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  1. Target acquired! By Gary Varvel February 9, 2013 6:50 am
  2. DRONE Sunday, February 10, 2013
  3. Solar industry grapples with hazardous wastes Posted on February 11, 2013 by Cowboy Byte Homeowners on the hunt for sparkling solar panels are lured by ads filled with images of pristine landscapes and bright sunshine, and words about the technology’s benefits for the environment — and the wallet. What customers may not know is that there’s a dirtier side. While solar is a far less polluting energy source than coal or natural gas, many panel makers are nevertheless grappling with a hazardous waste problem. Fueled partly by billions in government incentives, the industry is creating millions of solar panels each year and, in the process, millions of pounds of polluted sludge and contaminated water. To dispose of the material, the companies must transport it by truck or rail far from their own plants to waste facilities hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of miles away.The fossil fuels used to transport that waste, experts say, is not typically considered in calculating solar’s carbon footprint, giving scientists and consumers who use the measurement to gauge a product’s impact on global warming the impression that solar is cleaner than it is. Read more:
  4. Looks as if LAPD are protecting and serving their own, and to hell with every one else. Police Shoot Innocents; The Media Doesn’t Seem To Care Much Filed under 2nd Amendment, Crime, Gun Control, Law Enforcement, Media After I posted on the homicidal cop, Christopher Dorner, I saw this story. The initial New York Times headline read, “L. A. Police Shoot Innocent People In Ex-Cop Manhunt.” But that was too rough on the police, it seems. So they have toned it down: “Massive Manhunt On for Ex-Cop Accused of Killing 3.” “Los Angeles officers guarding a ‘target’ named in the posting shot and wounded multiple people in Torrance who were in a pickup but were not involved, authorities said. The extent of their injuries was not released. It’s not clear if the target is a person or a location. The Daily Breeze in Torrance also reports ( that there was another police shooting nearby involving another pickup truck, but the driver wasn’t hurt. ‘We’re asking our officers to be extraordinarily cautious just as we’re asking the public to be extraordinarily cautious with this guy. He’s already demonstrated he has a propensity for shooting innocent people,’ said LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith.” It sounds like the public needs “to be extraordinarily cautious with” the police who are out gunning for Dorner! Or maybe the public needs to issue a request for the police to “be extraordinarily cautious” about bystanders. It now appears that there were two women in the truck delivering newspapers—a mother and adult daughter. The mother was shot twice in the back and is in ICU. She’s expected to live. The daughter cut her hand on shattered glass. They were extremely fortunate. You can see a larger picture of the shot up truck here. The police simply opened fire on the vehicle before seeing who was inside the cab. Then it happened again. Police in a nearby area were alerted about the truck and the alleged presence of Dorner in the area. When they saw a truck drive by, they opened fire. This time no one was hit with a bullet. It may be that I haven’t witnessed enough media accounts, but it seems to me that the police are being treated as if they can do no wrong and virtually nothing is being said in sympathy to the victims. Watching this video, I was amazed at how casually the reporter simply commented, “They’ve lawyered up, and, safe to say, it’s probably the last time they’ll have to be delivering newspapers.” Video When I was a pastor in the Seattle area, I had a young man visit my church who had received graphic death threats against him and his girlfriend. He acquired a shotgun for defense. Eventually he had a confrontation with the person who he thought had written the threatening letters. For just pointing the shotgun at this person, he was immediately jailed and the prosecutor threatened him with multiple felony charges so that he was looking in life imprisonment. The young man was wrong and reckless, but it blows my mind how much of a double-standard we have in our society. What do you think would happen if a family feared a killer and then, using privately-owned weapons, shot up a truck moving down the street because it looked like one that was driven by the killer? You know Piers Morgan would be all over it! I doubt any reporter would say “it was a case of mistaken identity” if a private gun owner targeted a vehicle without checking who was inside. The media were reporting that the police were “on high alert.” What does that mean? It means that the police were shooting at trucks that looked wrong, before they even checked who the driver was. I can sympathize with the police. I know they are in a stressful situation. But what makes them more trustworthy than the populace at large? What makes their “mistakes” so forgivable while those of private gun owners are evidence to the mainstream media that our gun rights need to be infringed more heavily by the police? Accidents will happen with guns. By glossing over the accidents of some and trumpeting the accidents of others, the media perpetuates a war against free society and against the Second Amendment. Read more:
  5. Yep, I thought it cool too. Things sure have changed since we were kids, huh? Some good, some not so good.
  6. INTERVIEW: South Dakota Janitor Cesar Zakahi Fired for Defending the Flag?! Cesar Zakahi was a janitor in South Dakota before he got in trouble for… defending our nation’s flag?! He posted the picture above on Facebook and complained to the school superintendent, which ultimately got him fired, he says. Zakahi is a disabled veteran and was angry with how the flag was being handled by a fellow janitor. He said, “She would take the flag down [...] bundle it up in her arms, go into the boiler room, roll the South Dakota flag and the United States flag up in a bundle and throw it on top of a boiler.” Zakahi told Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends that from the beginning, he showed her how to fold it properly, but she said it “was too much of a bother” to do it that way. After showing his boss the pictures and a video of what was happening, he got a call from the superintendent. “He told me that I had overstepped my bounds as an employee and that I was on probation for work, which I understood, and that I had embarrassed him because he got caught not doing his job,” Zakahi said. He believes because this superintendent was retiring in three months that he was just trying to “sweep [this incident] under the rug.” The Stanley County School District also issued this statement on the matter: “The result of our investigation did not reflect a mishandling of the flags. We question the circumstances & if the pictures circulating are an accurate reflection of how the flags were stored.” Zakahi has an attorney, a fellow veteran, who is helping him pro bono. Watch the interview below:
  7. Awesome post Jonjon!! And great replies Rayzur. I agree that the Pubs have been just as bad. In fact, I'm more mad at the Pubs than the Dems. The Dems are doing exactly what you expect of them. If we could get a Pub with integrity and a spine, maybe we could get our country back on track.
