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  1. Sounds like a VIP pump to me..... just sayin
  2. Here is a screen shot of todays range..... notice the .05 Uploaded with
  3. You guys must have a different ticker then me
  4. First post...and its a BANK STORY.... I smell a rat.
  5. NOPE... I have the ticker running and did not see that.
  6. Nothing uncommon....there is a buy and sell rate....its like that all the time.
  7. I have been banned from there 8 times now..... the last time I asked where the "special punch" was that I needed to drink to join there cult!!! needless to say, my name over there now is CULTLEADER.
  8. Same as every other day..... dont fall victim of the "guru" and pumpers BS.
  9. Thanks for the update..... sorry you wasted your time cause of PUMPER BS thou.
  10. Cant change when they are CLOSED.
  11. I am going where I get the best rate period. I am already giving enough to Uncle Sam.... I will be damned if I am paying some huge spread to a bank.
  12. YOUR POST IS...... and its not a CHAT LOG is what I am saying. Its a link to a long recorded call.
  13. All this was....... was another Friday night PUMP...... remember AKA payday...... Everyone take a DEEP breath.
  14. This is NOT done... I found this on another site. The meetings were for approving some CHANGES to the HCL which has been heavily rejected by Iraq and Kurdistan up to now. There have been several DRAFT proposals presented, with only some of the amendments approved. None of the draft proposals have been fully approved yet, as there are still demands for yet more changes. Here is some good info on what the HCL problems are: And more here: The part of the HCL related to management and distribution of oil revenue-sharing to the people is to be done under a totally separate law which has yet to be formed. Before they can present the new law for the distribution of the oil revenues, there must be a census. The census has been postponed indefinitely due to serious problems with the various tribes refusing to be labeled and/or counted. Here is some info on that from Dec 2010: The approval yesterday July 13 was for CHANGES to a DRAFT PROPOSAL for an Iraq National Oil Company, and more changes to the HCL itself. The changes have to be approved before the legislation is finalized and sent to Parliament for a vote. They hope to have this done by end 2011. The approvals related to the HCL over the past several months have been to changes to the DRAFT proposals. Not the actual legislation itself. All of this is clearly shown in articles from all over the world... They can't even BEGIN the oil revenue sharing part until AFTER the HCL law is in place and AFTER they have completed a proper census. This will take time....
  15. Agenda..... is to create new and exciting ways to tax the US population and inflate spending to increase our national debt. I am sure they will come up with something. I cant wait til we can get this traitor out of office.
  16. The truth is no one knows..... you can hardly believe anything you read coming out of Iraq... A lot of stories have been smoke and mirrors or some info is lost or misinterpeted during translation.
  18. Its working for me right now.... was when I checked earlier this morning as well
  19. Vehicle was.... the parts in question I was told were not. The issue was with the door actuators... none of the doors would lock or unlock by electronics. So in the event of me being in a crash, I nor my wife or children would be able to open the vehicle doors from the outside. It was a known issue with a lot of GM models and recognized as a issue with GM, but they wanted me to pay out 360 dollars per door to replace, and could not guarantee this would not happen again.
  20. Problems are one thing.... the lack of support from a manufactuer after the problems occured is the issue.
  21. Better get him a digital clock with the date on it.
  22. ARE YOU SERIOUS?????
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