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  1. @Pepperinathanks for continuing to bring these. The evidence is mounting. It's about to hit the fan. BTW, do we know what happened to those servers they got in Germany?
  2. I have always been a fan of Breitling, but what he exemplified to me in this vlog is the difference between a conservative and a Christian conservative. Breitling may know his geopolitics, but he does not have a clue about what God is doing right now.
  3. Thanks, @coorslite21. This lays it out. I firmly believe Trump will prevail. My prayers now are that friends and family who are so anti-Trump will be able to see how duped they were.
  4. I think your worst offense is that you can't say what you think in 10 words or less. JMHO
  5. I think it's a credit to Adam that 'freeloaders' are allowed a voice on this site. VIP is such a small price to pay for what you get.
  6. Fred, you should be able to put in your address to add your location. Pepperina, Adam has said your location will not show up now for privacy purposes, even though you enter your information. You will now just see examples of locations.
  7. Heard a prophecy from a reliable prophet Tuesday night in which God said He was not subject to man's calendar. Those founders were anointed!!!
  8. In drop-down menu on your account, there is a feature to ignore users.
  9. I tend to agree, as I also agree with others who do not like the arrogance and divisive nature of certain posters. Adam has moderators to review and act per Adam's instructions. Would I do things differently? Yep. But this is not my site, and I am profoundly grateful for Adam and his vision for dinar investments. Another thing is that when we post a thread, we sometimes think we can control responses and keep the thread on track. Heck, even Adam can't do that (look at his Wed. updates). Thank goodness we gave geen given the the ignore button. I have used it, and it has been used for me.
  10. Agree. I saw a teaching from Sunday where a woman minister said Trump's staff has contacted her to do inaugural prayer. Another minister on Trump's evangelical team said last night they are confident and excited about 4 more years. Trump's strategy (God's strategy according to Kim Clement) is brilliant. Not fun to endure, but effective in exposing Satan's plan.
  11. Yes. I also seem to remember he said Gates was not far from the Kingdom. Hopefully he will get saved and do a 180.
  12. He is going to be on The Victory Channel show Flashpoint Tues. Night at 7 p.m. central with Lance Wallnau and Mario Murillo. Always has a word from the Lord on these programs. He is very accurate.
  13. I'm thinking that statement may have freed her up to be able to receive funds from the Trumps.
  14. Lin Wood just tweeted they are aligned correctly. He and Sidney Powell are working the criminal fraud cases and will be separate from the Trump legal team.
  15. Feeling a sense of urgency. We have been so close before, but it is time (past time). I would say if you have ever thought about VIP or OSI, take the plunge. Missed opportunity brings regret.
  16. The reason I posted this is because there is a fake account for her. I checked, and that is her real account. The tweet must be a few days old. Thanks @Pepperina.
  17. I am not seeing this on Sidney's twitter feed. Anyone else?
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