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  1. I believe what changed was the 17% was with Kurds paying their own saleries but Abidi change it to 13% but Baghdad would pay the salaries.
  2. Thank you lady graces daddy. We have all gotten our hopes up so high but like all of us I am just waiting to hear from Adam. Dolphin 1
  3. I agree snow globe seven. I'm still waiting to see what Parliament to today 😎
  4. I just checked it says the IQd may be redemonidated👍😎 this may have it or not I tried to cut in paste. But was when I tried to do the IQ D versus the dollar on forex and it sent me to
  5. I just checked it says the IQd may be redemonidated👍😎
  6. Thank you Yoda, does this mean the HCL is done and just needs to be published in the Gazette?
  7. Hi Adam, just heard the announcement OPEC is cutting on the production. Hopefully this is the beginning😎
  8. Hi Adam, thank you for all of your hrs work. I was a little surprised that you are thinking that it won't happen until after the elections. Isn't it possible that the Kurds and M have had a deal for a few weeks now and part of the deal was the Kurds got their 17% and M gets to release the RV next week (so no one else can effectively use the money) right before the elections. M is a hero, gets reelected and the people of Iraq are no longer in poverty.
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