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  1. I renewed my PW this month 2/19. Warka says I'll need to change the PW again on 5/19. Looks like every 3 months.
  2. My broker is Warka. I could buy this now pretty cheap for 80,000 IQD. It rarely goes up or down, so there's not much risk IMO. I know that Baghdad Soft Drink is Pepsi and North Soft Drink is cola, but is it Coke? In the article it says Coke coming to Iraq, the first of it's kind. Leaves me scratching my head. Hmmmm.
  3. Coke investing $250 million in it's production lines in Iraq. Will this raise the stock price of North Soft Drinks (INSD) or will it trade under a different symbol?
  4. I bought the bulk of my dinar from Dinar Banker / SCG. I had always funded my Warka account monthly, but when we couldn't wire I thought I would take my monthly dinar allowance and fund more currency on a layaway. Big mistake. I had no idea these guys were scammers. Live and learn.
  5. I purchased 500,000 dinars from my dinar broker on a layaway plan. I fulfilled my payment plan and after a month of trying to get my dinar, David (owner) is no longer answering his phone. I told him I would be warning others about him on a voice mail, and he answered my next phone call saying he had my order ready and he would call me back in 30 minutes. That was 24 hours ago. BUYER BEWARE.
  6. Here you go Irock: Mohammad K. ISSA <> Ashraf Amr <> I went through this a couple of weeks ago and Issa responded that evening. (I always send my emails right before I go to bed, Sunday thru Thurs). It took a few days for the password to work again, but it's all good now. Good luck!
  7. Of course I've been waiting for the RV, but June cannot come soon enough. I have been prepared for quite a while to by Asiacell and Zain stock. The RV gets me frustrated, but owning stock in these companies will make the ride a whole lot easier. Can you imagine the possibilities??
  8. He's the only politician that doesn't seem to be "bought and paid for" by all the special interest groups. He has sane economic values, that used to work in the past, before we were taken off the Gold Standard and corporate greed took over.
  9. It's on it's way back up. My theory is, any larger banks on the ISX have nowhere to go but up after the RV.
  10. Dinarbot is right. I was on 2 hours ago and the rate was 1166 with today's date.
  11. I am watching BDSI and for the last couple of days it's been dropping in price. Significantly more than others, and .14 today. Is there any reason that anybody knows of why this is happening? I bought their stock today and I'm waiting on confirmation from Warka. I just hope they bought it at the lowest price and not the opening price.
  12. So randalln...just curious....where do you park your truck???:lol::lol::lol:
  13. I sure hope it comes out 1 to 1. It just makes sense for them to get off the dollar AND make it easy for companies that want to invest in the country. As for 3+....maybe in 5-10 years I hope. 10 cents would suck but it wouldn't be the end of the world for me. I have diversified this investment with a Warka account and holding stock in the ISX. Either way it will work out. Coming out at 10 cents will just take a lot longer to get there. It's all good.
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