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  1. Seems EVERYONE has opinions these days, so I'll chime in. Not about flat earth 'cause I don't care. But, I absolutely hate beating a dead horse. @Synopsis, I used to have great respect for you. Your posts were informative and appreciated. But, then you seemingly fell in love with being a wordsmith, and I honestly couldn't stomach it. Now, you seem to relish debate and conflict, and that has become your main focus on DV. Truly sad. @ladyGrace'sDaddy, you and I have butted heads several times and have probably blocked each other more than once. I obviously don't agree with you on some things, but I see your heart. You have a desire to help people, and that is what drives you. You have knee-jerk reactions at times, but you have dealt with alot in your life. I have learned that sometimes it is best to agree to disagree and move on. Can we please put flat earth to rest?
  2. Adam has said that in the past in non-VIP chats.
  3. Huge if true. Maybe someone can give us a recap. Trump said in an interview recently that he had no ability to talk to Putin at this time.
  4. He's actually discussed this further in VIP. And that's all I'm gonna say about that here.
  5. Wow, hope this is true. Never heard him before, so I don't know his reputation. Definitely think things are moving and shaking.
  6. Hope this link works.
  7. Praying Medic (a Q follower) explained this in an interview with Elijahstreams last week. You can find it on Rumble and Facebook. Very believable. BTW, have you noticed Dan Scavino and Kash Patel using #Q?
  8. I pray that we are at the end of this ride, and you get to have hope and health renewed.
  9. But God . . . I remember being in a Joyce Meyer meeting several years ago. She said something that has stuck with me, "There comes a time when God gets his gut full of it." It is so easy to focus on all the craziness and forget about the power of God. He is the same God that parted the Red Sea. The Bible says to believe the prophets. Yes, there are false prophets. So you use discernment. I have posted words (see latest from Hank Kunneman) that tells you what God is doing and getting ready to do. Therefore, I have great peace. Evil is and will continue to be exposed. Trump will be back in office soon. A great awakening is coming. The wealth transfer is coming. God wins.
  10. Well, I love the term 'reinstate'. Most believe that isn't possible, but with all the craziness in the world, it could happen. Remember, Kim Clement called it a massive breakthrough.
  11. Prophet Johnny Enlow spoke about the Rothschilds and their evil agenda. Not on YouTube, but you can find it on Elijah Streams Facebook page. I will post Hank Kunneman program from last night which presents God's perspective of what is happening. Fast forward through announcements.
  12. Are you talking about Johnny Enlow? I saw his interview on Elijah Streams yesterday. It was great. Pretty sure you can post that.
  13. I believe he stated that he had sold his dinar and moved on, like Marcus Curtis and Mr. Rich. Phoenix had a great interview with a tax attorney years ago. It was on DV (in VIP I think) at one time. He was a little out there on alien activity and whatnot, but he was entertaining.
  14. Kenneth Copeland Ministries helping to get Jews out of Ukraine.
  15. I don't mean to be dismissive of your age. Glad you are active. My father passed at 86 but kept active and was a joyful person - very close to God. Another person I greatly admire is Kenneth Copeland. He just turned 85 and is still traveling and doing services. The Bible says our youth is renewed like the eagles. I speak that over myself daily.
  16. Volunteer as a Wal-mart greeter. Go to youtube and study about a hobby that interests you. Read books. Binge watch a favorite TV series. Reach out to people in your church that could benefit from someone with 83 years of experience. Just a few examples.
  17. As they say, if the shoe fits . . . Your posts seem to be discouraging. Your right to post, of course. I think this thread was meant to stir up discontent from members. I know some who feel the way you do who have put their dinar in a safe place and have moved on with their lives not needing to get mired in the muck. They have made sure they are reachable when things change. I remember years ago when going through a rough patch, someone wisely told me to shift my focus. I would advise you to do the same.
  18. @yendorwhy are you labeled a lopster? I thought lopsters couldn't post anywhere but the lopster tank. In response to your question, I think mature investors who have been in this for a while don't fall for date and rate rumors. It will happen when it happens.
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