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  1. lmfao you can tell the measure of a man by his posts????? Honestly you guys are putting a lot of weight into words you see typed by someone... Its honestly troubling how wrapped up some of you guys are in these dinar websites, actually its kind of weird.
  2. hey if people wanna be cooky religious weirdos, let them...they seem to enjoy it very personally i just sit back and laugh, then get a bit worried because we actually have people that are leaders of this country, and especially foreign countries that make there decisions based on all of this insane religious babble. Its very troublesome and our founding fathers im sure are rolling over in there graves.
  3. which site is okies...I have got to go take a look at this thing...Anyone know?
  4. i havent posted in a few weeks, but i did go back and do a little research....This is actually quite funny, for the last 147 days (thats when i stopped im quite sure its much higher than that) some mook or religious prophet, or intel guru or some other monkey has come on here and either posted it was happening, or that it had already happened. Honestly guys when do you stop letting your intelligence be insulted and just realize that none of these guys know a damn thing about when or if this thing will ever happen. The more news i read the more i realize that they are putting out new currenc
  5. i thought the religious freaks were off of the deep end but this takes the cake. If anyone thinks the US govt. gives a flying crap about some website about iraqi dinar then you are fing crazy. Seriously take some medication and get off of the drugs and go to sleep. I mean seriously people are becoming more and more stupid by the minute.
  6. I agree, you didnt offend me at all, and my intention was not to offend either. I do think its lame that they are suing over the cross seems petty to me. In my opinion that decision should be left up to the survivors and families of those who died. Whatever helps them heal best is what should be done imho.
  7. lol yeah they are fools because they dont believe in the talking snake...are they foolish if they dont believe in santa clause too?
  8. the funny thing about all of this guru crap is that they dont post here, its these long time followers that put it here then bash the newbies for posting their own stories...Tell easy and the other "patriarchs" that think they are so damn awesome for eating boogers all day and sitting in front of the computer to stop copy and pasting all of their garbage on here and you wont have to read it. You can also thank the psycho religious freaks that post the predictions of their goofball prophets on here for the false info. Gl to all of you that invested and i hope the rv happens soon and that its
  9. no worries slade i thought that was funny as hell...all you guys need to chill out and have a sense of humor....and for those guys bashing a guy for posting something they disagreed with in his first post for only having one post get a life. You arent some highly regarded patriarch because youve wasted countless hours eating boogers and typing on a computer get a arent that important. go rv
  10. lol my bad, i just crapped out the 10th sign of elisha in my upstairs toilet and he told me i was rude...I apologize....
  11. lmfao what a kook...this guy must be the droppings from george robinsons religious crap cave of a mouth....thx for the entertainment
  12. well said....That is right on point...I dont know the poster but seriously how anybody can try and justify the words of this so called prophet is beyond me. The guy is a lying criminal that tries to use his position over xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx that would actually believe him to make money. Sadly it appears as if it must work because people continue to defend this clown even after he was completely wrong. Get axxxxxxxx grip people, this rv has nothing to do with religion, or some crazy prophecy. No floating being, or heart dwelling jesus whatever it is that you believe gives a damn about u making a m
  13. well i personally find it to be despicable that someone would use there influence over weak minded people to harm them by misinforming them and lying. Im sure he makes a nice salary off of people throwing money towards his cause which is obviously based on lies so you can kiss your apology goodbye. I do believe in some form of higher power, but certainly dont subscribe to the psycho babble flowing from grs mouth. The only line being crossed by me is the common sense line bro, enjoy listening to grs bullcrap. Charged with slander? wow so what about your little religious leader that flat out
  14. Lmfao, so now george was purposley misinformed by god to test us? And you weirdos wonder why us educated people run for the hills from your religious babble.. There is a very informative and intelligent post about lower denoms going on in the rumors section. I suggest reading that as opposed to your gibberish hoping some criminal claiming to be a prophet gives you. What a shame that this guy can clearly be dead wrong yet still defended as if he has done nothing wrong.
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