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  1. Yeahhhh... I guess you guys are right.. I think you better delete my account. appreciate the time.
  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (yelling) I feel like I have seen this in way too many post... FACT the series 65 is not that difficult of a test. FACT you can register with a U-10 and take it yourself for a little over 200 bucks. FACT It does not give you any special privelages in the investment world. With all the test that I had to take to get where I am it is a mockery to call this a difficult test. Now back to being happy and nice... GO RV!
  4. I work at one of the banks mentioned. I also previously worked in the Private Bank for that same institution. I am sorry to dash your hopes and while your brother may be a good person this is simply not true. We don't play games when it comes to lending money especially after the recent financial debacle. I can tell you also that no bank would portfolio a $115 million dollar loan in this enviroment and especially not to a chicken farmer. The amout of cashflow that he would have to prove and document would be emense. May God bless you anyway though.
  5. I am only going to be honest! This is not an attempt to bash anyone that has purchased the plan! I personally will not be purchasing the VIP Plan and here's why... While I like Adam M, and I love his site and this fourms, and I am getting to meet alot of people like me that are in the same investment that I am, and I can be supported by these individuals.......... I do not trust him with my money or my investment. In my opinion this is a very personal arms lenght transaction. Frankly as well, I am not comfortable with the idea of giving my investment (money) to someone behind a counter and having them say that they will wire my proceeds to me if this person/individual is not represented by a large stable financial institution. I have been in banking and investments for the past 5 years. I have never heard of someone setting up shop to cash in someone's foreign currency. As for me and my house, I will keep it an arms lenght transcation. No offense again to anyone that has done this. I just REFUSE to take any chances. Derranged Hare
  6. I am absolutely in love with the fact that we use Go RV as our cult-like catch phrase... Were an elite group of loyal IDQ fans and the home team is sure to bring us a victory. What a uniting phrase...Simmilar to Roll Tide as the Alabamans would put it... I'll lay down now. P.S. GO RV!
  7. In my opinion what you give up in spread you will gain in risk. I am a banker and I have a former client that was caught by customs leaving a foreign country with a boat load of cash. He said it wasn't a very good idea. Furthermore, logistics... How would you get the money back over here? Would you walk into an Iraqi Bank with (for arguments sake) 1.5 Million and say I want to open a bank account and wire my money to the U.S. I say stay safe... Stay Stateside... Take the hit on the spread and work with your bank. At least you won't have to worry about getting kidnapped by the goons and goblins over there. The govt will just take your money instead.
  8. Sharp sources... Sharp contributiors... So if I am reading this right then I end up just as confused as I was before. AH WELL and honest attempt to contribute. more brainaic case study info...
  9. I am so tired of the friend of a friend bits
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