friend would send me excited emails/texts about how “it’s happening today!!” or tomorrow, etc. But it never did. So I put it out of my mind for a few weeks when her texts stopped coming. About a month ago I began researching this thing myself and found, among others, this site. Above all the others, this site seemed to be the most down-to-earth and grounded. I read, read, read and gained a lot of knowledge with the information offered here. Some days the investment seemed hopeful, others not. Then last week things seemed to be heating up, and I found myself getting excited again. Maybe it really WAS going to happen after all! My husband and I started talking about our ranch again. It was going to happen before June 30th – probably sooner. But now as each day goes by, the talk is less and less optimistic, and now all I’m practically reading is how certain there’s going to be a LOP which will make our investment barely break even if you read some of the more well-reasoned out posts. I hate to say it but they make sense. What it all comes down to is no one knows anything for sure - I do understand that. But for me, if nothing happens by the 30th I don’t think I’ll be able to take it anymore. Maybe you are all strong enough to read the ups and downs day after day, month after month, but I don’t think I am. This is the desire of my heart on the line here – to provide a place for hurt teens and animals to heal. This roller-coaster ride is making me heart-sick. I feel like I have come to know many of you through your posts and have enjoyed the family feeling. Sometimes your humor has had me laughing out loud. For example “LOPsters – they make me crabby.” Hahaha! And some of the graphics, like the BS meters, are hilarious. I will truly miss all that. But you are all a lot stronger than me to be able to take this crazy ride indefinitely. Sorry this got a little long. If you’re still here, thanks for bearing with me. I wish you all the best. Sandi I’ve got to say it…GO RV!
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