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  1. I sure would LOVE to be able to get into my VIP account!!!!!! have not been able to do anything and am very disappointed that the RV is tight here and have not been able to do anything. I am being told that I have a current subscription (which I already know) but when I go to the VIP sectrion it tells me that my subscription has expired!!!!!!
  2. I am VIP member but my status is showing as expired---it has NOT expired. I have been unable to log into any VIP sites and have not recieved any mailings from VIP or Adam. Will someone please help me find out WHO I need to contact to get this resolved??????? Thanks
  3. HELP!!!! I renewed my VIP subscription but it isn't showing up and I have been blocked out of the VIP section!!!!!!! Where did my VIP subscription go?????
  4. Hi, I renewed by VIP subscription 3 days ago but it has not updated yet and won't let me into the VIP sections, Can someone HELP!!!!!!!!
  5. Come on RV, Mama Needs it to happen NOW!!!!!!
  6. renew my subscription a few days ago--there was no place to enter the code for discount. Would someone please help me with this? Thanks Just got the notice for credit for the discount ---Thank You
  7. Hi Adam, Just stopped in to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS" Hope you and your family have a chance to relax---just not TOO much to send out the message we are all waiting for!!!
  8. IMO---just pay the tax and go one with your life. No matter what the amount is that is left after taxes, it's still more than you had before the RV. Don't bash me please, just stating my opinion.
  9. Thanks Adam, your chat is something that we look forward to every week. Can always count on honest info from you------Adam YOU the Man
  10. I just wish everyone would just be patient and believe in Adam!!!!!
  11. REally? Really? Oops, I missed the announcement---8a.m. our time? Almost 3p.m. here and what's that I hear--------NOTHING!! Well, maybe tomorrow. Go RV
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