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  1. If I wanted to drink the koolaide I would simply turn on the dum dum box like dog and many others here;and let it tell me what to think. Yeah..people like me do tend to get irritable when they try to talk sense;and get the same brainwashing thrown back time after time. It's getting really hard these days to tell the difference between a partisan tard and a political forum bot. So in other words there is no swaying your delusion with logic or reason whatsoever. No matter what evidence presented America/Israel is always right as are Conservative Republicans. And Liberals,Democrats,and Obama are whats wrong with the country period. that you are done parroting the usual conservative media talking points perhaps we will discuss reality one day?
  2. A lot of failure in this post..where to start? First of all lets address the 'patriot' comment since I am to the point of vomitting in the back of my throat every time I hear a brainwashed right wing moron parrot it. Voting for corporate right wing shills who spout the usual lies to sway ignorant right wing voters isn't being a patriot.Bush and his daddy claimed to have the same conservative value's,but that turned out horribly didn't it? You think it's patriotic to attack other countries soley off the claims of the media and government? You DO realize that that is in fact what you are doing right?You are spending tax payer money and sacrificing our sons and daughters off the assumption that what the media and govt told us about this 'war on terror' is all true.That doesn't make it a makes you a sheeple being brainwashed to think you're being patriotic.And how did 'Christian values' Bush and son fare on abortion and illegal immigrants?12 years between them and not a damn thing has been done about it.So why do you think Romney is a better choice again?Because he told you the same kind of sweet sounding lies Bush sr and jr did?The same tactics Obama and the left uses,except on different issues.Lie to get power and then work for the corporations and bankers. Secondly your blind worship of all the rich is equally disgusting.You have been mentally programmed by the media (particularly conservative brands) to believe that being rich automatically means that one has paid his dues,and that the wealth was accomplished through legitimate means.The Neo cons you support in fact could care less about poor people and small business.The laws of deregulation you are being fooled to accept as necessary in fact do not favor normal people starting businesses;but instead the mega corporations and world banks through which the elites whom control this world have their money filtered. They are devil worhippers that have made their fortunes off of starting manufactured wars and other crises for years.The Rockerfellers and Rothchilds contrary to maninstream reputation have not made a name for themselves through the fair and balanced free market capitalist way.They control Wall street and the mega corporations,whom in turn have bought off our government and slowly poisoned us all through the control of our food.Which brings me to your las..and perhaps biggest failure of them all. You awe delusional if you think the wall street fraud only extends to Obama and the democrats.While Obama is certainly in the banks/corporations pocket and not for the poor people guess who else is as well?Try pretty much every president/VP or top presidental candidate since the days of at least JFK.Reagan was no saint,same for both Bushes,Clinton,carter and so on.In addition the majority of congrees is nor routinely either threatned or payed off to get them to vote in a certain way by the globalists.This is both Republicans and Democrats..there is no moral party or one for the people.As butthurt as it may make you the GOP is not the God fearing,country loving establishment it makes itself out to be. With that said if you have a functioning brain I am sure that you can clearly see I am no liberal Obama fanboy as you earlier claimed.Thinking that anyone who bashes or disagree's with you must be for the 'other' side is out right brainwashing. I am well aware of Obama,Biden,Pelosi etc lies.I am merely tired of the blind right wing fanboys here deluding themselves into thinking there is a difference bewtween parties.If I was on a forum where Obama is wanked I would bash his fanboys too.As such that is not the case here. But see the interesting thing is that I have not voted for Obama in any election..whether the first or second. Uh oh..what programmed response will you throw at me next dog?You thought anyone who bashed you had to be a liberal obama idol worshipper? Are you confused now and need some time to think? The entire point I've been trying to make is that the elections are rigged and that the globalists picked the winner long before the 'elections'. Romney works for the same corporations and banks so giving him the presidency will do jack squat.Tell me logically what the heck is the point of putting another guy in when he is payed to support the same type policies as the current prez?You blind partisans have completely abandoned all logical thought,and all that matters is seeing a congress/president elected from the party or political idelogy you support.You should just go ahead and admit's obvious to anyone with a brain.And once again if they routinely cheat in official elections without flinching,you really think they are gonna do anything else except get a round of private laughter at your expense from a silly online petition?
