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  1. More progress in the banking system.! They are Increasing revenues and improving cash flow. Issuing national bonds and instruments, and offering them for public trading, in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq. Go Iraq 🇮🇶 Go reforms Go banking system Go purchasing power
  2. “Iraq is recovering Saleh expressed his confidence that “an economic recovery will occur during the next year 2022, and that the budget will not witness financial hardships or financing restrictions due to a lack of revenues,” attributing this recovery to “the recovery in global oil prices, as well as the increase in the proceeds of Iraq’s oil production by an additional 400,000 barrels.” daily,” adding that “this addition to the current total oil production will contribute to achieving an annual added revenue of about 17 trillion dinars, if the average price of a barrel of oil reaches $75.” We first heard it from the IMF, now from the prime minister financial advisor. Go Iraq 🇮🇶 Go reforms Go economic recovery Go purchasing power
  3. In my opinion the reform project led by Al-kazemi is unstoppable. Iran knows that, that’s why they tried to kill him. One step at the time.! Go Iraq Go reforms Go sovereignty Go democracy
  4. In mi opinion, it is time to buy more Gold and Crypto, consumer price index latest numbers shows the highest inflation in 30 years. Go Gold Go Crypto
  5. Central Banks are really afraid of Cryptocurrencies because they have no control over….. Central Banks are a Cartel. Go decentralization Go Crypto Go future
  6. Kazemi is on a mission. The reform project is unstoppable.! Go kazemi Go battle against corruption Go Justice Go purchasing power
  7. Thanks @Carrello, very good read.! Al-Kazemi is doing things right, he’s leading the country in the right direction. Go Al-Kazemi Go reforms Go Positive Changes
  8. “The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed that the rest of Kuwait's compensation is 600 million dollars, indicating that these compensations will end in the first quarter of 2022. Saleh said in a press interview Monday; “The rest of Kuwait’s compensation is more than half a billion dollars and it is up to 600 million dollars,” noting that “compensations are deducted from oil and at an amount of 3% of the value of each exported barrel out of 52.4 billion dollars imposed on Iraq.” Saleh added; That “the compensation file will be closed soon and within the limits of the first chapter of the next year 2022,” noting that “the completion of these compensations will close any trace and belongings of Chapter VII imposed by the Security Council on Iraq 30 years ago due to the Kuwait war.” Saleh pointed out that "the completion of the compensation will bring to Iraq some of the money that was going as compensation to turn its annual flows for the benefit of the Iraqi economy and achieve a financial space of not less than 2 billion dollars annually, according to oil prices, to enhance the financial sustainability of the country." Iraq must deposit 5% of its export revenues from sales of oil, its products and gas, before reducing it to 3% in 2018 in a UN fund established under the name of the United Nations Compensation Fund.” Iraq has to payoff Kuwait to close any trace and belongings of Chapter VII. In my opinion this is of paramount importance for an increase of the dinar exchange rate. Even more important than the HCL. Go Iraq Go Kuwait payoff Go international Go purchasing power
  9. “Dr. Raed Al-Azzawi, a professor of Iraqi international relations, said that anyone who opposes the Iranian project in the region and stands in its way in the Arab world is liable to be killed or assassinated” This is why they tried to kill PM Al-Kazemi, because he opposes the Iranian project in the region. Go Iraq Go sovereignty Go democracy
  10. “We will pursue those who committed yesterday's crime, we know them well and we will expose them, and the hand of justice will reach the killers of the martyr Colonel Nibras Farman, an officer of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service." We have to remember that Al-kazemi was the head of the National Intelligence Service. He knows everybody’s background really well. Go Al-kazemi Go justice Go reforms Go democracy
  11. Iran is loosing political influence over Iraq. This is the reason why they tried to kill PM Al-Kazemi, because he is the one leading the reform project.! Go Kazemi Go reforms Go development Go democracy Go growth
  12. Maybe the people who tried to kill him (Iran) already knows he will continue as Prime Minister for the next 4 years. GO AL-KAZEMI GO. REFORMS
  13. “Finally submitting a scientific proposal to the Central Bank to implement the process of deleting zeros.” A scientific research proposal has three main points: 1) Explanation of proposed research (what will be done) 2) Methods and techniques to be employed (how it will be done) 3) Novelty and/or importance of the study (why it should be done) Go CBI Go delete of the 000 Go purchasing
  14. What is the SMIIC? The Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries(SMIIC), as a sound mechanism for harmonization of standards among the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) countries and for preparation of new ones, aims at realizing harmonized standards in the Member States and eliminating technical barriers to trade and thus developing the trade among themselves. It shall establishes certification and accreditation schemes for the purpose of expediting exchange of materials, manufactured goods and products among Member States beginning with mutual recognition of certificates. More PROGRESS…! Iraq continues moving towards an Open Market Economy. Go open market economy Go trade Go imports / exports Go stronger dinar Go $1:1
  15. You know who is protesting? All the “Iranian Puppets” who lost their seats in parliament. The anti-reform people. Go Iraq Go reforms Go development Go growth
  16. Agree with you brother Wiljor, Increasing Financial Inclusion and getting the chunky cash in the bank vault.
  17. Good news.! They haven’t had a census in the last 20 years.! Census Of population is very important; - to know the size of population. - to make planning decisions.... - to forecast possible economic need - to formulate economic policy - to determine population density 🇮🇶 Iraq continues moving forward.!
  18. White Paper Axis 2 Restructuring the banking system. The reform of this sector aims to “reform government banks towards working according to commercial standards, reduce their hegemony over the banking sector and pave the way for private banks to ensure the development of the sector and take its role as a lever for the Iraqi economy, end the role of government banks as an arm to finance government spending, return to the independence of these banks from the Ministry of Finance and restore people's confidence in the sector Banking in general”, Establishing and activating the basic banking system in the Rafidain and Rasheed banks, and continuing with the steps previously taken towards restructuring these two banks after conducting a full financial review by international auditing companies. CBI continues restructuring the banking system. Go CBI Go banking system Go international Go open market economy Go purchasing power
  19. Great news.! This initiative aims to strengthen private sector’s participation in the overall economic activity of the country, making it the main leverage of the economic performance, addressing the current and future unemployment, and alleviating pressure on the public sector. The private sector is the engine of growth Iraq continues moving forward with the reform plan. Go diversification of the economy Go development Go economic growth
  20. GD07, not a 100% but Al-Sadr support the reform project and he won the majority of seats in parliament.
  21. Donziman, thanks for your input. Kazemi government is totally different than Maliki government. The White papers or reform project is changing everything inside Iraq. Sadr, the winner of the elections support Al-kazemi and his reform project In my almost 12 years in this investment, I have never seen so much accomplished by iraq.
  22. ASUMama, thanks for your input. In my opinion, the War compensation file has to be permanently closed first. Go Iraq 🇮🇶 Go Kuwait payoff Go open market economy
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