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  1. I had no access for 1 week to my account and 2 days ago access opened up again. On Warkas Home page at the bottom click on the scroll and a special message will open up. it explained that the system would be down for upgrades and would open up on monday 10/10/2011. For one week I was very nervous as I had transferred $$$ from the Citi Bank hub and had no access. It's all good now. I was also easily able to exchange my USD into IQD all on my E-Bank account!!!!
  2. Again this is rediculous garble. How can 1000K Dinar suddenly be worth only 1 Dinar? I guess the People of Iraq must be Moron's. Not likely!! this is nothing short of propoganda meant to steer investors or speculators away from owning the Dinar. Most of us should have insurance to any of this nonsense by owning electronic Dinar in Warka Bank. I do and if you don't, it's no wonder that articles like this can make you nervous.
  3. Easy, Does the Federal Reserve let Congress tell it what to do in regards to monitary policy? They lent out $16 trillion of our dollars at 0% interest WITHOUT congressional, or the peoples permission. So give me a friggin break here. I understood the CBI was an independant entity just like the Fed
  4. I don't know how any of us can come up with an accurate understanding of what the CBI or other so called experts are explaining with these gibberish garbage articles! The trigger pullers know exactly what they are doing. IMO; They are confusing speculators very effectively. This gives the CBI even more time to scoop up and dispose of more paper currency on the market. Go RV!!
  5. IMO this is nothing more than a formality, and that the new currency has already been printed.
  6. I was thinking the same thing! It was probably bought with IQD and direct deposit into an account at Warka Bank. All electronic IQD, pretty slick deal don't you think?
  7. What kind of small business can you establish for say $12,000 USD ? these are considered soft loans? the poor people of Iraq are all millionares because of their rescources in the ground. I don't think this Loan program is going to go over to well.
  8. Megawatt, Those are my sentiments exactly!!!
  9. Has anyone checked how jamb packed womens shelters are in our country because of domestic violence and abuse lately? have anyone of us checked the statistics of how many men are serving time because of murdering their wives and girlfriends in the good old USA? So how moral is our system? The media continues to spew this fecal matter and so many americans buy into how moral and good America is. There are injustices world wide that's true. But we ar we are living in the most violent society probably second to Rome itself? Sorry about the rant
  10. Hasn't China done well with an undervalued currency?
  11. Hey I wonder how much KBR is paying to suck out the port-o-johns. Any intel Newman? I'm one of the 14 million who needs a job!!!
  12. Sloth, What the article really say's is that the 2012 Barbie and Ken collection is at Target stores everywhere!! Get yours today!!!
  13. Why is it that we seldom ever get a quote from shab's on anything. It's alway's these aids or no name experts who have ZERO influence on policy! And another thing which I'm sure is politically incorrect; After traveling all over the world, the Middle East as a society is the most dishonest that I have ever interacted with............. Sorry everyone but that's the truth!! So try not to get so worked up over the conflict in the R/D or RV messages.
  14. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. But doesn't the 7% inflation rate include the cost of fuel and food in Iraq? Here in the USA we all know the inflation rate does not include what we buy most fuel and food!!
  15. Iraq can tell the world any figure it wants to when it comes to the reserves it holds in it's own currency basket. I could just bet that they have left off 3 to 4 zero's. If they were transparent the report; IMO would read" Iraq holds $580,000,000,000 billion in currency reserves"
  16. Chances, Your qoute is well explained.But of what value would your explaination be, to the value of the Dinar being held by both the US Treasury and the Fed? they are holding Tillions of Dinar. Your math does not help their bottom line at all. They hold Dinar because it is worth serious $$$ . Your explaination only returns their original investment
  17. Thank You 20 mill, I have read your post 5 times and it makes alot of sense. Good job on the research
  18. There will be plenty of competition to cash our Dinar once the R/V happens. So why should anyone give a crap about what Ali is doing now or if he will have cash in centers. Ali made good money selling Dinar and I am happy for his success! He is history now, so lets all move on shall we? Ed
  19. Greetings Dinardarius, My name is Edward and I live in Eureka California. I can drive to Grants Pass and purchase your Dinar. My e-mail is "" I had a hard time figuring out how to navigate Dinarvets site to send directly to youe e-mail.Sorry. Ed
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