  3. ^How Dog see's himself. But in reality..... Just another sheepdog
  4. You were doing so well Sarge,until you slipped and showed your obvious bias there at the end. Care to try and see if flinging enough negs my way will make the truth go away? It hasn't worked so far,but then again blind partisans are well known for trying the same thing repeatedly with the same results. I beleive einstein would call that insanity Come now dog,we all know you're all for biting and ganging up with the rest of the pack when your little partisan bubble is busted. Why so one sided and biased?Oh thats right...this is a den of right wing fanboys afterall
  5. You sound awefully insecure dog,like you have much to prove. So you admit that you have to make yourself feel important,even if you know in your heart it is a lie? I think the below pics are rather appropriate for your idiocy as well. Thanks for making it so easy...
  6. Aww I knew I could count on you dog. Your ignorance of reality always comes through in a pinch Good luck with the cause guys. Since the elites already rigged this official election and several in past years to let their puppet of choice win;I'm sure they'll fairly consider your online petition and the will of the people will win out. LOL!!
  7. only one neg? c'mon I know you guys can do better than that. Romney is super cool and awesome,and will be the new Reagan if we can get him elected... Republicans are 100% right, and liberals and Obama are the source of all evil in this country and 100% to blame for everything bad.... Whoops my mistake..I wouldn't want to suddenly get bombarded with massive positive rep now would I?
  8. Hahaha the butthurt at hearing the truth is delicious. Can I have some more negs for busting your delusions about Romney being a political savior. He's gonna bring jobs back,fix the economy,restore the constitution,honor God,and all the other usual lies people fall for every election year So you think we should recount so that we can put the neo con facist globalist shill in place of the Socialist commie one?Yeah I'm sure that will do a lot of good.The winner of this election was decided month ago by the elites,but I'm sure most here cannot be convinced of that in any way.They didn't see it in the media so it couldn't possibly be true.
  9. Still obsessing over the pretend election I see...
  10. Wow..that is a neat story Deborah thank you for sharing. Lol well if your prophet friend hasn't been wrong yet,here's to hoping he doesn't start now haha. So he just up and texted you one day saying that that something would happen to the IRQ Dinar in November?I wonder if he knows it's coming why hasn't he bought any himself?Maybe he just doesn't care about the material things and feels his mission is else where.Also if you you don't mind out of curiosity I was maybe wondering how many predictions he's already nailed so far?Lol sorry for my nosyness. Hmm why that day in particular?Have you heard something else roo regarding the investment?
  11. I too am interested to know if this is mainstream or a smaller group of believers.Frankly mainstream Christianity has a tendency to be as corrupted as mainstream media so I would feel a little better knowing it came from someone other than say Joel Osteen or Pat Robertson
  12. Do you ever get tired of the dum dum box telling you what reality is?
  13. It was inevitable Francie. Whether Romney or Obama won,ruin is the end that the international bankers have chosen for us.Obama winning might actually have a bright side for many members of this forum.At least they won't be lulled into a false sense of security with Obama in power,as they would have done if Romney was elected.Hard times are coming people.Better stock up and try to be more self sufficient if you haven't already taken the time to do so.You will be thanking yourself later when you don't have to worry about scavenging just to get a bite to eat and drink for your families.
  14. It's unfortunate,but Obama and his elite friends will not get the last laugh. The majority of my earnings go to prepping,debts,tithing,and bills until TSHTF. If you were expecting a long luxurious life with your windfall you might be disappointed.The financial system is going down. Not that the OP really matters anyway.Obama is far from the top chain of command when it comes to the RV.
  15. And for once I agree with you Keep. You might also be surprised to know that the chain of command goes way over Maliki and Shabibi's head as well. Of course I don't expect most to believe me,but that doesn't change reality
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