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  1. I, for one, am PRAYING that the delegates in the states that Romney won are smart enough to abstain from the first round of voting at the RNC. Once enough of them do that and the first round does not give him the nomination, the delegates are free to vote in a "dark-horse" or a "favorite son" candidate that would truly be a change from Obama. Romney is Obama with another color skin, but underneath that skin is exactly the same bad news for the US and the world..........and neither of them have the core knowledge, morals and ethics to lead this country or any other into anything but total ruination. Just my opinion, but its based on both of them and their public performances. God only knows what their hidden performances and dirty deals are. And if I suddenly just "disappear" for my opinion, it would serve to prove my points!!!! :blink:
  2. Hi Adam - As usual, thanks for all you do............. First - has the security on this site changed? When I first got on, I had to "login" to reply to this, and the site usually recognizes me automatically......... Second - do we really care about Maliki's situation, or is it all more "smoke & mirrors"???? Thanks, catone
  3. I personallly do not CARE what it rv's at, I only hope that it does whatever it's going to do soon. Along with this rv, we're looking at many countries adjusting their monetary systems to "jive" with everyone else. Soo -- currencies will not only revalue upward, but also downward. Another devaluation of the greenback is a given, so whatever the dinar, dong, etc., etc. raise the value to will be somewhat offset in this country. It's my guess that ALL fiat currencies are short-lived, and I HOPE I will have enough from the RV to invest in precious metals, real property and other commodities. Gooooooooo RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV :blink:
  4. My flag is flying high in the front and I found a spotlight to illuminate it at night..........where it will remain through Independence Day. Bravo to all our fighting men and women!!!
  5. The CBI does NOT need to have the same amount in reserves as it does to revalue at ANY rate, since so many countries holding dinar (or who will be after exchange) will use those monetary credits for oil and other "pieces of Iraq" (including land, other resources and the ISX). In some cases, Iraq is "paying forward" for infrastructure and other goods and services that the country is in desperate need of. The Central Banks of the countries exchanging dinar would be holding the dinar that they have exchanged for their national currencies. In the case of the US, the Treasury will use those notes to buy oil and (hopefully) reduce our outstanding debts, especially to China. China will then take the dinar, and since they are now paying for oil with yuan, convert the dinar to yuan and buy oil with them. Each and every national economy on this planet needs an infusion of capital, with a few exceptions, and the Central Banks in those countries will use the dinar for repayment of debt, purchasing, and negotiating, therefore all dinar exchanged will NOT reach the CBI to be "cashed in" using Iraq's reserves. Details of this monetary exchange are what has delayed this for so long, which is why the IMF has been so involved........Maliki and politics have really nothing to do with it. All the Bu** sh** about the politiico in Iraq has been nothng but smoke and mirrors, with a little Middle Eastern drama mixed in. Additionally, Iraq already has made arrangeents with various international countries for goods and services that the RV will pay those countries for. The IQD being an asset-backed currency guarantees this and anyone who thinks differently is, in the world of economics, incredibly naive. Just my 2-cents! :D
  6. Adam - I'm about to the point of believing NOTHING that comes out of any of the dinar sites, when the "gurus" talk about why, who, what, when & where. Is it possible that the total global reset is around the corner and the IQD is only a small part of it? As far as Maliki is concerned, one greasy little monkey (as he's been called by some) cannot stop anything of this magnitude, or am I out to lunch?? Thanks for all you do, catone
  7. I feel that if the KENNEDYS are dissin' the prez & Michelle...........their days are probably numbered at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Hope he's got another job lined up........Papa Joe's ties to the $$ and therefore the power in the Dem's corner has existed since before O WAS EVEN BORN AND WILL NOT BE OVERLOOKED. If the Obamas think they can ignore and even insult this powerhouse family, they have another thought coming. There are a LOT of things that could cost the DNC this election, and this appears to be just another nail in the coffin................
  8. Great, inforrmative and exceptionally intelligent post. Scooter's da man to ask just about anything, and I've been a fan for a long, long time................ Thanks for passing it on!!!!
  9. LM_AO>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Good one, Moose!
  10. Hi Adam - Once again, thanks for all you and the mods do for this community. My question - with the (almost) entire globe in an upheaval currently, do you see the RV as simply adding the the existent issues that have seemed to hit every human on the planet. or as a solution? In either case, could you elaborate on the reasons why? Thanks again, catone
  11. Guess this poor excuse for a leader would rather step down and skip the country, than be ousted or arrested????
  12. This is NOT talking about a lop, since he says that the value of the dinar would be increased by 1000. The "Arablish" drives me nuts!!
  13. Hey y'all - That pic has been floating around the 'net for about a year -- made me sick the first time I saw it and it makes me even sicker today....................
  14. Adam - My personal favorites are Wounded Warriors or the Seal Foundation, aloong with Disabled American Vets. These are my 3 of choice to "pay forward"............ Thanks for doing it NOW - I would if I could!! catone
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