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  1. Hi Sarge! Interestingly the Muslim faith believes itself to be the pure and unadulterated truth of God. So would a symbol that represents Pagan worship set up in a public square serve to unite Muslims and Christians? Or just cause further irritation? Just look at the tension in Jerusalem as an example of never ending tension. The Muslim world understands clearly what the evergreen tree represents and it offends them, especially the Religious leaders who fuel violence! I am not saying their behavior is right or justified. The Christmas Tree is a Pagan symbol of the ancients. Don't believe
  2. IMO they spent about 23 million IQD too much on that ugly tree!
  3. CBI is allowing fear to force the chunky cash buy back at low rates. It's a brilliant move when you consider it's the only thing that will force a cash society to give it up and establish bank accounts. When enough has been brought in then we should see an R/V. Governments and Central Banks screw their own citizens first financially, because they can!
  4. In my opinion the budget has nothing to do with an R/V. But No Budget=No World Bank Loan. End of story!
  5. No Budget=No Loan from the World Bank! I bet they will pass a budget considering the attendance today!
  6. Warka Bank has a Branch in Lebanon. Now wether or not it originally started in Lebanon I'm not sure.
  7. When did the open door policy open up again for private banks? It was because of sectarian closed door policies that got Warka Bank in financial problems overnight 7 years ago. This news is great to hear!
  8. There was 4 Billion notes reported in circulation 3 years ago. The question is how many notes are still out there? Through articles we know that the CBI would not start monetary reforms until the 1 Billion note level in circulation was met. So I am under the belief that we are at that level of 1 Billion now and January 2017 is a new beginning for the value of the IQD.
  9. Hopefully the world will see a generation of Saudi's that have to clean their own toilets!
  10. DoD, Iraq had what they might consider a "Glory" rate over the USD even pre-Saddam as research shows. Regardless, my speculation is that Iraq's wealth has been systematically transferred across the globe through debt. In my opinion the debt has been transferred abroad using 3 zero notes.
  11. DoD, I'm not a Guru but just a accomplished Builder. The former glory comments come from the articles themselves. I'm just focused on what Iraq is stating about their intentions with their own currency. P.S. I don't smoke crack either
  12. Latest articles are stating Iraq's currency returning to "It's former glory" When I read such terms it reinforces to me that it will come out as a reinstatement of It's former value of $3+ per Dinar. I know that it is a long shot to believe this but again money and vast fortunes change hands daily across the globe. Why not for holders of the IQD? An R/I would also mean no capitol gains for any of us as I understand the IRS tax law. Now that is what I'm looking for and I could just bet you so are the rest of the Big financial players on the global scene! Iraq is looking to be part of the global
  13. This is a good thing for Iraq since the pipelines through Saudi Arabia have been shut down for years. The Saudi's don't want the competition with their market share.
  14. Oh yes and now the monopolists and currency speculators are getting the heat!
  15. While the CBI reserves have dropped. Amazingly the State Banks and now the private Banks are either fully rehabilitated financially or are near it. And we are talking $Billions unaccounted for. A coincidence? I think not, and yet the public is told that there is a laundering mafia using the auctions and counterfeiting groups etc. The Banks along with the CBI are the true Mafias.....IMO
  16. There has been a budget emergency in Iraq for years now regardless of the current war in Mosil and the countryside. These people always cry Crisis!
  17. Little difficult to grasp the translation. But for those of us that have followed the Warka issue there is many details that the journalist is not writing about. Like the fact that the CBI was responsible for the Warka bank being put into guardianship. It was because of sectarian divide that moved the GOI to withdraw deposits from Warka and concentrate over 80% of the GOI deposits with the State Banks. When reading the article I get the feeling that the CBI has encouraged Warka to take advantage of the auction process to rehabilitate their financial position. Articles have stated in the past t
  18. Thanks all for the understanding on the IBAN#. I too saw this and wondered what the benefits were. There is a new Warka editorial hours old that I saw on the kaperoni site. Maybe someone can get it over here on DV? It's hard to disseminate but informative on the relationship between Warka and the CBI. Scratch that! it's just been posted on DV.
  19. Thanks all for the understanding on the IBAN#. I too saw this and wondered what the benefits were. There is a new Warka editorial hours old that I saw on the kaperoni site. Maybe someone can get it over here on DV? It's hard to disseminate but informative on the relationship between Warka and the CBI.
  20. The Jihadists were probably looking for treasure! who knows maybe they actually found artifacts now on the black market?
  21. LGD, How i understand the entire issue is this way. The exchange rate will always be according to each individual Dinar. Regardless if it's in electronic form or 25,000 of them on a note. It makes no sense at all to me that any central bank would magically ignore 3 zeros in a bank account balance sheet, or on a currency note. Each Dinar is a single unit that has an exchange rate. When the time comes for a revaluation of the IQD, it is my speculation that it will increase from .0082 cents to .10 USD or even 1.00 USD. The entire paranoia of a 25,000 note magically divided by 1000=25 is stup
  22. LGD, I'm just a broken down old carpenter that has poured a lot of cement in my day. I was just figuring on the low side based on what I have to buy an 80lb sack of cement for here in Humboldt County California. Cement is an amazing commodity for sure!
  23. lets say they can sell a ton of cement for only $50 in profit. Multiply that by 32,000,000 tonnes and you have well over $1.5 Billion in production. I would say that is a serious export even if only a fraction of it is used in the domestic market.
  24. Yes lower categories with a higher exchange rate. The face value of the old notes remain the same but are effected by the exchange rate to our advantage for up to 10 years! This is why the CBI is so interested in collecting the chunky money off the streets! IMO
  25. Interesting theory. But how would one determine the value of each individual electronic Dinar(IQD) on deposit with Iraqi financial institutions? remember Iraq is a very wealthy country worth Trillions of USD, and with the ousting of Saddam there no doubt has been a redistribution of wealth. I believe this is why they must take as many of the notes off the street because they will be doing something unimaginable, an R/V of each Dinar electronic and on the notes.
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