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  1. So it looks like the mods deleted your post (along my reply to it) about the Global Currency Reset from that guy who didn't believe in the dinar. When you talk about posting in VIP, I gather you mean the OSI section because I couldn't find anything from you in the VIP section. I'm not in OSI for my own reasons, but I would still like to read the information you are apparently sharing there. How about putting at least some of it (that is not proprietary to OSI) in the regular VIP section? Or maybe even putting it here because I think other people would be interested in reading it too. Thanks!
  2. WOW!!! Look what I just found about the 2020 Corvette Stingray! It has some really nice upgrades that are surprisingly not that expensive. I figured with the low base price, they would really jack up the prices on the add ons, but they didn't. Of course, since most of them are already sold, if you can find one, it will likely come with a hefty premium. But, good gosh!!! What a gorgeous car!!!! The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray price tag revealed By Gary Gastelu | Fox News Facebook Twitter Flipboard Comments Print Email2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray revealed The eighth-generation Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is the first mid-engine version in the model's history, and promises supercar performance at a bargain basement price of less than $60,000. The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray price tag revealed <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href=""></a></noscript> When the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was revealed in July, GM President Mark Reuss said it would start at “under $60,000.” Well, it does. Just. Chevy announced Thursday that the new mid-engine supercar will have a base price of $59,995 for an 1LT model, including delivery. That’s just $3,000 more than the outgoing front-engine car. THE 2020 CORVETTE STINGRAY HAS A FEATURE THAT LET'S YOU ANNOY EVERYONE The Stingray will be available in three trims that offer increasing levels of equipment, with the 2LT priced at $67,295 and the 3LT $71,945. A Z51 performance package that adds an updated suspension, tires, bodywork and other equipment costs $5,000 and a hydraulic nose-lift to avoid scraping the front of the car on inclines is $1,495. (Chevrolet) The Stingray is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 rated at 490 hp, or 495 hp with an optional performance exhaust. Chevrolet said some versions will have a top speed of 194 mph and others will be able to accelerate to 60 mph in under 3.0 seconds. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP Of course, good luck finding one at list price when production begins late this year. GM head designer Mike Simcoe recently said that the first year of production is essentially spoken for already, which means that big dealer markups are likely on early cars. When the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was revealed in July, GM President Mark Reuss said it would start at “under $60,000.” Well, it does. Just. Chevy announced Thursday that the new mid-engine supercar will have a base price of $59,995 for an 1LT model, including delivery. That’s just $3,000 more than the outgoing front-engine car. THE 2020 CORVETTE STINGRAY HAS A FEATURE THAT LET'S YOU ANNOY EVERYONE The Stingray will be available in three trims that offer increasing levels of equipment, with the 2LT priced at $67,295 and the 3LT $71,945. A Z51 performance package that adds an updated suspension, tires, bodywork and other equipment costs $5,000 and a hydraulic nose-lift to avoid scraping the front of the car on inclines is $1,495. (Chevrolet) The Stingray is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 rated at 490 hp, or 495 hp with an optional performance exhaust. Chevrolet said some versions will have a top speed of 194 mph and others will be able to accelerate to 60 mph in under 3.0 seconds. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP Of course, good luck finding one at list price when production begins late this year. GM head designer Mike Simcoe recently said that the first year of production is essentially spoken for already, which means that big dealer markups are likely on early cars.
  3. Taking care of your home - whether it's your house (where you have locks on your doors and windows to keep out criminals) or your town (where you have law enforcement to protect the town from criminals), or your country (where you have law enforcement at the borders to keep criminals from entering the country) - is probably one of the most PATRIOTIC things that a leader can do for his/her country! All civilazations throughout time have known this - and done this! It's only been the last few years that some of the most civilized countries (U.S. and most of Europe) have turned 180 degrees and started to advocate for open borders and mass immigrations. And look how that is working out for Sweden, France, Germany, Italy - and the Angel Moms here in the U.S - huge increases in robberies, beatings, rapes, murders - many of them so horrific you can't even imagine. Even some of the most beloved Democrats (Clinton, Pelosi, Obama, Biden) advocated tough immigration laws to keep out criminals for years. It's only since Trump that they've switched positions and thrown their citizens (who pay their salaries no less) under the bus and now advocate for open borders and zero immigration laws. What would make them do that??? Is it because they want the votes (since illegals are allowed to vote in some of the most liberal states like Calif.)? Have you considered the consequences of allowing everyone who wants to come to the U.S. to come in? Currently, 63% of illegals get government assistance, where will that money come from if we allow 100,000's and millions more? Wealthy people will not stand for having most of their income taken from them and given to free loaders (the proof is California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois where they're fleeing to other low/no income tax states). What about you personally? Do you want to give up 70% or more of your wealth from the RV to pay for these illegals - some of which are violent criminals and terrorists, so that they can come live in your town? If the whole country has to take on an unending stream of immigrants - and then has to pay to feed and house them and provide them free health care, can you really not see it will bankdrupt the country and destroy it? Not to mention the increase in crimes and that terrorists who hate and want to destroy the U.S. are taking advantage of the current immigration situation to get into the U.S. where they can begin to implement their plans. . YOU CANNOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ these days. Particularly the mainstream media that is blatantly censoring any source of information that they don't agree with. Want proof? That picture you are trying to tout as an orphaned baby being used as a photo op by Trump - was not that at all. The baby's father is a Trump support and even put a red bow tie on his baby to honor Trump. And the baby's uncle is standing right next to Trump. (This anti-Trump article even admits to all of this.) I am sure you probably come from a place of kindness and decency, but with a little bit of research, I think you will realize that you are being manipulated. And you are not the only one, I encourage you to research the walkaway movement. There are many, many, hard core democrats who realized they're were being misled. These days it is super easy for people to manipulate and take advantage of us. No one has your best interest at heart as much as you do! And most people (maybe even some friends and family) are only thinking about what they can get from you, so we all need to step up and take responsibility for ourselves. We have to look out for ourselves as best as we possible can. And that includes what ideas we choose to accept. We can no longer take someone's word for anything just because many other people say they're a good person (look at all the countries all over the world who thought they'd elected good leaders but now are finding out they didn't, like France and Zimbabwe). It also includes our finances. Think about Bernie Madoff who conned some very wealthy and knowledgeable people. When the RV hits, con artists will be lining up to swindle us, so I also encourage everyone to vet EVERY SINGLE PERSON they get involved after you become wealthy - including your accountant, lawyer, and asset manager. May God bless us all and bless our wonderful country and its too.
  4. And may all MAGA believers take the high road and not succumb to the anger and devisiveness that the MSM is desperately trying to incite in order to destroy this great country. Agreeing to disagree - without putting the other side down, is a far better choice in my humble opinion.
