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  1. No tab, but I can get in from the link as of a few minutes ago......
  2. Don't know what happened to my original post... The number of notes will be reduced to a quarter of their current number: 4 billion down to 1 billion... NOT the value. Also, why would the CBI have new 25K and 10K notes printed just to cut the zeros off of them?
  3. If you read a little further, the article states that they are talking about the number of notes, not the value. Also, why would they release new 25K and 10K notes to co-exist with the old ones if they were going to cut the zeros off the notes??? Just saying...
  4. Abizaid said that "central bank reserves from the dollar covering about 1.3 of the Iraqi dinar, and there is the possibility of high coverage of more than 100% for the dollar against the dinar , "pointing out that" the existing foreign currency enough cash allocated to the primary trading. " Read more: Huh?!?!?! Does that last line state that they can cover 1 dollar with 1.3 dinars???
  5. The advantage of mafias forgery times that begin with currency conversions to pump large quantities of counterfeit currency and withdraw real, knowing the weakness of control during these periods, as happened in 2004 when replaced about 13 billion dinars (11 million dollars) and was sentenced to employees of the Central Bank of prison for years. Read more: Did I misunderstand something here??? Are these numbers from 2004 or 2014??? 'Cause 11 million divid
  6. These were sent to me a few days ago by a friend who aske me to share them. I hope this works... I'm not very computer literate.
  7. Hear! Hear! Thanks for all your work Markinsa! +1 to even ya out...
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