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  1. Bluwolf is out...out of what? The closet?!?
  2. Happy Birthday to our Dearest Thug !!! Show your love....
  3. I remember that guy !! I think he was in Colorado, or Utah, and drove people to ski resorts. Would be a little chilly for the top down
  4. Wait Did you say camel? Oh no...I see you now... You're the guy who will Say Anything !! Thanks, Thug !!
  5. I'll have my stool ready...just in case I need to zip off to the bank Thanks for the post, Thug
  6. Boy...that takes me back Thanks, Shinni !!
  7. Great match !! What an excitng way for Chelsea to win !!
  8. Happy Armed Forces Day !! For all those brave souls who fight for our freedom and democracy... THANK YOU....THANK YOU....THANK YOU !!!
  9. Thanks for the post, Thug !! Nice to see your smiling face back in action
  10. Scrabble...Monopoly...Clue... Whatever it takes, Cooked How about Miss Scarlet in the conservatory with Maliki More power to your omen
  11. Umbertino, Tanti auguri per la bellezza e la felicità per circondarti per gli anni a venire. Buon Compleanno!
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