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  1. Delta says RV in March. Frank26 and Eagle1 yesterday dollar to lose as much as 50%
  2. I love this article, and I hope everyone sells now. I hate that so many are in this to begin with.
  3. After they lop your going to wish you did not buy it.
  4. I am with you on this one. I have been thinking about this for months. I do not believe we are going to make what we could have years ago. They let this go on for way to long in my book. We really could have made good money about 3 years ago. Time to sell while I still can because you are right the window is closed. Hate to say it but they are going to lop.
  5. Easy you should go outside and play… Ride your bike or something…. Leave economic issues for grownups who understand what they are talking about.
  6. I will say it again there will be no RV this year. Also if inflation keeps rising then the possibility of a lop looks more and more real.
  7. Sorry I will never be on team bullchit your a joke.
  8. Shut the front door you listen to Frank26? He is a joke and has never been right about anything. He tries to convince his followers that he told you want was going to happen after it happens. 1..2..3…… Frank26 is a joke pumper! Watch out for the black matter guys!
  9. I believe it will RV because Frank26, Okie, Terryk, Blaino, Check m a t e, and all of the other liars say it will happen.
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