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  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!! I am speechless. Everything about this is wrong. What happened to taking care of the Americans that live here?
  2. I think this is great news. I just hope the other 49 states follow suit. Maybe, just maybe, some of the welfare recipients will get clean and possibly work for a living instead of sitting at home doing drugs. I realize that there are some that will find other ways of obtaining money for their drug habit but at least it won't be government money paying for the drugs. This may actually turn some lives around; I hope so anyway.
  3. Really??? That is just totally uncalled for. Actually, your entire comment was just rude and there was absolutely no reason for it except to insult the OP. There are ways to get your point across without insulting other people. Just sayin.............
  4. Yes, please do. My money and my brother are in Iraq. I'll be calling him shortly so he can run to the bank and cash us out.
  5. Yes, I can relate. I'm having a hard time concentrating on my work. My first instinct was someone with a bad sense of humor "created" this just to fool all of us. I wish I knew myself how to validate this or even decipher what it could possibly mean, but I don't, so I'm hitting the refresh every minute just waiting for someone to confirm or debunk this. It doesn't make sense to me that Iraq would let something like this out of the bag and then revalue at a later date, due to the "Big Dogs" possibly jumping in and buying up the dinar. My brother is a contractor in Iraq, but he's sleeping, and I'm about to wake him up. Okay....... breath, Kim.......
  6. Dumb question: What does this mean? LOL Also, War Eagle, I think I know you from another site and facebook maybe?
  7. Sending love to my father. KIA Vietnam, April 1971, Sergeant William Renard ... Love to my Uncle Jack KIA Vietnam, 1970 Thank you to all our fallen heroes and to their families that sacrificed so much.
  8. No, I was not being sarcastic at all. It just really didn't dawn on me that it might have been someone from this site that posted the thread. I know we don't know for sure, but my brain just did not even have that thought. I was just saying thanks for another lesson learned, much appreciated. Lesson being: Think outside my box sometimes, lol Have a great day, Kimberlye
  9. Wow, now, there you go, I just learned something. I guess I am still quite naive as I would have never guessed someone would do that. LOL Hmmm, interesting...... Have a great day, Kimberlye
  10. Well said. The only thing I respectfully disagree with is not allowing the chats in this forum. I for one gain a lot of insight when the gurus/pumpers are called out. When I first got into the dinar and started reading everything I could, I bought into a lot of the crap being thrown out there. I wanted to believe, so I did -- that is until those that had been through the "newbie" experience straightened me out by giving the facts as to why it was not true. In my opinion, that is how we all learn what's real and what's not and are then able to discern for ourselves what to believe. I can understand the frustration, believe me, but I think there's a way to "play nicely" and still get the point across. Also, let me say that I've been on a lot of the different sites and, for the most part, this really is the most real, no bull**** site I've seen. So thank you all for keeping it that way. Now, don't scare the **** out of me by jumping my butt for this post, as I am a newbie here just giving my humble opinion. Have a great day, Kimberlye
  11. Wow, you all are a tough crowd. Without picking apart everything he said, it seems to me that his intention was to help. Just sayin..... Have a nice day, Kimberlye
  12. I think it would be quite an eyeopener to see a thread like this for each of the so-called pumpers. I am a "newbie" on this site, but I have been invested and on other sites since 2007. I fell into "the trap" for a short while of hoping and believing the RV was going to happen every week, but I very quickly got the picture, thanks to the longstanding members of the various sites speaking up and calling people out. Thanks for the post. Kimberlye
  13. IF there is an RV and the dinar is NOT internationally recognized and tradeable, if you have your dinar in a bank in Iraq, can you transfer the money to your account in the US? Thanks
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