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  1. As far as I know, Allah and God are the same being. I haven't been reading good things about the New Century version of the bible. I'll stick with the King James if I need a reference. Well, except of course for the missing chapters...
  2. Cost of food is coming down because the holidays are over. They always spike food prices just before a major holiday. I think that's all it is.
  3. Here I am, through your whole post thinking that you were talking about the president. Sheesh!
  4. There wasn't an "update cart" option. I ran into this last night.
  5. I think everything has to be read three times before it can become law, so that makes us that much closer.
  6. Do we have any idea WHEN this becomes a taxable event, is it upon cashing it in, or when it revalues? My guess is upon cash in, and I am certainly no expert. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  7. So they are saying now that they won't grant immunity to any US troops who remain in Iraq after December 31, 2011. Doesn't that mean that there IS immunity before then? I guess that is on each individual soldier rather than the US Government. Don't we already have millions of dollars in our budget (if not billions) for the rebuilding of that country? My understanding is that you want to be the losing side of an American war because we ALWAYS rebuild.
  8. Wow Pudge, Welcome to the forums! That's quite an introduction!
  9. I think I just figured out one of the reasons Sadr and others want our soldiers out of Iraq. Once the soldiers are out there will be a lot less US dollars floating around the markets, and at that point it will be easier to "force" Iraqis to use their own currency. Does this idea make sense? It has to rankle that everyone wants our currency instead of the Iraqi currency there...
  10. I still go with the 1 to 1 idea. They will want to make it as easy as possible on the general population who is horribly under-educated.
  11. Maybe this is why exports from Kurdistan have been getting smaller, building up a reserve to sell locally! Some percentage of this money does go right back to the Iraq, if not the Iraqis, yet...
  12. I don't care what color he is, and never have. I voted for him! I was wooed by his educational credentials and promises, and I have been sorely disappointed. We got change alright, well on our way to socialism which most of us don't want. Somewhere along the road we went from a work to achieve a good life to everything is a right. Basic health care is a right. If you walk into an emergency room, (or are driven by ambulance) they cannot refuse service. Health insurance is not a right, it is a privilege that you pay for with your hard earned money. Want a better life for your family? Wo
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