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  1. Great article. Now only if they would implement such action rather than just talk about it.
  2. When the Gurus run out of fresh lies or fresh ideas, they always revert back to 'educating' the citizens as the excuse why we still wait. So prepare for more education.
  3. Iran & NK have been sharing nuclear & long range missile technology for at least 15 years. Iran has stockpiles of nukes, already. How many nukes, nobody knows.
  4. It must be close. Iraqis are being educated again.
  5. Here's an article from Dinarland... Al Sudani's visit to the US. CBI is educating the US ciitizens. Americans must be too stupid to know what a RV-RI is all about. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. Frank26: CBI Is Educating The Iraqi & US Citizens. ARTICLE: Frank26: "The monetary reform education goes on across the pond to D.C". CBI education of the Iraqi citizens & US citizens. Al Sudani's visit to the US. CBI "We've printed for the future of the new exchange rate", meaning the new exchange rate.
  6. It is a big deal & it does means a lot. Going international & on FOREX is huge. It brings credibility & substance to the IQD. IMHO.
  7. NO. IQD is pegged to a basket of currencies, the USD, the EURO, Swiss franc, Japan Yen & China Yuan. IRAQ wants to rid itself of USD auctions, money laundering, Iran influences & corruption. Iraq also wants itself to be totally reliant on the IQD. That hasn't a thing to do with de-pegging. The new asset backed USD will still have a roll in the global community. IMHO.
  8. We are witnessing the Death of the old FIAT currency system & the birth of a new asset backed USD right before our very eyes. This has been in the works for decades & is a global event. The US is not the only country on earth going asset backed. This is not a bad thing but is a good thing & we have nothing to fear unless we are in the drug cartel or money laundering business. IMHO.
  9. FYI...I purchased my first 2 million IQD in early 2003 from Bank of Kuwait when they first became available at 4,000 to 1 USD.
  10. There is no evidence Iraq has been removed from the list of the corrupt nations. Maybe someone can help me out with some news articles saying otherwise. It would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Here's another article related to the above... URGENT: Al Sudani embarks on another trip to Washington...this is the 2nd trip in less than two weeks...what's going on? Clare: ARTICLE: Independent Deputy: Al Susani's visit to Washington is the only & last solution to end the crisis of the Dollar rise.
  12. Now how does the Bruce the Goose know this information. If he did know, that information would tad amount to insider trading.
  13. The new IQD we possess did not come out until 2003. Iraq was using strictly USD in 2002. Do you recall the pallet loads of USD flown in on US transports? Pallet loads of new IQD in 2003 were flown out of Iraq as well.
  14. here's another article related to the above... From other sources: Iraq Turns To Russia For Help. ARTICLE: A leader of the Framework: "Russia will intervene in resolving the urgent Dollar crisis in Iraq. Russia proposes more arms & grain sales to Iraq to offset the weak IQD. US arms & trade becomes too expensive in Iraq due to the weak IQD against the Dollar.
  15. Absolutely correct. If the IQD goes international, any bank or FOREX in the world will convert into to their local currencies.
  16. here's another article related to the above...a way to stop the high price of the Dollar... Bondlady's Corner via TLM724: Parliament Finance Talks About An Important Measure That Will Reduce The Price Of The Dollar. ARTICLE: Parliament Finance Committee member, Jamel Cougar, revealed an additional measure that must be taken in order to reduce the exchange rate of the Dollar to keep it away from speculators & control of banks. He said "One of the factors we believe is important is opening up a direct gateway to buying Dollars directly from the CBI.
  17. From around Dinarland... The Richard Boone Effect. Have Dinar...Will Travel. No. No need to travel. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. From other sources: ARTICLE: Traveling Dinar. The IQD, if it goes don't have to travel nowhere to change your Dinars. The banks will do everything to get you in their doors. They're not stupid.
  18. From around Dinarland... Did Iraq just give us the date of the RV-RI? Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. Henig: ARTICLE: One Week To Resolve The high ER Of The Dollar ER. The overthrow of the Speculators & the Street gives CBI a week to save the IQD. Protesters in front of the CBI gave the CBI Governor, Ali Al Alaq one week to save the IQD from collapse.
  19. Al Awandi has been transferring iraq monies to Iran for the last 10 years. All money designated for construction projects are lost & gone for good & that's why Iraq has made no progress in the last 10 years. When on when will the Iraqis wake up?
  20. here's another article related to the above...more arrests of the corrupt... F26: More Arrests Of The Most Corrupt Of The Corrupt. ARTICLE: The Anti-Corruption Committee extended on Wednesday a judicial order & warrant for the arrest of the Director of Contracts & Projects, Al Alwani.
  21. here's another article related to the above...RV delays could cost Iraq $millions... From other sources: Delays Could Cost Iraq $Millions. ARTICLE: The Project to Delete the Zeros of the local Iraq currency between the timing & the feasibility. Now is the time to, at the debate between The Timing & the Economic Circles. Further delays could cost $millions in USD & the upheaval in the Iraq markets.
  22. From around Dinarland... Iraq recovers corrupt money. CBI takes action to stabilize the Dollar ER. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. From other sources: ARTICLE: Corruption Identified. The day after after protests in front of CBI...the USD Exchange rate stabilizes at 1,600 to the IQD. The Integrity Committee announces the return of more than a trillion Dinar in the investigation of the investment Portfolio.
  23. Yup. There's a very good possibility Iran will RV at the same time Iraq does.
  24. Odd isn't it...Bruce the Goose is also saying the same thing...bankers can't even go home...they are working nonstop on & off at 12 hour shifts...the RV is imminent at any moment now...redemption centers are on the highest of alerts. Yesterday the Goose said there will be no redemption centers...we just go to the bank.
  25. Here's an article from Dinarland... Measures are being taken to restore the Dinar. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. Bondlady's Corner via TLM724: ARTICLE: A Demonstration Begins In Central Baghdad. Iraqis demonstrated in Al Rusafi Square in the center of the capitol, Baghdad on Wednesday to protest the against the high exchange rate of the Dollar against the Dinar. The Sudanese government continues to support the CBI to restore the exchange rate of the Dinar to it's official level.
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