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  1. I actually did laugh out load, so I had to type it out. Most excellent, thank you. :lol:
  2. Here's the problem. This is why nothing gets done in Iraq. "the Council also agreed to bill encouraging anesthesiologists and send it to the State Council for auditing and then forwarded to the Parliament. " They been huffin gas the whole time. Finally put 2&2 together.
  3. I don't know for sure, but like the Fed here, they don't deal directly with the public. Just banks. Guessing here as I don't know CBI policy regarding the average joe. For that matter I'm not too keen on the Feds policy either. I'll stop here, but those are good questions for someone who knows. I'll look in on this tomorrow to see what's up.
  4. Now I don't assume to know the answers, but if you go and read the history on the CBI website you will see that in 1987 the value of the dinar was at 3.21 to the dollar. The black market value was 1.89 to the dollar, so yes it was artificially held at the 3.31 value, and hyperinflation was the end result. They started printing money like mad men. Why, as I said previously I don't assume to have all the answers.
  5. Those are fake......The arrows I mean of
  6. Put it this way, he seems like a good guy, but........Med has called R.V. that obviously have not come to pass. Use your own judgement.
  7. read the face of the little purple thing and you will see it comes down sometime today. cheers
  8. Highlander, she said that yours was one of the best posts she has read. I don't think she was talking about you when she was talking about her name being drug through the mud. Then again who am I to try to make sense of what she or any one else says. To me her last post seemed to point like she changed camps. Allawi to Maliki, but in this post it seems she didn't. Bondlady, you got me all confused. That's why I rely on myself to read and digest the news coming out of Iraq. I read the comments first then if there is a discrepancy I will read the article, and decide for myself what it means. Or will cross reference articles to get the true meaning of what is being said.
  9. Last year she was in Allawis camp. So who knows.
  10. I'm with you. I think he's too emotional for this investment. He does have diehard fans, so what. Does that mean he knows what he's talking about. Nooooo. With a translator even. I think he starts to get and gets down. Then he flips on one of Breightling shows, and gets all warm and fuzzy again. My two coins on Kap. Doesn't mean he's a bad guy, but when it comes to this, or any other investment, I depend on myself.
  11. It really should go away peacefully. Hopefully before my computer hits the trash.
  12. Maybe Maliki is getting it done, and that's why Iran isn't happy with him. Seems like a stretch, but you never ever know.
  13. To get in the W.T.O. a country has to produce a product (not oil) to be a member. Iraq has nothing at this time. It could be paperclips, but they haven't done anything yet as far as I know.
  14. I HAVE GONE THROUGH 3 PAGES OF ARTICLES IN THE GAZETTE FROM THE 22ND OF NOVEMBER Except Med for got to check the date Bondlady said it got posted. I believe it was Timmie that found this, and said it was posted on the 18th. Putz for tooting his own horn at the end of his chat.
  15. Maybe they'll put the U.S. under sanctions. :lol:
  16. Something ain't right with this article. First, Iran doesn't care who is PM (or dictator) as long as the democracy fails. So, either Maliki's gettin it done which we know he isn't, or this article is chicken feed for the masses. I think the latter, unless Iran is pissed about the whole transporting weapons to Syria thing. Thinking Maliki is too spineless for the job Iran needs them to do. Interesting at least.
  17. At first, before he unfolded it, I thought the barrel hole was underneath the flashlight. Then he unfolded it and wa-la Glock, stock, and barell. Again, very nice indeed.
  18. This tells it the way it is.
  19. Very nice. compact and practical, love it.
  20. From what I read he's now in the boxing section. With a bunch of fighters who haven't fought in a year or two.
  21. He's telling them one thing in front of their faces, but he'll do a complete different thing once the meeting is over. History repeats itself. It's just supposed to take longer. Your supposed to have time to forget. They must have the good stuff over there.
  22. That's funny right there. Right on.
  23. I would have no problem living, or driving any one of those house boats, or vehicles. And I am a big fan of Red Green. Duct tape is where it's at.
  24. In my mind the cops could have been right or wrong. We don't know all the facts as we weren't there. Could have been a propane tank near by, or did that block have natural gas? Don't know. What started the fire? Was it explosive? Don't know. I'm guessing these houses were pretty close together. What kind of house? Attached garage? Split level? Was the neighbors garage closest to the house? If yes, I'm sure that would present a lot more stuff that burns really fast, or has the potential to explode. Bottom line if the cops thought he was in danger, and he didn't listen. If a life was at stake. I think they did the right thing, but if there wasn't then they definitely did the wrong thing.
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