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  1. OF COURSE I'm going to wait until it Revalues! I went into this knowing it could revalue at only ten cents or not at all. I did not spend any funds that I couldn't afford to lose! and I am prepared to wait it out. Yes, I have read the Millionaire Next Door. Lived my life by its philosophy. Having run as many as four businesses at one time as they were growing up, the kids were very instrumental in helping build my wealth. I would like to return a bit of the favor. As far as paying for their college (4 kids, one with 2 degrees) I paid 100% of each A credit. 75% of each B credit. 50% of each C credit and they had to pay for D, F and incompletes and drops. They came out with pretty good gpa's. Perhaps I will take that equation into the house scenario and do a matching plan. They make a payment, I match it as a principle payment. Hhmmm.
  2. I would like to be able to pay off my children's houses. Can I take them to the bank and have them open an account and give them dinar to cash in? Will they have to pay taxes on this? I checked in the topics to see if this was answered. If it has been already, please forgive and point me to the right direction. What is the best way to help family with the least amount of tax consequences to all parties concerned?
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