  5. I actually follow Zimbabwe because my brother-in-law's family lost all their wealth there when Rhodesia was overthrown and Zimbabwe was born. I was really saddened to read this article earlier this week. I had started to suspect that Mnangagwa was a pretty bad leader, but I figured anyone was better than Mugabe. Turns out I was probably wrong. Rampant inflation, starving people, widespread shortages and it looks like Zimbabwe is on the verge of economic collapse. It is heartbreaking because the country used to be the breadbasket of Africa (until they kicked out the people who actually knew how to farm and gave the land to others who did nothing with it). You don't find much news about Zimbabwe lately, but looks like it's in really bad trouble. I put some of the most important parts in red type. 😢😢😢 Economic Collapse Imminent: Zimbabwe At 'Tipping Point' With 'Wheels Coming Off' by Tyler Durden Tue, 08/06/2019 - 11:35 11 SHARES TwitterFacebookRedditEmailPrint Zimbabwe's economic situation will continue to sour in 2H19 due to unfavorable weather conditions, foreign currency shortages and widespread power cuts, its finance minister said, as he responded to a deteriorating economic outlook by blacking out inflation statistics through the second half, and finally acknowledged what the International Monetary Fund told him in April: economic turmoil ahead. Prices of essential goods and services have, in some cases, quadrupled this summer, due to the government renaming the RTGS currency as the Zimbabwe dollar, which has been on a rapid decline amid shortages, including electrical power, petrol products, American dollars, and food, reported Bloomberg. Many Zimbabweans who supported the toppling of decades-long ruler Robert Mugabe two years ago are discovering that their economic situation is the most serious in a decade. Emmerson Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe in 2017, he promised millions of Zimbabweans of an economic revival and that we are "open for business." The sugar high of optimism only lasted for a short time; the effects of money supply expansion through the sale of Treasury bills under Mugabe's rule has outweighed any positive advancements in the last several years. Mnangagwa outlawed the American dollar in favor of local currency that can't be traded internationally, effectively making it extremely difficult for international firms to do business in the African country. Zimbabwe isn't the only country suspending its inflation statistics for the next six months. Venezuela has also done the same, after inflation in the South American country printed a red hot 1,698,488% in 2018. Zimbabwean officials need to collect comparable data since the introduction of the new currency in February. The last time this happened, it was 2009, when the country dropped the Zimbabwe dollar in support of American dollars after inflation climbed to 500 billion percent. Steve H. Hanke, a professor of applied economics at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, told Bloomberg that if the black-market exchange rate is used, Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate is 558%, three times more than the official rate published by the government. Jee-A van der Linde, an economist at NKC African Economics in Paarl, South Africa, said abandoning the official annual rate is "no real loss from an analytical perspective," adding that "these elevated inflation readings did little more than create panic and damage what little confidence was left." Countries that are in crisis tend to halt the publication of inflation data. In 2013, the IMF condemned Argentina for manipulating its inflation data. The dollar peg was dropped in February, and the return of the Zimbabwe dollar in June has led to the rapid depreciation of the currency officially trading at 9.0347 to the dollar on Aug. 6. The government has said it had no other alternative but to reintroduce its own currency amid foreign-currency shortages, something that Hanke objects. Japhet Moyo, secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, has warned that cost of essential services jumped 400% this year while pay has risen only by 10%. This has left many millions of people broke and starving. About 59% of rural Zimbabweans, or about 5.5 million people, don't have food, a new report by the United Nations and aid groups said last month. 211 people are talking about this It's entirely possible that the return of street protests over collapsing economic conditions could flare-up in the coming months as there is only so much Zimbabweans will tolerate before an outright economic collapse.
  6. It is NOT definitively established how the IRS will tax our gains on the RV. CPAs and tax professionals cannot agree whether it will be Ordinary Income (max federal rate of 37%) or Capital Gains (max federal rate of 20%) - some say the former, the others say the latter. (Even Adam has agreed to this in the thread I linked below.) We have a member here, xtaxguy, who was a Managing Partner of one of the major accounting firms, and he worked on the taxes of a major US corporation who actually had long term gains from foreign currency exchange. He is pretty confident that it is Capital Gains - (max rate of 20%). If you read the thread below, you will find a lot of info - much of which originated from xtaxguy - that supports the case for Capital Gains (20%). I also suggest reading all of xtaxguy's comments.... look him up in the members section and then read his content. He seems to be the most qualified CPA with direct experience in this specific area by far (assuming he is who he says he is and because of his knowledge on the subject, I personally believe that he is), so his opinion - backed up by the information he provided, made me change my position from Ordinary Income to Capital Gains. If you read my comments in the below thread, you can follow my thinking of how I came to my final conclusion on this and then come to your own conclusion. It's a bit of reading, but a potential tax savings of $.17 on every dollar of gain from the RV makes it well worth your while, in my opinion.
  7. I didn't have time to read this post yesterday, it takes me so long to catch up on the multiple pages I've missed since the previous day. But I just got caught up now and want to address a couple of things. Thanks Navira, but I don't understand how you are trying to connect the US national debt to Iran's adding 1000% to the value of its currency. And while it's true the US has lied in the past, Trump, who's leading it now, does not lie while Iran has - and continues to lie. While I am one of the biggest advocates of hopium, for me, I want it to at least have some degree of plausibility. And I still don't believe Iran is in a position to add ANY value (let alone 1000%) to its currency when it can't even stoI cannot figure out howp - or even lessen, its 50% annual decrease due to inflation. Iran just announced it will delete 4 zeros from its currency due to inflation. How can that possibly work with them adding 1000% value to it? So since Iran has a reputation of lying, it seems most likely to me that their announcement of adding10 times more value (1000%) is just one such lie, done to make them look stronger when in reality, everyone knows their economy is crumbling. People in Iran, or anywhere, can believe whatever they want. But as an investor, I would think most people here would want to vet anything they are putting money into. Still, maybe I'm missing something and since anything is possible, this might be too. But my guess is that if there is any truth to this 1000% increase, it will be by Iran finagling some way to "technically claim" that they accomplished that, but in reality nothing really changed. There are an awful lot of ways to massage numbers after all. That said, you and anyone else who wants to put your faith in this - or any other thing for that matter, are totally entitled to do so and I'm honestly not trying to tell you that you cannot. I just want to state my point of view for others who may have gotten carried away and forgot to look at this situation objectively. Having said that, I will stop raining on your parade from now on!! As far as the US debt, the smartest minds in the world don't understand all that's involved there and I admit I don't have a clue. I watch with the same shock and incomprehension that everyone else does. But I will say, for years some people have been saying Trump was brought into to oversee the bankruptcy of the US and I think that's a possiblity - especially since he just got a 2 year pass on spending as much money as he wants with no budget ceiling. There is speculation he's gonna collapse the system and then rebuild it - hopefully without a Federal Reserve and possibly even using a gold backed system again. Some of our debt is to other countries and Trump has also hinted about negotiating debt settlements - I don't believe he mentioned numbers, but it could be anywhere from pennies on the dollar on up. The world is very much dependent on the US and if it fails, almost all countries get hurt badly, so if some of them have to take a bit of a loss in order to not lose even bigger down the line, they will probably do that. I believe that Turmp truly loves this country, and as perhaps the smartest businessman on the planet, I have total faith that he has a plan that will bring the US out on top - big time. Other than that, I watch just as everyone else does, shocked by some of the things Trump does and then later, immensely impressed by what he was able to accomplish in the end from doing that. jmho I totally agaree. At best I see Iran using some sort of trick to technically claim they added 1000% in value, but it won't really change anything. Me too! While I'm not on board with the Iran 1000% RV, I am hopeful for Iraq's RV this month. 2 reasons.... 1) I've always believed IRaq will RV when least expected, and this month of August, with the GOI off, would be one of those times. 2) People here at DV have had dreams about the RV happening in August. There's a good thread about it in the Opinions section. I watch the news and prefer to deal with facts, but with Iraq, the translations issues, the bickering between factions that result in conflicting news stories, the reposting of old articles claiming they're new, etc., it's really difficult to get a clear understanding about what's really happening. And let's face it, who of us really knows all this is necessary to properly set things up to do such a big RV? Plus, Iraq has to deliberately mislead the world because they can't just announce they're about to RV because it would start a worldwide run on the dinar. But it's a fact that people do sometimes get premonitions through dreams, and since August is a month that several people here have had dreams about regarding the RV - some recent and some long term - personally, I am partaking in some hopium from that.
