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  1. This site has nothing to do with the OFFICIAL FOREX company or website...! Here is what Network Solutions WHOIS says about this site: They are a french website impostor... check it out yourself... SOURCE
  2. This site has nothing to do with the Official FOREX... Here is the Whois Network Solutions Info: Domain ID:D33488480-LRMS Domain Name:1-USD.INFO Created On:23-Jun-2010 20:49:18 UTC Last Updated On:04-Jun-2011 13:18:11 UTC Expiration Date:23-Jun-2012 20:49:18 UTC Sponsoring Registrar:OVH (R268-LRMS) Status:CLIENT DELETE PROHIBITED Status:CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED Registrant ID:ovh4dea308fpx8j Registrant Name:Allan Coignet Registrant Organization: Registrant, office #2381252 Registrant Street2:c/o OwO, BP80157 Registrant Street3: Registrant City:Roubaix Cedex
  3. The discovery of a mass grave of victims of the "Al Qaeda" in Baquba 19/09/2011 21:28 Baghdad / Orr News A security source in Diyala, he found a mass grave containing the remains of civilians were executed by al-Qaeda four years ago, east of Baquba. He said in a press statement that "the police force had found a mass grave near the village of Abu raisins South Baladruz containing the remains of more than a dozen civilians were executed by al Qaeda in 2007." The source, who requested anonymity, that "the operation was based on information made ​​by a population," noting that "security agen
  4. LAST NITE on Pheonix3333's radio show... he said today (which is the 188th day since the Japan Earthquake) there would be a big earth quake... as the quakes have been happening is 188 day cycles... you can read about is at: SOURCE ARTICLE Best Wishes, Proteus
  5. the reason why money can only be sent to Iraq in Dinars is: That Iraq does not have an internationally trade-able currency yet... It is still under sanctions, once it becomes internationally trade-able, then money transfer companies like western union will facilitate exchanges, from whatever currency to whatever currency (IE: from Canadian to IQD) This is my opinion of the situation... Proteus
  6. The only truthful thing about OKIE is: NUFF SAID.... and everything else should be left to die in Peace!
  7. This thread was based on the question of PROOF that HCl, CHAPTOR 7, and ERBIL need to be completed before an RV is Possible... I believe that GOI FULLY SEATED, BUDGET PASSED, and Parliament APPROVAL of financial assistance to the CBI, to implement the "Whatever" Process, will ignite the primer fuse and institute the point of no return on the RV... Shabibi is actually independent of the GOI, He can make whatever decision he wants.... He makes the call, he chooses the mechanism, he sets the rate... But certain things need to be accomplished for an RV to be successful... and Shabibi needs a
  8. What I wonder is, Will Iraq's history heal itself...? Shabibi said in a 2010 video interview: "Iraq is the Richest Country in the World, studder, studder, studder, I mean it will be!" So here is the deal... When Iraqi's had dinar in 2004, Paul Bremmer gave them a chance to trade 1 to 1 for the new currency, then he devalued the currency... Many Iraqi's lost wealth in this changeover devaluation process, lost savings, lost wages, and and most of all lost their purchasing power... so NOW, Will the CBI provide them the opportunity to regain what they lost abruptly in the last changeover.
  9. I believe that GOI FULLY SEATED, BUDGET PASSED, and Parliament APPROVAL of financial assistance to the CBI, to implement the "Whatever" Process, will ignite the primer fuse and institute the point of no return on the RV... Here's why: (1) The GOI needs to be fully seated as the parliament, as the country is still too unstable and until everyone clams down and has confidence in the government, citizen confidence and acceptance of the change will prevent it...! (2) The BUDGET needs to be finalized and passed by the House and Parliament, The HCL, Financial cost of the Currency Changeover an
  10. For thousands of years Iraqi's, and most other Middle Eastern People, have evolved being a BARTERING Breed of People, it's their culture.. They never expect you to take anything at face value, they say 100, you say 50, they say 80, you say 75.... when they were very happy to settle for 75 to start ... if this back and forth bartering game, strategic moves, playing the game of words and meanings, and they are not happy until the game has been played... OK, the same happens with NEWS, they each want to one up each other in the scoop... and so, the underlying truth needs to be sorted out, fro
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