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  1. Look at the perpetrators as the family who's husband just got sentenced to 11 years in prison for stealing milk and diapers 🤔
  2. Ticking time bomb. When otherwise responsible working citizens are being cheated by their own government effecting the acquiring of basic needs. If it's a problem in Kurdistan, it's a problem in all of Iraq. Still corruption at its finest!
  3. Those in the know understand the fractional reserve banking system only thrives because it's debt driven! No debt = no growth and prosperity!
  4. And this is why the CBI has been reducing the note count in circulation for several years? (At last report now at 1.3-1.4 Billion notes) only to start printing Trillions of Dinar? that is "if they stop the sales window" ? total propaganda for the uneducated IMO
  5. At it's opening the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas was said to have cost $1 Billion. It's a beautiful opulent Hotel as I would guess the Iraqi CBI wants for itself! obviously they plan on bragging rights in the Arab world!
  6. So If the currency window was closed. And the Dinar exchange rate was indeed to go up to 3-4K. Wouldn't Iraq be even more attractive to foreign investors on a grand scale? Especially with Isis disposed of Established tax base across the board and Banking laws enforced etc.? Sounds like a lot of B/S to me no matter how old this article is.
  7. This is why the W/B and the IMF are corrupt and poorly managed institutions themselves! they are willing to loan $18 BILLION$$$ to another corrupt institution the GOI! So they must know something that the masses don't know?
  8. Private property rights must be secured and guaranteed for the banking system to truly thrive in Iraq. Or any nation for that matter. This is big news I'm surprised so few comments on this article.
  9. Out of the thousands of articles I've read. I have always wanted to know what is considered the new fiscal year for Iraq. Could it be the New Year according to the Islamic calendar? This is as close to getting an answer as I have ever read.
  10. In Iraq when top bankers only get fines instead of prison time. This will signal that Iraq has become civilized in their corruption and on par with the west!
  11. So about a truck load per day disappears. At the rate being pumped, that could simply be spillage too!
  12. Thanks Yota! Just think how much more money banks will make now in Iraq by charging transfer fees in addition to exchange fees! Follow the money my friends because we are already in !
  13. I show interest paid as .125% on IQD. And 0.50% interest paid on USD. Adding the interest paid from the first half of 2016 the annual interest rate on IQD was about 2.415% on regular savings accounts.
  14. this was emailed to me as the new link
  15. I show interest paid as .125% on IQD. And 0.50% interest paid on USD
  16. I am considering the possibility of the small amount of interest to be some adjustment or reassessment of interest to be paid. Hopefully there will be an additional payment made on 1/2/17.
  17. meanwhile the Kurds sold $Billions of their own oil on the black market to look after the needs of Kurds. Yes the Barzanis skimmed a middle man fee of course!
  18. Zero points spread or no fees! whatever they want to call it, this should encourage deposits into the banks.
  19. My wife and I toured Egypt in 08. We saw Saudi's and the way they treated the locals. The Saudi's were arrogant and treated them like dirt! It's about time the Egyptians tell them to shove it up their royal a$$Es!
  20. And to think These Iraq Banks are said to only possess 10% of the potential in citizens deposits. So these Banks have not even begun to tap the assets in Iraq!
  21. It would seem to me that if the 5 biggest Banks including Rasheed Bank are tied in with the CBI electronically, then why shut down? you can audit instantly at any time and still stay up and running to make$$$$. Lets hope it's our year!
  22. Manny99, Your right and I read it wrong. However there have been recent articles in regards to our IRS advising Iraq on setting up their tax code as well as identifying money laundering.
  23. One must admit it's pretty interesting how much interest our IRS is showing in the structure of Iraq's tax code!
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