  8. - according to Business Insider earlier this year. I stumbled upon this article from earlier in the year and was pleasantly surprised that in 2019, Iraq is ranked as 19th - even higher than Singapore and Spain. This, while not really important news, gives me even more confidence that Iraq will soon RV their dinar. just fyi .... (Note: the article was really long so I didn't want to copy it here, but you can check on the link for the full list) The most powerful countries on earth, ranked
  9. I have been rooting for the Yellow Vest Movement in France, and I was so saddened to find this recent article about France slowing sinking into chaos. I think France could really use our prayers and positive thoughts/energies and I hope some of you will join me in sending those to France. I'd like to add add that I'm so thankful that the US has Trump!!! We hare our own crazy, socialist liberals who think that fake climate change is more important than people being able to continue to survive, and that Muslims are now the "precious ones" and imply that Christians (shockingly, now the most persecuted group in the world) are psuedo terrorists. But I have faith in Trump who's repeatedly demonstrated that his "promises made are promises kept". He said he'd drain the swamp and I have total faith that he won't stop untill he does. We're so lucky to be Americans, but my heart goes out to the French who are not so fortunate with their leadership. France Slowly Sinking into Chaos President Macron never says he is sorry for those who have lost an eye or a hand... from extreme police brutality. Instead, he asked the French parliament to pass a law that almost completely abolishes the right to protest and the presumption of innocence, and that allows the arrest of anyone, anywhere, even without cause. The law was passed. In June, the French parliament passed another law, severely punishing anyone who says or writes something that might contain "hate speech". The law is so vague that an American legal scholar, Jonathan Turley, felt compelled to react. "France", he wrote, "has now become one of the biggest international threats to freedom of speech". The main concern of Macron and the French government seems not to be the risk of riots, the public's discontent, the disappearance of Christianity, the disastrous economic situation, or Islamization and its consequences. Instead, it is climate change. "The West no longer knows what it is, because it does not know and does not want to know what shaped it, what constituted it, what it was and what it is. (...) This self-asphyxiation leads naturally to a decadence that opens the way to new barbaric civilizations." — Cardinal Robert Sarah, in Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse("The Evening Comes, and already the Light Darkens"). French President Emmanuel Macron never says he is sorry for those who have lost an eye or a hand from extreme police brutality. Instead, he asked the French parliament to pass a law that almost completely abolishes the right to protest and the presumption of innocence, and that allows the arrest of anyone, anywhere, even without cause. The law was passed. (Photo by Kiyoshi Ota - Pool/Getty Images) Paris, Champs-Élysées. July 14. Bastille Day. Just before the military parade begins, President Emmanuel Macron comes down the avenue in an official car to greet the crowd. Thousands of people gathered along the avenue shout "Macron resign", boo and hurl insults. At the end of the parade, a few dozen people release yellow balloons into the sky and distribute leaflets saying "The yellow vests are not dead." The police disperse them, quickly and firmly. Moments later, hundreds of "Antifa" anarchists arrive, throw security barriers on the roadway to erect barricades, start fires and smash the storefronts of several shops. The police have a rough time mastering the situation, but early in the evening, after a few hours, they restore the calm. A few hours later, thousands of young Arabs from the suburbs gather near the Arc de Triomphe. They have apparently come to "celebrate" in their own way the victory of an Algerian soccer team. More storefronts are smashed, more shops looted. Algerian flags are everywhere. Slogans are belted out: "Long live Algeria", "France is ours", "Death to France". Signs bearing street names are replaced by signs bearing the name of Abd El Kader, the religious and military leader who fought against the French army at the time of the colonization of Algeria. The police limit themselves to stemming the violence in the hope that it will not spread. Around midnight, three leaders of the "yellow vest" movement come out of a police station and tell a TV reporter that they were arrested early that morning and imprisoned for the rest of the day. Their lawyer states that they did nothing wrong and were just "preventively" arrested. He emphasizes that a law passed in February 2019 allows the French police to arrest any person suspected of going to a demonstration; no authorization from a judge is necessary and no appeal possible. On Friday, July 19, the Algerian soccer team wins again. More young Arabs gathernear Arc de Triomphe to "celebrate" again. The damage is even greater than eight days before. More police show up; they do almost nothing. On July 12, two days before Bastille Day, several hundred self-declared African illegal migrants enter the Pantheon, the monument that houses the graves of heroes who played major roles in the history of France. There, the migrants announce the birth of the "Black Vest movement". They demand the "regularization" of all illegal immigrants on French territory and free housing for each of them. The police show up but decline to intervene. Most of the demonstrators leave peacefully. A few who insult the police are arrested. France today is a country adrift. Unrest and lawlessness continue to gain ground. Disorder has become part of daily life. Polls show that a large majority rejectPresident Macron. They seem to hate his arrogance and be inclined not to forgive him. They seem to resent his contempt for the poor; the way he crushed the "yellow vest" movement, and for his not having paid even the slightest attention to the protesters' smallest demands, such as the right to hold a citizens' referendumlike those in Switzerland. Macron can no longer go anywhere in public without risking displays of anger. The "yellow vests" seem finally to have stopped demonstrating and given up: too many were maimed or hurt. Their discontent, however, is still there. It seems waiting to explode again. The French police appear ferocious when dealing with peaceful protesters, but barely able to prevent groups such as "Antifa" from causing violence. Therefore, now at the end of each demonstration, "Antifa" show up. The French police seem particularly cautious when having to deal with young Arabs and illegal migrants. The police have been given orders. They know that young Arabs and illegal migrants could create large-scale riots. Three months ago, in Grenoble, the police were pursuing some young Arabs on a stolen motorcycle, who were accused of theft. While fleeing, they had an accident. Five days of mayhem began. President Macron looks like an authoritarian leader when he faces the disgruntled poor. He never says he is sorry for those who have lost an eye or a hand or suffered irreversible brain damage from extreme police brutality. Instead, he asked the French parliament to pass a law that almost completely abolishes the right to protest, the presumption of innocence and that allows the arrest of anyone, anywhere, even without cause. The law was passed. In June, the French parliament passed another law, severely punishing anyone who says or writes something that might contain "hate speech". The law is so vague that an American legal scholar, Jonathan Turley, felt compelled to react. "France has now become one of the biggest international threats to freedom of speech", he wrote. Macron does not appear authoritarian, however, with violent anarchists. When facing young Arabs and illegal migrants, he looks positively weak. He knows what the former interior minister, Gérard Collomb, said in November 2018, while resigning from government: "Communities in France are engaging in conflict with one another more and more and it is becoming very violent... today we live side by side, I fear that tomorrow it will be face to face". Macron also knows what former President François Hollande said after serving his term as president: "France is on the verge of partition". Macron knows that the partition of France already exists. Most Arabs and Africans live in no-go zones, apart from the rest of the population, where they accept the presence of non-Arabs and non-Africans less and less. They do not definethemselves as French, except when they say that France will belong to them. Reports show that most seem filled with a deep rejection of France and Western civilization. An increasing number seem to place their religion above their citizenship; many seem radicalized and ready to fight. Macron seems not to want to fight. Instead, he has chosen to appease them. He is single-mindedly pursuing his plans to institutionalize Islam in France. Three months ago, the Muslim Association for Islam of France (AMIF) was created. One branch will handle the cultural expansion of Islam and take charge of "the fight against anti-Muslim racism". Another branch will be responsible for programs that train imams and build mosques. This autumn, a "Council of Imams of France" will be established. The main leaders of the AMIF are (or were until recently) membersof the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement designated as a terrorist organization in Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates -- but not in France. Macron is aware of the demographic data. They show that the Muslim population in France will grow significantly in the coming years. (The economist Charles Gave wrote recently that by 2057, France will have a Muslim majority). Macron can see that it will soon be impossible for anyone to be elected President without relying on the Muslim vote, so he acts accordingly. Macron apparently sees that the discontent that gave birth to the "yellow vest" movement still is there. He appears to think that repression will be enough to prevent any further uprising, and so does nothing to remedy the causes of the discontent. The "yellow vest" movement was born of a revolt against exorbitantly high taxes on fuel, and harsh government measures against cars and motorists. These measures included reduced speed limits -- 50 mph on most highways -- and more speed-detection cameras; a sharp rise in the penalties on tickets, as well as complex and expensive annual motor vehicle controls. French taxes on fuels recently rose again and are now the highest in Europe (70% of the price paid at the pump). Other measures against the use of automobiles and motorists still in force are especially painful for the poor. They were already chased from the suburbs by intolerant newcomers, and now have to live -- and drive -- even farther from where they work. Macron has made no decision to remedy the disastrous economic situation in France. When he was elected, taxes, duties and social charges represented almost 50% of GDP. Government spending represented 