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  1. From this, it sounds like they are wanting to go back to 1200 dinars, not the RV we want.
  2. Not saying there's not something fishy . . . But many people have died from hits to the head that they thought were nothing. Two that come to mind are J. B. Hunt and Liam Neeson's wife. I fell and knocked a dent in my forehead years ago. The doc told me if I had done this in the back of my head, I could have been a goner.
  3. Great encouragement for what God is doing. @pokerplayer, there is alot here on God's plans for Canada. God is definitely sending us a message. He is not through with America.
  4. Here's hoping there was a good response. And hoping they got in by the skin of their teeth!! Go RV!!!
  5. Some would call that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
  6. The Bible says to use discernment. My meter kicked in before the first minute. It's a 'no'. And why anyone would give Adam a down vote is beyond me. Ungrateful for sure.
  7. For all the pumping that has been done and all the lies spewed, we have dinar. If that woman had not told you about it, you might still be clueless. My brother told me about it in 2010 - it was going to RV before the year was over. We have instead accumulated while we waited. And we have taken steps to protect our wealth after the fact. And we have also gotten wiser about what and who to believe. Unforgiveness is brutal. When we stand before God, our excuse will not be the devil made me do it or it's Okie's fault. He will have to answer for his wrongs (unless he repents), but right now he is grieving.
  8. Moose, I would be happy to answer your question if it fell within DV rules. BTW, I look at the site every day on my phone.
  9. With all respect, Moose, if you don't know the answer to this, you ought to get out more lol.
  10. Ummm . . I thought it was gonna happen in December of 2010.
  11. God is exposing the truth of January 6th.
  12. I am disappointed this thread has turned into another vaccinationed versus unvaccinated thread. There are several of those already on this site.
  13. Don't know if you misspelled that on purpose. I certainly hope not. Hank Kunneman (, Robin Bullock (watch his intelligence briefings on Elijah Streams), Kent Christmas, Dutch Sheets, Kat Kerr, to name a few.
  14. Since the Garden of Eden, we have been in a battle between good and evil. Many, many things are going to be exposed. As I said, I am not as involved as @Longtimelurkerwith the Q sites as I used to be, but I am very connected to the proven prophets. I can give names if you want. They are saying that judgment is coming to those who have called evil good, and it will not be delayed. At that time, we will need to know who we are in Him because it will be so shocking. I have posted videos here in the past, but they have not been viewed.
  15. I don't follow alot of the sources that exposed these truths since big tech has silenced them. But, I do know prophets have been talking about news coming out that will bring 'shock and awe' to the world. We have been waiting so long for this evil to be dealt with. The names will shock us all. God is not mocked.
  16. Several years ago, there was a member here who posted so many negative opinions that Adam changed his name to Grumpy. Maybe it's time for a name change.
  17. They are concentrating more on crypto now, although they still discuss dinar and tax avoidance. Got an email saying an audio was coming soon.
  18. He and Bob are doing member only teleconferences.
  19. It is my understanding that "dropping the three zeros" means off the exchange rate. For example, .00086 would become .86. Open to correction.
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