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  1. It sure is! It certainly tells the story, and without any words. No problem about staying ANON. Completely understand. Yeah, I heard the same thing about the In N out, but. haven't seen one yet. I'm sure its out there, just need to go hunting to find one. BTW - where was the utube presentation recorded? Was thinking it might have been done at Gateway. Anyway, continued blessings....
  2. ILoveSushi, I think I know you. I tried to send you a message after viewing your profile, but your profile does not allow you to use the messaging system. You might want to become a VIP member - very worth while to do so. Thought your suggested 'Lifehouse Everything Skit' on Utube was very moving. Do you live in the DFW area? If so, then odds are that I do know you in fact. Blessings sister....
  3. The following link for 'UN Operational Rates of Exchange' is also available:
  4. Thanks for the excellent post, PPG. It appears that things are finally coming together, and we should see something concrete very soon....
  5. Nadal10s


    With so much speculation, innuendo, and pure deception running rampant throughout so many RV blogs, it does my soul good, for a change, to read something balanced, reflective, and certainly cerebral in approach with your perceptively penned, and keenly crafted insightful explanation(s). Thank you, Carrello, for taking the time to put some perspective on tap for others' consideration.
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