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  1. emmagee4395

    You know There's Something Wrong...

    What's funny is the left is getting on Mrs Trumps speech but I hear crickets when Attorny General meets with husband of someone under FBI investigation and when no charges are referred to grand jury still no outrage on left but hey Mrs Trumps speech threatens Republic more than Maddam secretary's mishandling of classified emails sounds logical ha ha
  2. Yeah but did you know Kinch had a radio in the coffee pot LOL I know nothing else except. GO RV Shcultz out lol
  3. emmagee4395

    Okie: "TODAY is different"...

    Wasnt it okie and that other clown sayin ch7 was done 4 months ago and lots of its done nuff said LOL what a bunch of Oxygen thieves to funny.
  4. emmagee4395

    Okie's own guy sells him out!

    i think the definition of insanity is doing same thing over and over and expecting different results. .................. I did not know Kinch had radio in the coffee pot LOL
  5. emmagee4395

    Okie's own guy sells him out!

    A source I know asked me to pass this along Okie you Idddddddiot. LOL Klink rules!!!!!!
  6. Klink is pissed and so is general burghather
  7. I believed for a while then i couldnt find Hogan so it was a ploy to escape stallag 13
  8. emmagee4395

    ''You bastard.''

  9. emmagee4395

    Mon Bytes: Kaperoni Announces Iraq's Coming Out Party

    Okie said last month that they were cashing out in IZ WTF I know nuthing except okie is an a$$clown
  10. emmagee4395


    It is always funny to hear Okie backpeddle and then make another prediction fun fun.
  11. emmagee4395

    Up date from 11 Bravo

    sua sponte brother good post hope you have a good evening RLTW Mike
  12. emmagee4395

    Up date from 11 Bravo

  13. emmagee4395

    15% maybe

    Thanks 11B is that 1 2 or 3 victor thanks again for post RLTW
  14. emmagee4395

    ***Take this with a big grain of salt***

    Took it with dos XX and salt lots of em so rumor and me are mellow. GO RV
  15. emmagee4395

    Need to sell 1 million Dinar

    probably paypal if you have an account i will pay fees thanks did you send me email to try again if you would

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