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  1. Sounds like a VIP pump to me..... just sayin
  2. Here is a screen shot of todays range..... notice the .05 Uploaded with
  3. You guys must have a different ticker then me
  4. First post...and its a BANK STORY.... I smell a rat.
  5. NOPE... I have the ticker running and did not see that.
  6. Nothing uncommon....there is a buy and sell rate....its like that all the time.
  7. I have been banned from there 8 times now..... the last time I asked where the "special punch" was that I needed to drink to join there cult!!! needless to say, my name over there now is CULTLEADER.
  8. Same as every other day..... dont fall victim of the "guru" and pumpers BS.
  9. Thanks for the update..... sorry you wasted your time cause of PUMPER BS thou.
  10. Cant change when they are CLOSED.
  11. I am going where I get the best rate period. I am already giving enough to Uncle Sam.... I will be damned if I am paying some huge spread to a bank.
  12. YOUR POST IS...... and its not a CHAT LOG is what I am saying. Its a link to a long recorded call.
  13. All this was....... was another Friday night PUMP...... remember AKA payday...... Everyone take a DEEP breath.
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