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  1. For anyone invested in the dinar, this is well worth the watch. Also offers insight into why Solemani’s death was the best thing for our investment.
  2. Yup, I just heard the same thing. I can’t believe he actually said it on tv lol. I think that’s the biggest indicator of an RV and he just said it!
  3. Hello fellow dinarians. I have been involved in this investment for over 10 years. I’ve experienced more emotional ups and downs with this investment than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life but it’s been a fun ride. I am HEAVILY invested in this opportunity and I have no doubt it will’s just a matter of when. I’ve always felt this event was going to happen either on Easter or the weekend of Easter. Now, I hate dates and rates just as much as you but I figured I’d share this date of 4/20 with you. For the past 10 years I’ve seen 420 everywhere. In my dreams, when I look at the clock, sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and check my phone and it will be 4:20am. This is ongoing. So with Easter being late this year and 4/20 being the Saturday before Easter I figured I’d throw it out there as a possibility. Let’s pray this week is the week! -Stephen
  4. If Trump is involved with the rate increase in any way, wouldn't it make sense that the RV would occur after the new tax reform Trump puts in place.
  5. Something is going to happen on 4/20/2016. I have no supporting info and no particular reason, just a funny feeling in my gut. For the past year I have been seeing this number everywhere I look so I figured maybe it corresponds with the RV. Better than any gurus predictions. Cheers ! ?
  6. Adam, My 3 month VIP subscription ran out last week. Am I able to join for another 3 months since I was already VIP ?
  7. I remember there was a lot of talk about Maliki increasing the exchange rate in order to win the election. That clearly didn't happen, so does the PM have and power to do so?
  8. $1 million worth of dinar would be $1billion at a 1:1. Not $1 trillion.
  9. He is just a waste of life. Typical loser who has nothing better to do. I pitty the poor guy.
  10. God will be involved in the things that you allow him to be. If you put your Faith in him through your finances he will bless you. If you trust him for a healing he will heal you. Dont limit God, your mind can't even conceive what he is capable of doing in your life.
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