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  1. It all depends on who you follow. The term was created as part of code speaking to not be banned by the deep state's algorithms.
  2. I have always adhered to Kim Clement's warning to get out ASAP after the massive breakthrough event. That is my plan.
  3. Shedagal


    Very short video (just over a minute). I would suggest doing a youtube search putting in pertinent key words. Hope this keeps me out of trouble. If not, I took one for the team.
  4. Shedagal


    Sure would love to hear something from Adam - actually the RV text would be good enough lol.
  5. Shedagal


    Just got an e-mail from them saying the CBI is indicating an imminent rate change. They have never sent out an alert like this before. Lots of hopium now. GO RV!!!
  6. Agree totally. The Christian prophets I follow are saying this year. Will be a great time for those who know God and heed His direction. Kind of like when they gathered the plunder in Jehosophat's reign. I'm personally just endeavoring to stay patient and in peace, knowing I'm prepared and the battle is the Lord's. Thanks @Pitcher. I truly appreciate all you post.
  7. One could only hope. Checked Truth Social. Not seeing it discussed among those I follow. Good find.
  8. I remember $1.134 and $1.17 being stated in the early days. Not that I don't like $2.20.
  9. Will probably take some grief for this, but I admire your tenacity. I don't read all the posts because I try to limit needless drama in my life lol. Not to say I don't think you are wrong, but I think eventually the light will come on. I agree that it is dangerous to get news from one source. My BFF watches MSNBC exclusively - we were college roommates in the stone age, so we call truce to protect our friendship. I do gag and watch it sometimes, but the spin is so obvious to me. I can't fathom how she cannot see it. Anyway, carry on.
  10. We have been talking about this for awhile. Most of us have prepared and have endured being mocked when we tried to warn others - my own children think I'm a little off my rocker lol. We will have to reach out and help those in need during this time. Here's something I saw on Twitter.
  11. In her defense, pokerplayer is Canadian.
  12. Derek Johnson on Truth Social is great to follow for updates on all of this. Thanks for posting @screwball.
  13. So glad to see my state of Arkansas one of the three. I have grandchildren who live in the foreign country of California and attend a STEM school there. Prayers abound.
  14. Truth Social posts are absolutely giddy right now. Most believe (as I do) that this is the tip of the iceberg. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, and we are finally getting revelation of what we've believed for so long.
  15. 36 members, 1085 guests right now.
  16. I was wondering if you had been able to get all your issues settled. I think things are tenuous at this point. So sad.
  17. No doubt that has always been true. But I am more concerned about the integrity of the site. As I feel we all should be.
  18. @Markinsa @TexasGranny I got no response on this, but I noticed tonight there were over 400 guests. So I researched the 'full list' to see what threads 'guests' were looking at. Went through about 30 or so, and all were viewing old threads (2010 to 2017). Seems unusual. Wondering if this could be part of the hacking issues Adam is having.
  19. When and who posted this? @Pitcher So many 'out there' things posted on Twitter and Truth Social these days.
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