57% of GDP (the highest among developed countries). The ratio of national debt to GDP was almost 100%. Taxes, duties, social charges and government spending remain at the same level now as when Macron came in. The debt-to-GDP ratio is 100% and growing. The French economy is not creating jobs. Poverty remains extremely high: 14% of the population earn less than 855 euros ($950) a month. Macron pays no attention to the growing cultural disaster also seizing the country. The educational system is crumbling. An increasing percentage of students graduate from high school without knowing how to write a sentence free of errors that make incomprehensible anything they write. Christianity is disappearing. Most non-Muslim French no longer define themselves as Christians. The fire that ravaged the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was officially an "accident," but it was only one of the many Christian religious buildings in the country that were recently destroyed. Every week, churches are vandalized -- to the general indifference of the public. In just the first half of 2019, 22 churches burned down. The main concern of Macron and the French government seems not to be the risk of riots, the public's discontent, the disappearance of Christianity, the disastrous economic situation, or Islamization and its consequences. Instead, it is climate change. Although the amount of France's carbon dioxide emissions is infinitesimal(less than 1% of the global total), combatting "human-induced climate change" appears Macron's absolute priority. A Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, age 16, -- nevertheless the guru of the "fight for the climate" in Europe -- was recently invited to the French National Assembly by members of parliament who support Macron. She delivered a speech, promising that the "irreversible destruction" of the planet will begin very soon. She addedthat political leaders "are not mature enough" and need lessons from children. MPs who support Macron applauded warmly. She received a Prize of Freedom, just created, which will be given each year to people "fighting for the values of those who landed in Normandy in 1944 to liberate Europe". It is probably reasonable to assume that not one of those who landed in Normandy in 1944 thought he was fighting to save the climate. Such minor details, however, seem beyond Macron and the parliamentarians who support him. Macron and the French government also seem unconcerned that Jews -- driven by the rise of anti-Semitism, and understandably worried about court decisions infused with the spirit of submission to violent Islam -- continue to flee from France. Kobili Traore, the man who murdered Sarah Halimi in 2017 while chanting surasfrom the Qur'an and shouting that the Jews are Sheitan (Arabic for "Satan") was found not guilty. Traore had apparently smoked cannabis before the murder, so the judges decided that he was not responsible for his acts. Traore will soon be released from prison; what happens if he smokes cannabis again? A few weeks after the murder of Halimi, three members of a Jewish family were assaulted, tortured and held hostage in their home by a group of five men who said that "Jews have money" and "Jews must pay". The men were arrested; all were Muslim. The judge who indicted them announced that their actions were "not anti-Semitic". On July 25, 2019 when the Israeli soccer team Maccabi Haifa was competing in Strasbourg, the French government limited the number of Israeli supporters in the stadium to 600, not one more. A thousand had bought plane tickets to come to France to attend the match. The French government also banned the waving of Israeli flags at the game or anywhere in the city. Nonetheless, in the name of "free speech", the French Department of the Interior permitted anti-Israeli demonstrations in front of the stadium, and Palestinian flags and banners saying "Death to Israel" were there. The day before the match, at a restaurant near the stadium, some Israelis were violently attacked. "The demonstrations against Israel are approved in the name of freedom of expression, but the authorities forbid supporters of Maccabi Haifa to raise the Israeli flag, it is unacceptable," said Aliza Ben Nun, Israel's ambassador to France. The other day, a plane full of French Jews leaving France arrived in Israel. More French Jews will soon go. The departure of Jews to Israel entails sacrifices: some French real estate agents take advantage of the wish of many Jewish families to leave, so they buy and sell properties owned by Jews at a price far lower than their market value. Macron will remain as president until May 2022. Several leaders of the parties of the center-left (such as the Socialist Party) and center-right (The Republicans) joined The Republic on the Move, the party he created two years ago. After that, the Socialist Party and The Republicans electorally collapsed. Macron's main opponent in 2022 is likely to be the same as in 2017: Marine Le Pen, the leader of the populist National Rally. Although Macron is widely unpopular and widely hated, he will probably use the same slogans as in 2017: that he is the last bastion of hope against "chaos" and "fascism." He has a strong chance of being elected again. Anyone who reads the political program of the National Rally can see that Le Pen is not a fascist. Also, anyone who looks at the situation in France may wonder if France has not already begun to sink into chaos. The sad situation that reigns in France is not all that different from that in many other European countries. A few weeks ago, an African cardinal, Robert Sarah, published a book, Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse ("The evening comes, and already the light darkens"). "At the root of the collapse of the West", he writes, "there is a cultural and identity crisis. The West no longer knows what it is, because it does not know and does not want to know what shaped it, what constituted it, what it was and what it is. (...) This self-asphyxiation leads naturally to a decadence that opens the way to new barbaric civilizations." That is exactly what is happening in France -- and Europe. Dr. Guy Millière, a professor at the University of Paris, is the author of 27 books on France and Europe. © 2019 Gatestone Institute. All rights reserved. The articles printed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editors or of Gatestone Institute. No part of the Gatestone website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied or modif
  10. Turns out mosquitos have probably killed billions (billions with a B ) of people in the course of human history. They are largely responsible for which side won the battles throughout human history, as the side that was most susceptible to mosquito borne diseases would get sick and not be able to fight. According to this "Mosquito" book author, up until World War II, 65% of battle casualties throughout history were actually from disease (though I'm not sure how much were directly caused by mosquitos) - and not being killed or injured by the enemy. Very informative 7 minute video and article form CBS news no less. At any moment across the globe mosquitoes lead the news, infecting tens of thousands with disease. The mosquito has wreaked havoc on the world, killing as many as 50 billion people over the course of human existence. Historian Timothy Winegard, author of the book "The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator," is fascinated by the bug. He's especially interested in the female mosquito, because she's the one who bites and transmits disease. And he says we weren't her only prey. "70% of dinosaur species regionally were either extinct or endangered by the time the meteor crashes into the Yucatan Peninsula," Winegard told Michelle Miller for "CBS This Morning: Saturday." "Certain dinosaur species were already extinct or endangered from mosquito-borne and sand fly-borne diseases." But Winegard says putting man's relationship with the mosquito into context is even more mind-blowing. "We think we get to make our own history and that's not the case," Winegard said. "She was far more lethal than the minds of the most brilliant generals or man-made weapons. Disease up until the Second World War took 65% of deaths on the battlefield." Throughout history, mosquitoes have been a weapon of war. "Depending on immunity or where the wars were fought, one side usually benefited from her destruction of the other side," Winegard said. "And she, I mean, decided that the fate of empires and nations and countless wars. Certainly from Alexander all the way to the Second World War." Mosquitoes likely hitched a ride aboard the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria and thousands of slave ships that transported human cargo across the Atlantic. "They very quickly started vectoring malaria and other diseases," Winegard said. And slaves from Africa had immunity. "Which is partly why they became such a lucrative commodity on the plantation systems of new world colonies," Winegard said. "European indentured servants or workers were dying in droves of mosquito-borne disease, specifically malaria and yellow fever." Then there's the American Revolution. The forces of Generals Washington and Lafayette didn't do it by themselves. "They had a little help," Winegard said. "Cornwallis says very clearly to his commander, General Clinton, and also in his diary that the surrender was not caused by anything, you know, the Americans or French did, but because he had roughly 35% of his troops available to fight because they were absolutely shredded by malaria in Yorktown." So the birth of our nation we owe to the mosquito? "Indeed. She is a founding mother of the United States," Winegard said. Still she plagued millions of Americans from the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th with malaria and yellow fever. The death toll from the yellow fever alone was more than 100,000. CDC research entomologist Dr. John Gimnig told Miller the CDC was established in 1946 as the Communicable Disease Center. Before that, it was the Office of Malaria Control. Its mission was to protect U.S. troops from malaria. By the mid 1950s, the U.S. curbed the spread of most mosquito-borne illnesses. DDT was our main weapon of choice. Though highly effective, it was discontinued in part for polluting the environment and possible links to cancer. Gimnig says now the highly adaptable predator is back on the hunt gaining ground. "We're looking for new tools," Gimnig said. "It's new chemicals, new, completely different ways of applying our-- our tools." And as she expands her range across the planet, human defense is moving to what some describe as a form of biological warfare. Scientist like Dr. Abdiel Martin-Park are raising male mosquitoes infected with a bacteria called wolbachia that effectively sterilizes them. Then they hope for the infected males to meet up with wild, female mosquitoes. "When they mate, the egg is going to be dead," Martin-Park said. Some have already questioned the ethics of such approaches, which include going even further, altering the DNA of the insect to inhibit its ability to transmit disease. It's all on the mind of scientists who hope to someday reduce the harm produced by mosquitoes to a level people don't need to worry about.
