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  1. This was extracted from last month article.

    Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr has accurate accounts, and he has patience, and we call him (strategic patience).


    “The consensus government is bringing back the same tools that the reference warned against, and there is no success in consensus, but the game will be revealed after a month or two." 

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  2. I have been reading similar news articles for the last 10 years.


    “70% of the monetary mass out of banking System”


    It is difficult for me to believe that after a 22% devaluation 2 years ago

    ago, there’s still a 70% monetary mass out of banking system.


    If I was in the same situation I will run the bank to buy dollars to protect all my life savings.


    just saying 



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  3. WTO just want to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible.

    Global rules of trade provide assurance and stability. Consumers and producers know they can enjoy secure supplies and greater choice of the finished products, components, raw materials and services they use. Producers and exporters know foreign markets will remain open to them.


    Go Iraq 🇮🇶 

    Go WTO

    Go open market economy 

    Go stronger dinar.

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  4. Specialists confirm that the dollar exchange rate will remain for another three years, due to the existence of an agreement between the Iraqi government and the International Monetary Fund, related to financial policy, and managing the issue of the dollar exchange rate, in proportion to the volume of currency circulating in the market.”


    There you have it.


    In another 3 years they will complete the White Papers

    reform Project.


    Go White Paper Reforms 

    Go Economic Growth 

    Go Stronger Dinar

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  5. 6 hours ago, Dinarrock said:

    Agreed so would you say we can expect the RV by the end of next week now?? Lol

    Pretty much 😂😂😂😂

    Clearly they are getting ready for an stronger Dinar.
    Foreign currency reserves growing 

    Gold reserves growing

    Oil exports Growing 

    Go Stronger Dinar 

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  6. On 6/20/2022 at 1:22 PM, southbeach said:

    Just curious why Kurds couldn’t do that in the first place

    Because of GREED they make more money selling the oil directly bypassing the National Oil Company.


    On 6/20/2022 at 3:45 PM, jake21 said:

    All due respect Laid Back, but where did you see this and was it recent or what they were talking about over a year ago? 

    They have been talking about this for many years.

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  7. 4 trillion dinars at the actual rate is $2.74 billion dollars. I don’t believe it. The auctions have been going on since 2003 and the central sales about 

    $1 billion dollars a week in the currency auctions.


    It is time to stop the auctions and give real market value to the dinar or

    continue with the rampant corruption.


    CBI it is up to you to make a decision on the matter.


    Go CBI 

    Go new monetary policy 

    Go end of the daily auctions 

    Go stronger dinar 1+

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  8. Foreign currency reserves moving in the right direction ⬆️🆙


    - The foremost advantage of foreign currency reserves. It serves in meeting the international finance obligations including sovereign and commercial debts, financing of imports.


    - It helps in boosting the confidence of the market in the ability of a country to meet its external obligations.


    - It acts as cushion for unforeseen external shocks.  

    - It Increases confidence of foreign investors and thus helps in boosting foreign direct investment (FDI).


    -It is use to adjust foreign exchange rate. 

    The foreign currency reserves are invested mainly in instruments abroad which have the highest credit rating and which do not pose any credit risk. These include sovereign bonds, treasury bills and short-term deposits in top-rated global banks besides cash accounts.


    Go CBI

    Go international 

    Go stronger dinar 

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