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  1. What a way to start my week! Awesome article. For anyone who doesn't think were close, you gotta be nuts ! Thanks Tony, keep em' coming
  2. I love these inflation articles. The CBI is getting worried about it approaching the 10 % red zone. If it comes close enough, Shabbs is gunna pull the trigger.
  3. Take it easy hit man. Don't lose your cool. No one I know follows the gurus, after a while you learn who to follow andvwho not to follow. Do your own research and just relax
  4. I am in agreement with Adam, that when they announce the HCL being passed, Ch 7 will be passed at the same time. From this point forward, since I believe we are so close to this happening, I think everything will be kept quiet until the final announcement is made. Lets do it already !
  5. I'm not sure if this was posted already, but I just came across this article. November 15th ~ 2012 budget in line with the aspirations of Iraq's economic and will Enhance the Value of Iraqi Dinar" ... Related article ~ Iraq's Federal budget under discussion next month and Iraq cabinet aims to boost 2012 spending by a third ... and .. Iraq Budget 2012 ~ Financial budget file ends in 2012 ... November 8, 2011 Iraqi government, discusses the 2012 budget mid-month Baghdad, The Iraqi government said Tuesday it will discuss the country's budget for the 2012 mid-month in preparation for approval and sent to the House of Representatives. Government figures indicate that Iraq's budget for next year will amount to 131 trillion Iraqi dinars (about $ 112 billion), up 36% from the current year budget and a deficit of 23.3 trillion Iraqi dinars (20 billion dollars). The government says the deficit will be covered by the amounts of cash retained from the current year budget 2011 is internal and external borrowing and the proportion of savings is expected to increase selling prices or increased oil production or borrowing from the IMF and World Bank. The chancellor said the government peace Quraishi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Council of Ministers will discuss in the 15 of this month's budget in 2012," noting that "the government will adopt the budget in line with the aspirations of Iraq's economic and enhance the value of Iraqi dinar." Continues more .. "The Ministry of Finance said it has completed the required procedures and took notes of the International Monetary Fund into account and will raise the budget to the House of Representatives by 20 this month, to be voted upon before the start of next year." Economists and experts predict that delayed the budget in 2012 in the House of Representatives because of political differences between the parliamentary blocs typically arise with a discussion of financial budgets annually. Iraq relies is a member of OPEC on oil revenues to finance about 95% of the annual budget. Often delayed the adoption of fiscal balances in Iraq and voted on in the House of Representatives because of the differences between the political blocs. The value of the current year budget approved in February 20 last, of which $ 82.6 billion $ 25.7 billion of investments. Iraq has suffered from dilapidated infrastructure sectors in the overall result of long years of siege and war during the last two decades of the last century. Despite the passage of eight years to topple the former Iraqi regime, the Iraqi government could not provide basic public services for citizens, which are often protesting the lack of it.
  6. Thats a possibility. At this point whonthe he'll knows who's telling the truth and who's bluffing. I'm not worried. I know that this RV will happen, and all this bs and misinformation is part of it. Just gotta sit tight and believe.
  7. How do we know Shabbibi's true intentions? When did he come out and say he wanted to RD? And if he said that he did want to RD, how do we know he isn't covering up his RV plans ? Damn, sometimes this investment gets confusing .
  8. Literally and figuratively, he's probably that point
  9. I always like to hear what you bring to the table, please explain Zig.
  10. This is going to push the RV through. I think Shabbibi is tired of waiting for parliament to get off their arses and move quick. If inflation threatens his plan, he will put it through, I guarantee it .
  11. I think in the end, due to the ignorance of parliament and the GOI, Shabbibi is going to pull the trigger.
  12. All of these inflation articles lately are making me wonder how high it actually is. Inflation must be approaching the red zone or I don't think they would keep putting these articles out. I guess we'll see soon enough.
  13. Your thinking is very reasonable and I respect it. I am heavily invested in this, and at a .10 cent RV I would be doing backflips, I guess at this point we are at the mercy of the CBI, and what will be, will be Your thinking is very reasonable and I respect it. I am heavily invested in this, and at a .10 cent RV I would be doing backflips, I guess at this point we are at the mercy of the CBI, and what will be, will be
  14. What's your theory on the outcome? Just curious. What's your theory on the outcome? Just curious. What's your theory on the outcome? Just curious.
  15. Thank you! I couldn't have said it better myself. These lobsters are going off of numbers that aren't even correct. And like you said, if we had the exact numbers we would have figured the rate out by now. I'm following the money
  16. Dude! you post the same thing every week. The only ignorant people are the ones who follow the monday RV. So just relax, and watch the facts play out. SHEESHHH, people are so impatient !
  17. I agree with kap. There are certain laws that nned to be passed. I just hope they do it quick once they return.
  18. Iv heard that parliaments returning on Nov 10, but some are saying the 20th. Does anyone know? Thanks
  19. My guess is between one dollar and the euro, it's been proven they can support that rate, so that's what I'm going with.
  20. There you are pudge! I was waiting for you to comment. I appreciate your thoughts and so called knowledge on the Dinar, but I have to disagree with you. If you read your articles closely, you will see that Iraq said they can learn from what Turkey did, they never said they were going to follow what they did. Turkey and Iraq are 2 totally different scenarios, but I'm an amateur so what do i know. I'm happy to see you have the answers and apparently you know for a fact that Iraq will LOP. Nobody knows the exact amount in circulation, and nobody knows all of the complete details going on that we can't see. I think its foolish to believe that Iraq is telling us everything they intend to do, after proving they have lied over and over again. So if you choose to believe the RD articles, then be my guest, but I call it bluffing ! Like it or not pudge, a Revaluation is in the cards, but thats just my opinion
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