  11. Wow!! great info! Thanks for sharing!
  12. and one of his top men, Heinrich Himmler, and their quest for the Holy Grail, decendants of the lost city of Atlantis and of the Himalayans. Himmler ultimately decided that Atlanteans were the original Aryans. He believed that a few Atlanteans survived the flooding and sinking of Atlantis and then migrated all over the world, including the Himalayas where he conclulded that modern day Tibetans were mixed descendants of the original Aryans. Himmler believed the inferior Tibetans had polluted the Aryan bloodline and not wanting that to happen again in modern day Germany, this became the basis for his quest to exterminate all the Jews. For me, this really explains the Hitler story and how it turned mostly on desperate Himmler's quest for power and superiority which resulted in him basically relying on made up physical characteristics to definitively prove a person's race. He convinced himself he was correct based on the thinnist of evidence, and the barbaric and catastrophic consequences of that one desperate decision is really unfathomable. Of course, Hitler and the rest of Germany were all on the bandwagon of Aryan supremicy already. But there was one anthrophologist who stretched his 1938 research with Tibetans, in what looks like an attempt to placate Himmler, and announced that he was able to definitiively prove that there was indeed, Aryan blood in modern day Tibetans. Then Himmler, fearing modern Germans may pollute thieir bloodline again by interbreeding with Jews, went on his quest to eliminate all the Jews. The catastrophic and barbaric genocide that resulted from that power hungry Himmler and the one anthropologist who made that fateful call that the Tibetans did actually descend from Aryans, is shocking and really beyond comprehension. This was all based on some SS documents discovered hidden in a German cave in 1945. I certainly didn't learn this stuff in history class, maybe you didn't either. This 45 mintue documentary is excellent!!!
  13. Again, I want to point out that Iran is in a world of hurt from US sanctions. 50% inflation is very high, it means they're losing 1/2 their purchasing power every year (true, not anywhere near Venezuela, but still very serious and dangerously high inflation). If Iran cannot even control inflation, how are they going to magically 10 times (or 1000%) as much purchasing power/value to their currency? Just because Iran is saying they plan to do that, it doesn't mean that will happen. Remember, Iran lies all the time!!! For example, they say they're ready for war with the US. But they don't stand a chance in a military confrontation with the US - the whole world knows that and so does Iran. That's just Iran trying to act like they're strong. Iran is a bully and is very successfuly at bullying. But now Trump is calling their bluff and they are backed into a corner. Since they can't bully Turmp, now they're trying to bully Trump's ally, Great Britain. But it's all just Iran posturing. Their claim of adding 10 times as much value to the rial/toman is just them trying to tell they world they're in great shape, that their economy is doing great - when in truth their economy is in serious trouble. The more their economy falters, the more desperate they become and the more outrageous their lies. They've always lied, so why would you expect them to tell the truth when they're wounded and losing the fight? If you think of this logically, how would Iran even be able to add 10 times as much value.... where would that value come from? Now look at how Iraq has been preparing to add value that their IQD (which, btw, they'd historically maintained for decades and only lost due to wars and a bad leader). It's taken Iraq years to prepare to do this. And you can watch the many, many steps Iraq has taken to do that. Not so with Iran. Iran may want to some day add value to their currency, but do you see articles about them taking steps to do that? No, all you see is a desperate country, in a world of hurt. trying to threaten the rest of the world. If you can show me Iran's plan to legitimately increase the value of their currency 1000%, then I'll change my position on this. But right now, all I see is a desperate country, with a history of lying, spewing more lies to try and make itself look stronger so that it can hopefully bully the US into kowtowing to them like it used to do before Trump. Think of it this way, if Iran cannot strop from losing 50% purchasing power to inflation, how can you honestly expect them to add 1000% in purchasing power from one day to the next? From a financial perspective, how could that happen? Most of their economy is based on oil and gas and they are having huge problelms selling those products because of US sanctions. Iran is simply backed into a corner and they are saying whatever they can think of that might them look stronger so that when they do actually sit down to negotionate with Trump, they can hopefully negotiate a good deal for themselves. Right now, you just cannot believe everything (or even much of what) Iran says.
  14. As much as I love hopium, it's my opinion we should try to at least keep it real. So in that spirit, I hope everyone will take a second look at Iran's currency. Iran is "lopping" off 4 zeros from its currency because of inflation. That is what countries do (Venezuela did it several times) to try to cope with runaway inflation. Technically, you can say that's a revaluation because the value is being adjusted, but it's not adding more purchasing power to the rial/toman in Iran's case (though that will happen when Iraq RVs). Iran is doing this to simplify things because the rial has lost so much purchasing power they have to take wads and wads of it to buy things. Also, they want to revert to the toman because its confusing to foreigners to use both rial and toman, so they're taking advantage of changing the value to do that. And just as an fyi, if the government approves this (which I assume is what is set to happen Sunday), they want this to start on August 12 according this this article. Below I've copied an article about Iran's lopping off the 4 zeros that explains what is happening well. I also want to point out that, just as Navira said, I believe Iraq's RV will happen when least expected. When any country is adding value to their currency they never annouce the timing in advance. They cannot just say, for instance, "starting on X day, our currency will be worth 10 times more". If they did, everyone who heard about this would go hog wild trying to buy, bribe, cheat and steal to get as much of that currency as they possibly can. It'd be is a disaster. So, knowing that, it makes it all the more clear that Iran's "lop" is not going to add purchasing value to their currency - and it's not tied to Iraq's RV that will be doing that. Nonetheless, this does NOT mean Iraq is not about to RV, just that what Iran is doing with their rial has nothing to do with Iraq Iran is simply trying to survive US sanctions as best they can. But there is still plenty of reason to be excited about Iraq's RV though. Just look at how fast and how much they have accomplished. Sure the government is off for this month, but, think about this: since Iraq will want to RV when it's least expected, with the government off, it could be the perfect time! And last but not least, from the woo woo side, there is a thread about dreams in the Opinions section here and KeyLime was told years ago in a dream that the RV would happen in August. Not long ago, he/she dreamt about the number "19" and thinks that it means it's finally gonna happen this year (2019). Also, one of our top "bros" here, also had similar dream about the month of August. So pesonally, I don't think we even need any false hopium from Iran's lop!! Sanctions-hit Iran to rename its plunging currency, cut off zeros TEHRAN, Iran — The government in sanctions-hit Iran on Wednesday approved a plan to remove zeros from the rial and rename the currency — something its people have long been doing to simplify transactions. “The cabinet today agreed on a bill to eliminate four zeros from the currency and that ‘toman’ will be our national currency,” government spokesman Ali Rabiei told reporters in Tehran. The value of the Iranian rial has hit low after record low since last year. The currency was trading at about 37,000 to the dollar three years ago, but it slumped to around 180,000 last year. That was after US President Donald Trump announced the United States was unilaterally withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and reimposing biting sanctions. At the time, long queues were seen outside exchange offices, before the Iranian government took drastic measures by arresting unlicensed dealers and freezing the accounts of speculators. Currently the rial is trading at around 120,000 to the US dollar on the street, while the official rate is 42,000. This means anyone without a bank card has had to virtually abandon coins and carry around thick wads of banknotes in their purses or wallets just to make everyday purchases. In a bid to simplify transactions, Iranians have long referred to their currency as the toman and chopped off a zero — a unique system that is a source of confusion for foreign visitors. The Iranian government has now acknowledged this with its latest move, which needs to be forwarded to parliament for final approval. “This will make the national currency more effective,” said the spokesman Rabiei. “It will be more in line with common practice in society… the rial is not used that much.” “Coins will once again come into circulation,” he added. The International Monetary Fund has forecast Iran’s economy to shrink by 6.0 percent this year due to sanctions and rising instability in the Middle East.
