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  1. wshiflthnkn, mine, same way. I guess their software upgrades still have bugs.
  2. disciple7, try this link: https://onlinebankin...m/IBS/index.jsp Warka upgraded its security.
  3. TrinityeXchange is correct, in my opinion. The $11 Billion and the arms embargo are still under Chapter 7. Chapter 7 is the hammer that ensures that Iraq pays the $11 Billion to Kuwait which they have a plan to do by 2014 or 2015, I can’t remember which. The arms embargo probably is more about keeping arms out of Syria than Iraq. These two issues are not relevant to us but will keep Iraq in Chapter 7 until the $11 Billion is paid and Syria is sorted out. The $11 Billion is time certain but Syria is an open question. Bottom line, yesterday’s UN vote was good for us, but i
  4. I also have funds in Warka and also stocks on the ISX. Like everyone else here, I am no expert but my guess is that dinar in a bank account (electronic dinar - including the cash value of stocks) will require the account holder to do nothing. If anthing is required it simply will be an exchange rate transaction when the dinar is exchanged for a different currency. Prior to an exchange, your dinar is just a number on a ledger. This is the least of my concerns with Warka funds. I think this will be the case even if current physical dinar (the pretty paper) has to be turned in for new
  5. Rulesforrebels, I think you misunderstand Eagle007’s point. I believe he is saying that Jay’s pronouncement that the dinar will not rv in the next 30 days is a safe bet because 10,000 people have already been waiting for 10 years. He is not saying that the dinar itself is a safe bet because 10,000 brought dinar. Go back and carefully read what Eagle said. Regards,
  6. Philip, I created a similar form with the same information that has worked without a hitch. I also practice a similar rollover stradegy with my CDs. Thanks for the validating post.
  7. I have this stock in my banking portfolio as well and am slightly down at the moment. I don’t have much so the damage is minimal. Its not the only pony I’m riding.
  8. jcfrag, the information is on Warka's public website. Click on Bank Charges in the menu bar at the top of the page and scroll all the way down. Good luck.
  9. As has been the case from the beginning of my account, Warka paid on another of my matured time deposit accounts right on time. I make this post not to generate a stream of “but its only funny money… bah bah bah.” I know that. I make this post only to state that Warka’s back end in banking software seems to be working fine for me. But time will tell.
  10. Yes, I have. As posted on the Warka website, the rates are: Certificate of Deposits (IQD) 1. 3 months CD 8.5% 2. 6 months CD 9.5% 3. 1 year CD 10.5% Certificate of Deposits (USD) 1. 6 months CD 4% 2. 1 year CD 5%
  11. Why don't we just wait and see how this plays out. We will know in 9 days, right?
  12. I totally agree. I have funds in a Warka account and don’t share the gloom and doom that so many here seem to have for the following reasons: 1. I own no shares of stock in Warka. Warka shareholders will take the first hit if Warka fails. My account is a depositor account which has certain protections under the Iraq banking law. The CBI has said many times that it wants and needs to build a strong banking sector in Iraq. There are good reasons to keep Warka alive rather than to force it into liquidation in a way that does not protect its depositors. The authority that CBI used to take over
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