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  1. It is insurrection, and @Shabibiliciousis playing you. Have mercy, Shabs.
  2. Jaygo, you don't play nice with the devil. Jesus said in Luke 12:51 He did not come for peace but rather division. In Matthew 10:34 He said He came with a sword. David ran toward Goliath. You don't cower. You expose.
  3. She is just trying to save her career.
  4. This site is about whatever Adam allows.
  5. I watched separate interviews last night with three prophets who are standing on what God told them. These are prophets with proven track records and accuracy. All natural means were used to expose the fraud. Now, God will have His Red Sea moment. The truth will come out, and Trump will have a second term.
  6. My doctorate says otherwise lol.
  7. Antifa are heros??? I don't agree. This was to be a PEACEFUL protest.
  8. Well, at every juncture in this horrible last year, I have thought about what Kim Clement said. Surely, surely things have to be at their worst now.
  9. Scary to think people would follow this guy.
  10. Do you all not remember the chat Adam did awhile back where he reasoned in detail why he still believed it would come out at around .10? I will try to find it later today. I believe he has credible boots on the ground in which to base his reasoning. We all are hoping for more, but I am basing my plans on .10. Anything else is a blessing.
  11. I think Adam ought to start a category like the lopster tank for people who only post negative, debbie downer posts. There are several who would immediately qualify. 😁
  12. He had a webinar last night, but I was unable to attend it. Am wondering what his take was on the devalue. Anybody here attend?
  13. So sorry to hear what you have been through. Praying that you are able to recover your investment and see better days ahead.
  14. Man, did Adam know what he was talking about!!! He said, "Bring on the bad news." Darn right it's smoke and mirrors. This is about to pop. Sunday would be just fine.
  15. For those who may need encouragement. Shock and awe coming.
  16. Get in, get out, or get out of the way!!
  17. Lou Dobbs - It is the Lord's work. Amen!!
  18. Oh, to be a moderator today 😄☺️☺️
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