  15. In my opinion, Iran deleting 4 zeros of its riyal is a lop, and changing the name to a "toman" is an attempt to cover that up. Iran is in a world of hurt because of Trump's sanctions and their economy is imploding with hyper inflation of roughly 50% month. Obviously this seriously hurts the Iranian people who are starting to protest against their government. While Rouhani is playing chicken with Trump (and the the world for that matter), he needs to try and placate his people. So I'm betting he is pushing Iraq hard to RV - ASAP! Iran has easy access to IQD and with a higher purchasing power of the IQD, that would immediately give Iranians much more purchasing power - which they desperately need. So I'm pretty sure Iran is asserting maximum pressure on Iraq to get them to push that RV button immediately.
  16. Well dayang! Bad news on the new vette....☹️☹️ GM designer says the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is 'nearly sold out' The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray won’t even be in showrooms for several more months, but one insider claims it is virtually sold out already. Over the weekend, Autoblog caught up with GM head designer Michael Simcoe at the Concours d’Elegance of America in Troy, Mich., where Chevy had the mid-engine car on display, and he reportedly told a crowd, “I think the orders have already hit the first year of production numbers.” Chevrolet would not confirm Simcoe’s comments, however, and issued the following statement on the matter: “The level of enthusiasm around the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has surpassed all expectations. We have nothing to report in terms of reservations or order numbers at this time.”
  17. So even though this doesn't apply to us since we're exchanging IQD for USD and not the other way around, doesn't this seem just sooooo nitpicky? I mean, a tiny corner ripped off a note/bill or it has the smell of mold - and they don't want to exchange it for IQD? If the note/bill is damaged enought that you can't verify the securiy features, that's one thing and that's totally reasonable. But some of these issues are so trivial. And it sure doesn't seem like Iraq would have been this nitpicky before.... especially since their economy mostly runs on USD (and possibly to a small extent, euros). This seems odd to me and and I think it hints of an imminent RV. jmo
  18. This was posted 2 months ago in May, before Epstein was arrested at the airport this month. Interesting how the FBI decided to release these documents at that time. Looks like Acosta was telling the truth, Epstein's plea deal was was above his paygrade... Files released by the FBI revealed that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was given a lenient plea deal after he “provided information to the FBI as agreed upon." In a strange and unexplained move, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced on Thursday that it released a trove of documents from an investigation into billionaire hedge fund manager and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and one of the most notable revelations is that he appears to have worked as an FBI informant, in exchange for a lenient sentence. After multiple underage girls in Florida reported that they were being paid by a mystery man to have sex with middle-aged men, and all roads led back to Epstein’s mansion, the FBI launched an investigation in 2006. A report from The Guardian noted that federal prosecutors “identified 40 young women who may have been illegally procured by Epstein,” which easily should have resulted in Epstein spending years in prison if as many as half of the women testified against him. Epstein was also caught running a child sex ring, in which he hosted rape parties for his wealthy friends on his private jet, the Lolita Express, and on his private island, which was referred to as “Orgy Island.” It should have been a textbook case that would have made the FBI look heroic for putting a serial pedophile behind bars. However, the opposite happened. Epstein agreed to a plea deal for one minor charge in 2008, and he ended up spending just 13 months in prison, out of the 18-month sentence he was given for “soliciting prostitution and procuring a minor for prostitution.” In addition to the ridiculously light sentence, the Palm Beach Post reported that in exchange for the year Epstein spent in prison, “federal prosecutors agreed not to pursue allegations that he had abused dozens of other teenage girls, instead of allowing them to file civil lawsuits against Epstein.” The “sweetheart deal” given to Epstein has angered many Americans, especially those who have been sentenced to years in prison for nonviolent crimes. While there has been speculation as to whether Epstein’s wealthy financial status kept him out of prison, the latest release of documents from the FBI indicates that Epstein’s plea deal included more than just money. The FBI released nearly 300 pages of documents in eight parts on Thursday. Although the majority of the content was made up of clippings from newspaper articles about Epstein, lists of the pages that had been deleted, and large blank spaces where information was being redacted, there was one document that stood out. Page 21 of Part 6 stated: The sentence claiming that “Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon” indicates that the billionaire agreed to supply the FBI with some sort of “information,” in exchange for his plea deal. What could Epstein have possibly provided information about? It is no secret that he was known for having wealthy and powerful friends. Former President Bill Clinton was among Epstein’s closest friends, and the flight logs from Epstein’s private jet revealed that Clinton was listed as a passenger on the jet at least 26 times between 2001 and 2003, which would have put Clinton on the plane at least once a month during the two-year period. Epstein was also close friends with Prince Andrew, who was named in a lawsuit filed by a woman in 2014, claiming that when she was a teenager, she was kept on Epstein’s private island where she treated as a “sex slave” and forced to have sex with Prince Andrew. President Donald Trump is another name on Epstein’s list of wealthy friends, and in 2002, he described Epstein as a “terrific guy” who had been his friend for 15 years. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side,” Trump said. The federal prosecutor who was responsible for Epstein’s offensively light sentence was attorney Alexander Acosta. Instead of facing backlash, he was promoted, and last year he became the United States Secretary of Labor after he was nominated by Trump. Whether the “information” Epstein provided to the FBI to get out of spending years in prison could have been about Clinton, Trump, Prince Andrew, or any of his other wealthy friends, the fact is that the FBI is confirming that has no problem setting a sexual predator free to continue to harm young girls, a decision that arguably hurts the public more than it helps. Page 21, Part 6, FBI Files on Jeffrey Epstein
  19. Yes maybe so! I couldn’t remember if I read that in cash in guide or where haha. I’m sure Adam has it all set up for his followers for sure. And I agree!! We can all group up and compare rates and help each other out No, the discount is only for VIP. I doubt he'll give it to everyone because that's probably the main reason people signed up and paid to be VIP. So if he gave it to everyone, it would really piss off the VIPs. It will be interesting to see what GregHi's brother can do though. Also, I think there's a good likelihood we'll be able to individidually negotiate the rate ourselves - particularly if we hold a lot of dinar. Money speaks after all....
  20. WOW! WOW! WOW! If you're not following Qanon, now's a good time to start! Q said arrests will start next month and Epstein is a "keystone" to that process. Most of us are already watching the Epstein saga unfold, but there's much more happening than just that. Today Q just posted the following bombshells, which tell me that those Satanic, pedophile Deep Staters are finally being exposed and they will soon be facing the consequences of all the heinous things they've done. It's getting REAL now people!! 1) Montage of Obama admitting he was NOT born in U.S. What the heck?!! He's that brazen to go bragging about it to his Kenyan buddies on multiple occassions?!! Videos of Obama Talking About His Kenyan Roots "First Sitting American President to Come From Kenya" Karli Bonne’⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Twitter Karli Bonne’⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Twitter “When has the President ever been wrong? Kenya will soon be home #Qanon” 2) Back in 2013, Trump was pointing out how strange it was that the woman who verifed Obama's "Hawaiian" birth cerfiticate, was the only one who died in a plane crash. Redrop: The Suspicious Death of Loretta Fuddy, the One Who Verified Obama's Birth Certificate POTUS Called Out Loretta Fuddy's Suspicious Death Back in 2013 Donald J. Trump on Twitter Donald J. Trump on Twitter “How amazing, the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s “birth certificate” died in plane crash t... 3) GoPro video from this Loretta woman's plane crash (taken by a fellow passenger) showing an unusually calm exit from the plane which was sinking after it went down in the ocean. Read some of the comments where they point out that Loretta survived the crash and was treading water next to the pilot with a mysterious diver right next to her....and then she ends up dead (this diver had to be waiting there in the ocean prior to the plane crashing). Note this video was published by ABC News back in 2014. How Did Loretta Fuddy Die from Such a Low Impact Crash and Very Calm Exit? Ask yourself a very simple Q - How did someone die from this type of accident? Severity of impact? Low? Do you believe in coincidences? Trump Twenty20 on Twitter Trump Twenty20 on Twitter “Loretta Fuddy plane crash #QAnon #WWG1WGA” 4) Fantastic 4 minute montage from Reagan explaining the US' role in preserving world peace and that this is the purpose of the US military. You will be very, very proud to be an America after listening to this one. Reagan Video - Peace Through Strength "The Goal Is World Peace" Reagan - Peace Through Strength Reagan - Peace Through Strength
  21. I love them too. In a way, they have more validity to me than trying to figure out the news. Sure would be awesome if this actually happens in the next few days or weeks! Thanks everyone for sharing. It is much appreciated!
