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  1. Wednesday, May 2, 2012Iraqi Dinar and U.S. Dollar - World bank and CBI To Meet with Parliament Sunday, May 6th ...

    Related articles .. link .. Iraq participates in the meetings of the World Bank in Washington .. and .. link .. The Central Bank .. New Iraqi Currency To The Market Soon ...


    Postponement of the parliamentary financial meeting with Central Bank to Sunday

    Baghdad, Member of the parliamentary Finance Commission revealed and placeholders for the Kurdistan Alliance meeting postponed Risalat Najib with Central Bank to Sunday because the presence of the Governor of the Bank

    Najib said "meeting, which was scheduled for last week, has been postponed for may order also Sunday".

    Najib said that the Finance Committee decided to host the Bank representatives to talk with them in detail about the volatility of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar ".

    She is a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee and Vice-Chair of the Kurdistan Alliance that some Committee members did not attend the meeting, which was postponed for lack of presence of the Governor of the Central Bank for the second time. "

    And leaked information from some members of the parliamentary Finance Committee that the Committee's agenda for the meeting with Central Bank very lengthy and been allocated next Sunday to confer with representatives of the World Bank and give them time to answer queries from financial albermanet.

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  2. This is my first time reading this post, but it was written in march of 2011. This written piece has alot of interesting info, but the most interesting part is the claim that commodity prices were going to drop in about 3 weeks. I don't know if you guys remember, but gold and silver plunged the beginning of last may. So this guy isn't too far off with his predictions. Thanks for the post Tony

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  3. Good morning guys and gals. I was just sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking about when this I all going to be finished. I remember reading an article recently that talked about forming a committee to educate the citizens of Iraq on how the deletion of the zeros is going to affect them. If someone could post that article I would appreciate it. Anyway, if the RV was further down the road, why would they need to educate the citizens now. This tells me that something is getting ready to happen relatively soon. Sorry for rambling, just thinking out loud. I would love to hear input from you guys.

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  4. I have been putting much thought into why the rate should be 1:1. If you listen to what the CBI is saying, we are currently in phase 2 of this process. They stated that in phase 2, new currency is to issued. We can also assume that these are the lower denoms. Now, I have also seen where it has been stated that the next move by the CBI is to move the rate to 1000:1. While this is a move in the right direction, the impact will not be sufficient enough to give the iraqi citizens the purchasing power they want and need. Also, with an issuance of the lower denoms, there must be a higher rate associated with those notes, if not, then the iraqi citizens will not turn in the USD they are holding, and therefore the dedollorization process wouldn't work. Also, this is why the theory about the CBI moving the rate a few pips at a time rally doesn't make sense. My theory is that along with the issuance of the new currency, we will see the new rate. No small pips, no small movements, there will be one significant rate change, and that will be it. Anyway, this is what I have been thinking about. Please feel free to tell me what you guys think. Thanks

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