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  1. Iraq is trying to defer payment of debt to Kuwait because of their current financial crisis. What does this signify in regards to an RV? If the deferment is granted, does this affect the timing? Thanks, Adam.
  2. Many of us have been coming to this site for 10 years. We have had our ups and downs. I can relate to the frustration and realization of spending too much time obsessing over an RV. I have also been quick to point out "Debbie Downers." You joined this site recently (not sure how long you've been a lurker). I recommend that you let them vent. Those of us who've seen it ad nausem just read it and move on.
  3. I bet Mike Lindell loves being used to leak information. He is a patriot and a smart man. He's too smart to have 'accidentally' had this out for view. God bless him!!
  4. Adam's chat from 12/09 says all members will receive an e-mail. VIP's and those who have paid for it will get the text.
  5. There are three prophets WITH LONGEVITY AND PROVEN TRACK RECORDS whom I have followed for years who are standing strong that God told them Trump would serve 8 consecutive years. They are Hank Kunneman, Mark Taylor, and Kat Kerr. Here is a very encouraging video from Hank.
  6. You know, for somebody who says they only come to this site for dinar news, you sure are spending alot of time on this thread.
  7. I thought I was the most gullible person in the world lol. Thanks, @md11fr8dawg, I needed a good laugh.
  8. Hoping it eventually shows up on youtube.
  9. Go to FB page of Lance Wallnau. Listen to his latest video. Exposes all this madness.
  10. Hey, @Longtimelurker, I certainly was not implying you were posting false information. I appreciate everything you have posted. I am just attempting to stay in peace and faith and not be swayed or influenced by alarmists. Carry on!!
  11. I am also hearing from people that I have followed for a long time saying this martial law take-over plan is fake news. We need to be careful that we don't believe something because we want so desperately for something to happen. When someone you've never heard of has inside information, step back and use discernment. I have prepared for a possible shut down. And I believe for God to move to keep Trump in office. But I am, as the Israelites did in 2 Chron, turning my focus on praising Him for the victory and not trying to figure out He's gonna do it.
  12. Lewis Eisenberg is US Amb. to Italy. Doesn't look like him. It could be the President.
  13. I am real leery of photos because photo shop is so easy to use. However, one of the prophets said the other night people would be arrested as they were trying to leave the country. It is coming.
  14. The Victory Channel got a response from NPR the next day saying that (like happens on DV sometimes) the title changed from the original title as the day progressed. I love Victory Channel.
  15. @ladyGrace'sDaddy, hope your nap helped you. Now, repent and be willing to listen to those prophets of God who are hearing from God and are keeping us encouraged. Now is not the time to retreat. Make whatever adjustments are necessary and get back to your post.
  16. Twitter is on a 'suspending accounts' frenzy. Major Patriot, Praying Medic, Sidney Powell, and CodemonkeyZ gone. Sure there are many others.
  17. Concerned you may be correct. But praying for peaceful resolution. Just listened to Praying Medic's video from last night. Apparently Trump is going to Camp David this weekend. He usually meets with his military advisors there. Prophet Hank Kunneman says the end of this will be decisive and will bring division but God will settle it quickly. We all need to hope for the best but be prepared for technology blackouts. Get food, get your meds, get TP, get cash. I pray it won't be necessary.
  18. That is YOUR opinion. I don't answer to you. And I don't believe there is ever a time when scripture is not relevant or appropriate.
  19. I am not ashamed of the Gospel and will not quit quoting it for anyone. I will, however, respect that you do not value it.
  20. Well, I did just say the prophets said God was going to have a Red Sea moment. Not sure if he will use the government. 😊
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