  22. I just want to share my opinion that, if we really are on the verge of the RV, Iraq is not gonna announce anything that even hints at that. So even if good things did happen with the IMF, or completion of the GOI, or the HCL, or anything else of significance, I don't expect them to release all the news about it. In fact, I even expect them to outright lie to in order to keep it secret that the RV is about to happen. Why? Because if people had evidence that the RV was about to happen, they would all be scrambling to get their hands on as much IQD as possible. It would shut down purchase/sale transactions done in IQD in Iraq, you would have thugs robbing people to get their hand on more dinar, people would be exchanging as much USD (and any other currencies they had) for IQD as they possibly could - anywhere and everywhere they could, and probably robbing currency dealers, banks and merchants too. Rich or poor, anyone who knew the RV was imminent would be doing everything they could to get more IQD ASAP, with dangerous consequences to many people. The few countries that have actually RV'd their currency had to do it this way.... they kept it a secret and in fact were even outright denying they were going to RV up to the very last minute before they actually did RV (I believe that was Mexico). Just saying this so people realize there's no need to feel let down. Iraq needs to RV as unexpectedly as they can. We (especially us in these bro threads!) are watching closely and know how much is rapidly getting done so we can connect the dots probably better than most people. Maybe it will be this weekend, or next week. If not, maybe August (there's a good Opinions thread about people's dreams indicating the month of August). Personally, I figure since the ISX is going online with Nasdaq in October, that it should happen before that. But really, in the end, we're all just speculating from connecting the dots -the dots we're able to find - as best as we can. One day, all the dots will finally be connected then, POP, the RV gets done!!! In the meantime I really enjoy the hopium and the excitement I feel thinking this may happen momentarily. And for others who also like feeling that way, take heart. No news is not necessarily bad news, in fact, it may actually even be good news in disguise. And in the end, missing one date doesn't mean it's not gonna happen the next day or the day after..... jmho GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RV!
  23. Yeah, all the gurus seem to be spewing their normal crap and nothing new, EXCEPT for one of only 2 gurus that I believe are legit - which is Randy Koonce(the other being Breiling) . He said last week (July 17) that we're in a very big window until the end of July. Randy doesn't post often (goes MIA for months at a time), but when he does, he seems to be knowledgeable and very grounded, so I see him as very credible. He did call the RV was about to happen a few months ago and was obviously wrong, but we all make mistakes. That was the only time I've seen him do that and I've been watching him for a few years. He thinks the rate will be between $1-2, which I personally think is more realistic than $3+, but who really knows. I copied his post from another thread in Rumors..... I am sending this update to let everyone know there is a very good window that has opened up once again, and will last through the end of the month. As I have mentioned before, many of the things that have happened on our way to the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar has turned this anticipated event into a very big Political Game. I call it “Global Political Football”. And there have been no rules to this long and unending game!!! That being said, there is reason to believe that we are very - VERY - close to the final buzzer now. And, it is a very BIG WINDOW between now (as in ‘right now’ through the end of month. But. Please understand: because it is a political football game, that does not mean that if this window closes at the end of the month without a rate change, we will never see it. It just means that another political fight got in the way. Again. The Countries that have been involved in the ‘time out’ (delay) have now agreed to ‘things’ that our administration wanted before the final release. So, unless someone reneges on one of the issues again, this should be the last time I have to open another window. Again. I want you to know there is nothing left for Iraq to do to prepare for a rate change. They have been ready since December of Last Year. As in 2018. January started the political football game. There were many political players, from our own Government to several others as well. . . .And ALL of them have affected the political environment. Look for the Dinar to come out between $1 -$2. It should go up a little more later on. Please do not get suckered into waiting or watching for any 800 numbers. Do not listen to people talking about ‘tiers’ because there are no tiers. You will not need to go to Reno, or any other special location to exchange. You will be able to exchange at any big bank or financial exchange center that normally deals in foreign currency exchanges. THE RATE IS THE ONLY THING THAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR. I do not follow any ‘Dinar Site’ on the Internet. I am not a member in any of the Dinar Chat Rooms. So please do not ask me about somebody else's post. Because I Do Not have a clue!! But I will say this: If they do not agree with the info I have provided to you, then I would be very suspicious of it. The guys getting the good info should all be saying about the same thing. So compare the information being given for yourself. Continue to Breathe. Remember: This is a POLITICAL football, so it is possible there could always be another unforeseen ‘time out’. It is not that our information was bad; but it might change. Again. DO NOT give your dinar to anyone else to exchange for you. We are really, seriously, truly, honestly, absolutely, positively, probably VERY CLOSE. It has been an honor and a privilege to make this journey with you. (Well, most of you!! ) I, like you, am ready for this game to be over. May God bless you and keep you. The reason for allowing us to be a part of this historical event is His to reveal in each of your lives. Be grateful. RELAX the RV really is coming . . . . Keep Breathing. . . No hyperventilating. . . Do not let your emotions drive you or tear you apart . . . Keep them in check.
  24. Just checked online and looks like the base price for the new Corvette IS below $60,000! It is GORGEOUS!!! WOW!!! The new Corvette Stingray is here. Read all about it. More anticipated than the Toyota Supra, Ford Bronco, and every new Star Wars film combined, th long-awaited mid-engine Corvette is finally here after more than a half-century of teasing and empty promises. You can read all about the 2020 Corvette Stingray at the debut article below, or keep reading for a summary of everything we know. Spoiler alert: even though the C8 is official, there are still details Chevrolet as yet to reveal. And Here It Is: 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Unveiled As Mid-Engine Rocket What Is It? It all started with a prototype. In 1964, Zora Arkus-Duntov (father of the Corvette) built the XP-819, a mid-engined vision of what the front-engined Corvette could be. Multiple mid-engined Corvette prototypes followed, and more than 50 years later, we finally have a production model. Our first look at the mid-engined C8 Corvette came in 2016. Soon after that, it seemed like photos and videos of the vehicle popped up monthly. Now with hundreds of spy photos, artist renderings, and multiple videos, we're closer than ever to the production model. From what we've seen thus far, it will be the most hardcore Corvette ever. In base trim, it slots well against vehicles such as the Audi R8 and Porsche 911, but as it evolves, the American supercar could battle tough competitors like the McLaren 720S and Ferrari F8 Tributo, not to mention the Ford GT. ' What's The Corvette's Price? Here's one of the details that we don't yet have full disclosure on, but the initial estimate is simply astounding. The 2020 Corvette Stingray will have a base price below $60,000. For the record, that's just a few thousand more than the current entry-level C7 Corvette, and when you see the car's performance, you'll be even more impressed.
