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  1. So, Shabibi said that they were going to increase the value of their currnecy between 7-10 days. Well , since it is the 30th and it is day 10, can we conclude that Shabibi has lost credibility? Or do you believe that something did in fact happen, and we are waiting for the rate to be released?

  2. Obama said in his speech today that if nothing is done to prevent it, August 2nd will be the first time in America's history that it has defaulted on its loans, and this could have huge ramifications on the economy and the nation as a whole. Wouldn't it make sense that the RV must happen before this date to avoid this happening. This is what I am thinking. Thoughts and Comments ???

  3. Hi All,

    Just wanted to post a personal experience I had today with Travelex. I keep seeing all these bank stories and I wanted to find out for myself what people are saying. I decided to call Travelex to see what they were saying about the Dinar. The woman I spoke with said they weren't selling the dinar because it is currently going through a revaluation. This is all she told me. I urge those of you who don't believe this to simply google the travelex # and find out for yourselves. Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys. Have an awesome day and GO RV!

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