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  1. I would love 2:1. That would be awesome! Of course, a straight 1:1 would be so much easier for the people to understand, so I would vote for that also!

    I think you might have it backwards. Your 25k note would be worth $12, 500.

    That's what I was thinking as well. I will take either one and never look back!

  2. The Mittster winning? I bet you10,000 dollars, I mean dinar, that Obama wins BIG!!! It's obvious all the Republicans are madly in love with their candidate. Where's Ricky Perry when you need him? Hey, Santorum don't leave us! Help us, Newt!!!! Maybe we can recruit Akin at the last moment if he's not legitimately raping someone!

    Would you mind telling me one good thing Obama has done these past 4 years.

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  3. for all who could care less about the investment opportunity information and just want to hear about the IQD, you will want to tune in at the 7:15min mark. the CEO informed us that the morning conference was started off with a statement that there will be no questions answered in regards to the IQD. he also stated that anything having to do with the IQD was spoken very cryptically. Iraq is leaking no information on the plans of their currency.

    a good or bad thing? it is a matter of your perspective. in my opinion, if their currency were to LOP, no secret is necessary. but that is just my opinion.

    Amazing work Trinity! I would be worried if they were talking about the dinar freely. By keeping it secret, it must mean something is going on behind the scenes and they have big plans for it. If it was a value neutral event on the other hand, then I think they wouldn't be afraid to talk about it openly. Just my 2 cents

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