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  1. I am going to ask a logical question in hopes that I will get very dumb responses. Okie has been around how long - 6 month, 9 months, a year. In all that time and every story that has come from those how many have been true. Lets just use a stupid number like 200. So Okie has made 200 posts. Now if I can just take a guess at this, 200 of those posts have been incorrect. Not this next part is where I may be a little confused as I am not sure how this works. Does a person read his post on another forum and think to themselves this is the biggest crock of **** I have ever read, but I should share
  2. You may want to consider not referring to this as a "blessing" until something comes of it. Until that point, you have nothing but speculation in your shoe box. Also, it does not matter who calls it a scam, whether a bank, your friend or the fast food worker. Wells Fargo is the worst bank as it is; no clue why you would bother even opening an account with them.
  3. Is math really this difficult for some. If 1 IQD = .00086 USD and they drop the zero's then 1 IQD = .86 USD Not sure where people get 1.17 That would be the case if you wanted to know how much 1 USD was equal to in IQD. 1.17 IQD = 1 USD.
  4. YOU CAN'T UNRING A BELL THAT HAS BEEN RUNG <-- This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard, and believe me; I have heard some stupid **** from people. REMEMBER WHAT OUR SAVIOR SAID WITH HIS DYING BREATH-------IT IS FINISHED <-- do not believe that was in relation to the dinar though.
  5. That is it, when all else fails turn to God to solve the problems. Only problem is he would have to actually exist in order to solve anything.
  6. 12:38 PM [debtarheelgirl] We are in an hourly watch!!!!!!!! Glory to god – i am still on the call so will add any news coming on I am guessing the call is with Dionne Warwick and the psychic friends network.
  7. The ratio of people on this forum to those who own dinar is very small. I know a hand full of people who own and are not on here. I think it is based more on how much is out there than how many people own it. Would it be the same outcome if 20 people own 100 million dinar vs. 20,000 people owning 100,000 dinar?
  8. I read this as "Hi, we are Steve and Ray and we just want to pump you up"
  9. I would love to see it RV because there are by far less people invested in it and no real hype going on and have all the reasons to do it. Nothing to form, nothing to lift..$hit, a higher percentage of their population is more literate than the US...why is their money worth so little.
  10. You may want to consult a tax attorney but even if you log in and a RV has taken place, it means nothing until you have got confirmation that your bank has confirmed your money authentic and money is in your account. Until that point, you are nowhere different than if it has not RV'ed.
  11. Was it Iraq ABC Nightly News with Balaji Williams
  12. Yeah they will drop the zeros alright, right off the current rate and in the end we will look at .86 as an exchange with the ability to float, though I would still like to believe it returns close to where it was originally so the citizens had close to what they had before it all turned into ****.
  13. Of course they do, that is why there is so much for sale on eBay.
  14. Easy - any way to post something a little longer next time?
  15. It seems as though people want links and research, but this was posted in "Opinions, Perspectives, and Your Two Cents on the Iraqi Dinar"; not "Dinar RV Facts". If this is the opinion of the person posting, then not sure why they would be required to supply anything additional. Now the person may have misused words in this because "fact" and "dinar" do not belong in the same paragraph or post. That would be like using "justified" and "taxes" in the same paragraph.
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