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  1. How do you support trillions in dinar at a 1 to 1 rate when only having 60 billion in reserves??? Please answer if you think he makes sense :rolleyes:

    Ok Mike, now, if you were basing his rate off of a money supply that actually is close to 30 trillion, then yes, I would agree that it is not possible to RV at that high of a rate. However, we know that they have been pulling in the larger notes for the past 2 - 4 years through currency auctions, therefore, decreasing the money supply. Iraq will be able to RV at a 1:1 rate. We don't know the exact amount in circulation right now, but we know they have been pulling notes in for a while. I don't know the exact amount in circulation, and they will never tell us the truth, but I can promise you, it is nowhere near 30 trillion.

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  2. Hi Adam. I was just wondering if you were going to answer some of the questions from this weeks past chat. Some of the questions were really good, and I just wanted to know where you stand on some of them. Thanks for all you do.

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  3. ok great! maybe I was misreading it.

    Question is, how long foir the other two readings????

    If they are talking about the HCL, then there only needs to be one more reading for it to pass. It has already passed through the first 2 readings. Once the final reading is done and it is approved, then it will be posted in the gazette and it will be official.

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  4. The reason I am in this investment is because of a dream I had. God has showed me dreams before that have come to past. It doesnt happen often, but when it does, I know God is trying to speak to me. The dream happened about 8 months ago. Throughout the dream I was surrounded with immense wealth. All of my hearts desire had been fulfilled. The dream was so real and very intense. Before I could even finishnthe dream I was awoke by my dad calling my phone. I picked up and my dad began to tell me about the Dinar. From that point forward I researched and educated myself with Iraq and it's currency. I have added aggresively to my Dinar position, and I'm not worried one bit about this investment not happening. I have peace about it and just a strong belief within me that we will see something relatively soon. This is my dinar story, be patient, hold fast, and believe, his will happen in Gods perfect timing.

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