  25. I have been worried about these protests so I was a bit relieved to see that there are only "dozens" of protestors today. I dug a little further to find out what they are about and learned that these protests happen every summer as the average citizens deal with power outages in excessive heat, ongoing government corruption and unemployment. But this year it's worse because people have water shortages and are angry after electing a new government that doesn't seem to be changing much. The government cracks down pretty hard on the protestors and have even killed 11 of them in the past 2 weeks. But, no doubt because the government is so rough with them, the protests seem to be in check. I feel bad to learn about all of this, and I even feel a degree of selfishness for only rooting for the RV because of what it means to me. But on the other hand, I think the RV will be a huge blessing for the people of Iraq (which they really could use) and it will bring international investment which will bring jobs and better infrastructure. Also, hopefully Sadr will turn out to be a good leader for Iraq (it takes time to drain the swamp after all) and hopefully he will significantly reduce corrpution. Since these protests don't seem to be too out of control, I personally do not think they will have much of an impact on the RV, but for such while I continue to pray for the RV, I will be praying hard for the people of Iraq that they can become the first successful democratic government (or a Republic or any other form of government that serves its people instead of vice versa) in the Middle East. For anyone who's interested in learning more about the Iraq protests, below is a great article from Al Jazeera, which explains it very well. Why are Iraqis protesting? For the past two weeks, waves of mass protests haveengulfed several of Iraq's southern governorates, spreading from Basra all the way to the capital, Baghdad. Summer protests are a fairly regular feature of the Iraqi political calendar, as the unbearable heat brings the public's long-simmering grievances to boiling point. However, this year's protests will likely cause Iraq's political classes more concern than usual. The root causes and triggers of the ongoing protests are not that different from previous years: lack of basic services (especially electricity shortages), corruption, and unemployment. In addition to the infernal heat, this summer has been marked by unprecedented watershortages. The ensuing public anger was exacerbated by 15 years of remarkable levels of waste and theft. However, the context of 2018 makes this round of "summer protests" somewhat different previous ones. In December 2017, the Iraqi government declared victory in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, known as ISIS), but seven months later ordinary Iraqis still have not seen a peace dividend. There has been incessant talk of political reform since at least 2014, but it continues to be business-as-usual for Iraq's political class. The supposedly game-changing "post-ISIL" election has come and gone, but brought no change. The ever more distant, unresponsive, self-interested and thoroughly rotten political elites are still enriching themselves, while ordinary Iraqis struggle to make ends meet. WATCH: Iraq struggles with economic, energy crises as protests spread (1:56) In other words, even if the grievances of the Iraqi public are the same, their hopes, expectations and tolerance for the status quo are not. The reduction of violence, the retreat of identity politics and the relative stabilisation of the state have brought Iraq's systemic failures into sharper focus. In the absence of existential struggles and civil war, Iraqis finally got some breathing space that has allowed them to demand more from their corrupt political elites. The (caretaker) Iraqi government's response to the protests has been ham-fisted and heavy-handed. Since the protests erupted some two weeks ago, 11 people have died and some 500 people have been injured (including at least 300 members of the security forces). Water cannon and live ammunition have been used against protesters and Baghdad even sent units from the elite Counter Terrorism Service to southern governorates to help with crowd control. The internet was temporarily shut down in most of Iraq, while some social media platforms remain blocked. Protesters have burned down party offices across southern Iraq. Few political parties were spared: from PM Haider al-Abadi's Dawa Party to the Badr organisation (affiliated with the Popular Mobilisation Forces, PMUs), and even more hardline and more Iran-leaning groups such as Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq (Khazali Network) and Kata'ib Hezballah (Hezbollah Brigades) got their fair share of public anger. Conspiracy theories There has been some speculation that the protests were deliberately incited. Some have argued that followers of Iraqi-cleric-turned-politician Muqtada al-Sadr (whose political alliance won a narrow plurality in the May elections) are behind the protests, and especially the burning of party offices, which are meant to increase their leverage in government-formation negotiations. It is difficult to tell the extent to which political actors are using the protests as cover for their own ends, but reducing what is happening to a mere function of elite political rivalries would be a mischaracterisation. The current burst of rage has been aimed at the political class in general and might be too anti-system even for al-Sadr, the self-styled champion of reform. OPINION Will Sadr's victory diminish Iran's influence in Iraq? by Zaid al-Ali The Sadrists angle is one of a number of narratives that have emerged seeking a conspiratorial motive behind what are, in fact, spontaneous, organic, and recurrent protests by Iraqis who have more than enough reasons to be disillusioned and angry. As with previous Iraqi crises, we are seeing old and predictable partisan scripts being recirculated. Defenders of the political system are quick to discredit the protesters with that oldest of post-2003 accusations: "Baathists". One PMU-affiliated politician said that Saudi Arabian and Baathist agents had infiltrated the protests. Another, a spokesman for Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq, pointed the finger at Zionist-American and Turko-Gulf plots. Conspiracy theorising about Iraq is never complete without an Iranian angle and, sure enough, there have been plenty of people pointing a finger at Iran as either the target or the instigator of the protests. This, of course, follows an all too familiar pattern of displacing Iraqi agency and Iraqi issues with Iranian interests and priorities thereby scripting Iraq out of its own commentary. While there has indeed been plenty of anti-Iranian sentiment in these protests with images of Ayatollah Khomeini being set alight and anti-Iranian slogans being voiced, ultimately these protests are not about Iran. Rather, anti-Iranian sentiment, in this case, is a by-product (not a driver) of rage against the entire Iraqi political order. Iran is seen as a guarantor and as a beneficiary of the system with Iranian interests converging in a web of complicity with those of Iraq's political classes. In that sense, the anti-Iranian sentiment is not only reflective of long-standing Iraqi popular resentment towards the country, but is also an act of protest and defiance against a political elite that is seen as responsible, alongside its Iranian allies/patrons, for Iraq's failures. As for the notion that Iran is the instigator of these protests: the dire conditions of the southern governorates, and indeed in the rest of Iraq, are such that conspiracies and foreign actors are not a prerequisite for outbursts of popular rage. Ultimately, whether it is Iran, Baathists, ISIL, Saudis or any other force, insisting on a hidden guiding hand behind these protests denies Iraqis agency, dismisses their grievances and ultimately serves to delegitimise - indeed criminalise - protest. In that sense, to reduce these protests to "infiltrators" and foreign agents is cynical and foolish. Not a revolution On the other end of the spectrum, we have opponents of the political order who frame the protests as a revolution or as Iraq's "Arab Spring moment". This is wishful thinking and the reality is that the current political system is likely to persist with minor if not cosmetic changes. Here, it is worth asking what a revolution can look like in Iraq circa 2018. The diffusion of military and political power, the brittleness of the state and its compromised sovereignty - in other words, some of its worst features - might paradoxically be the political order's most powerful preservative in that it precludes the possibility of state capture, absent its complete destruction by way of a major civil war or a foreign 2003-esque intervention. The Stream - After ISIL: What is life like in Mosul? There is no guiding ideology to be overturned, no Leviathan to tear down and no singular authoritarian figure whose demise might signal a structural shift in the governing order. Rather than revolutionary climaxes, Iraq is far more likely to witness gradual change through a recurring cycle of political and economic pressures leading to protests and riots that, in turn, meet a combination of force and piecemeal reforms. Indeed, elements of just such a dynamic have been in evidence since 2011 and more so since 2014. For now, it looks like the protests are going to continue. Iraq's acting Prime Minister al-Abadi has shifted away from trying to discredit the protesters with talk of "infiltrators" and conspiracies and has adopted a more conciliatory approach. After an unnecessary delay, he announced a series of measures including the immediate allocation of $3.5bn for development projects in Basra and the dismissal of three ministers. These measures are unlikely to be enough to fully absorb the protest momentum that has been generated thus far. Indeed, it is unclear what the prime minister can realistically offer to calm tensions down in the short term. The failures of Iraqi governance are so deep, cumulative and structural as to defy quick fixes. What political actor or arm of the Iraqi state can quickly and adequately face the challenges of desertification, water shortages, water salinity, unemployment, governance, reconstruction, corruption, etc? What short or even medium-term fix is there for the fact that Iraq's oil sector supplies 90 percent of its revenue, but employs just four percent of the population? These are long-term problems that require far more vision than Iraq's self-interested political classes are likely to be able to offer. Genuine attempts at structural change - say a shift to a majority government rather than dysfunctional "consensus governments" and the despised system of ethno-sectarian apportionment - would appease public sentiment and secure much goodwill and public buy-in. But structural change is a tall order. A more likely scenario is for a combination of force, enticements and fatigue to eventually reduce the scale of discontent to more manageable levels until the next round of protests.
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