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  1. Thank you for your time in keeping us all informed and encouraged!
  2. Thank you Yota! You are the news hound for sure! Thank you for your continued efforts in providing updated information!
  3. Happy New Year to All!! May 2016 be our year beyond measure in every area!
  4. Also hoping the CBI activity is moving toward the end goal for all of their Country's sake for their future development.
  5. I cannot remember if we both have profiles - it has been a few years ... can admin confirm if we have more than one profile? If we do not have more than one, how can I create an additional profile to ensure we both receive the text and all of our info is connected to both?
  6. We are both part of everything available - can both of us receive the text rather than just one cell number? I just read that since we are both VIP, etc. we will both receive a text message but I do not see in my profile a place for both numbers - ???
  7. Thank you! Positive progress indeed!!
  8. Thank you Adam --- endeavoring to stay grounded and patient in the midst of the exciting progress the new PM is making.
  9. Thank you Adam!!! Looking forward to continued good news!
  10. Thank you for taking time for the Chat! Now -- working on keeping focus and head on straight!!!
  11. I've having a very hard time concentrating on my work! So excited about the future of their people and our potential as well!!! Thank you everyone for all the time and work you have put into keeping us informed!!
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