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  1. Hey Tony, do you think we could see the HCL pass on Thursday? I think there's a good chance, and I'm excited.
  2. The news coming out of Iraq is pretty much speaking for itself. No need to post much. This are looking good. Just sit back and watch
  3. Thanks Tony, this is great news. Thanks redsand, I always enjoy hearing your take on things.
  4. I saw that also Tony. I think this is actually a positive article. They know they need this done by the new year.
  5. In Jesus name, you are healed from your head to your toes. Walk in faith and Gods promise, and thank him every day for your healing. You are healed. The spirit of bondage is broken right now in Jesus name. Amen.
  6. Adam, can you please explain the relevance of the HCL law being passed and how it pertains to the RV. Some say it needs to be done before the RV, and some say it doesn't. Thanks
  7. Haha, these people are ridiculous. I wouldn't be surprised if they are working behind the scenes though.
  8. Thanks, I feel the same way, I think once the troops are totally gone, then we will see the BIG event happen. Just got to be patient and wait it out.
  9. Hey easy, I know you keep in touch with bluestar. Has he heard anything, or does he have any new info. Thanks
  10. OOOOO BOY! This party is planned, and it's Gunnar be really good. Were currently working on Celein dion serenading us during dinner, and Prince performing at the after party . My party pants are packed and ready to go !
  11. Your so negative dude, go get a life !
  12. Thanks Carrello, he gave a pretty positive report, don't you think ?
  13. Adam, What is your take on the UN meeting with Iraq ?
  14. Listen Folks, this was a positive meeting! No bad things were said. Iraq wants out of Ch. 7, and the UN is stating that much progress has been made. Troop withdrawal in the next few weeks, HCL in front of parliment, security minister seated before troops leave. Can you not see how everything is falling into place perfectly. I'm excited. And if you listen closely to the Iraq representative speaking through his broken english, I think he mentions something about partying in Vegas with DV members when they are released from Ch.7
  15. But you must realize, the biggest element keeping Iraq in ch. 7 is their relationship with Kuwait, and the UN representative clearly stated that many issues have been resolved, and they have dissolved many outstanding issues. I am sure minor issues still remain, but I don't believe its anything to keep them in ch. 7 any longer. Progress between Iraq and Kuwait has been made, and that is the key. This was just my take on it.
  16. It is live, I'm still watching, the representative of Iraq is still speaking, but the first man who spoke gave a very positive report, let's see what else is said.
  17. Just listened to the webcast and it sounds like the UN is ready to release Iraq from chapter 7....anyone else get the same thing from this ?
  18. I'm all warm and toasty inside. Thanks Adam
  19. Sweet find Tony! When we all get to Vegas, we are going to need to be wearing t-shirts displaying our DV names for identification. Just a thought.
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