  8. 7th-grader’s Hello Kitty figure journeys to outer space By Mike Krumboltz Beam me up, Kitty. Lauren Rojas, a seventh-grader from Antioch, Calif., sent her Hello Kitty doll more than 90,000 feet into space for a science project—and footage of the doll's journey to the final frontier is causing a sensation on the Web. Lauren, who explained her project to KGO-San Francisco, said she mounted four small cameras to Hello Kitty's pseudo-rocketship and attached a weather balloon. Then she let 'er rip. At around 18 miles, with the cameras rolling, the balloon—reportedly airborne for some 90 minutes—burst into pieces, and the rocket began its slow descent to Earth. An attached GPS device made it easier to find. Good thing, too. Hello Kitty landed in a 50-foot tree 47 miles away from its launch site. An arborist was called to help retrieve the "rocket" and its astronaut. Rod Rojas, Lauren's father, spoke to the Contra Costa Times: "It's been terrific how it's sparking all this interest. It's great because seeing all this, I think it's sparked Lauren's interest in science and pushed it that much further." The supplies weren't cheap. Estimated price for the project: $500. But its success was well worth it. Annette Cluck, Lauren's teacher, said Lauren "just beams with pride when the students praise her or talk to her about it. She could probably talk about it all day long."
  9. 3 Ways to Irritate… :)/>
  10. Rhetoric Vs. Reality February 6, 2013 by Bob Livingston
  11. DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition Posted on: February 7th, 2013 The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase a further 21.6 million rounds of ammunition to add to the 1.6 billion bullets it has already obtained over the course of the last 10 months alone, figures which have stoked concerns that the federal agency is preparing for civil unrest. A solicitation posted yesterday on the Fed Bid website details how the bullets are required for the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico. The solicitation asks for 10 million pistol cartridge .40 caliber 165 Grain, jacketed Hollow point bullets (100 quantities of 100,000 rounds) and 10 million 9mm 115 grain jacketed hollow point bullets (100 quantities of 100,000 rounds). The document also lists a requirement for 1.6 million pistol cartridge 9mm ball bullets (40 quantities of 40,000 rounds). Continue reading at Read more:
  12. NFL Future Thursday, February 7, 2013
  13. Simply, WOW!!!!!! That kid has got some talent!! Thanks Bump.
  14. Soft plastics — banned? Your voice is needed to prevent passage of the bill By Tyler Reed Feb 4, 2013 Soft plastic lures are at risk of being legally eliminated from the tackleboxes of anglers in Maine. Soft plastics are on the chopping block in the state of Maine. On Jan. 17, state Representative Paul Davis introduced a bill that would prohibit the use of all "rubber" lures. The bill does not define "rubber" — which is not a standard material for soft baits — so it leaves it open that all soft baits would be prohibited if the bill is passed. Tomorrow, the state's Joint Standing Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will hold a public hearing on this bill. Make your voice heard! KeepAmericaFishing officials released a statement last week, noting that it is not aware of any study of fish in the wild regarding problems with soft baits and that research experience is that fish either regurgitate or pass baits that they ingest. "We are very grateful for our alert and connected Maine B.A.S.S. Nation folks who contacted us concerning this proposed legislative action," said Noreen Clough, B.A.S.S. national conservation director. "Immediately, we joined forces with American Sportfishing Association (ASA) and its KeepAmericaFishing advocacy site to squash this ill-conceived proposal. B.A.S.S. Conservation is the home of the ReBaits program, providing recycling for discarded plastics in 37 states, Canada and South Africa. When anglers bring discarded plastic baits in, there is absolutely no need to legislate a ban on their use." Below is the testimony that Gordon Robertson, vice president of ASA, will present tomorrow. You can send your own letter to the committee at this link just by submitting your contact information. You do not have to live or fish in Maine to make your voice heard. Testimony of the American Sportfishing Association on LD 42/HP 37, “An Act to Prohibit the Use of Rubber Lures for Fishing” Maine Joint Standing Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Submitted by Gordon Robertson, Vice President February 5, 2013 Thank you, Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, for the opportunity to present testimony on the topic of soft baits used for recreational fishing. The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is the sportfishing industry’s trade association and has represented the industry since1933. We understand that for our members’ businesses to succeed the Nation must have abundant and sustainable fisheries. Therefore, we spend considerable resources assuring that actions at the state and federal level support clean waters, healthy habitats and angler access to the public’s fishery resources. We urge the committee to not pass this legislation but instead allow the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to conduct the appropriate field studies to determine if this theoretical problem with soft baits poses any practical population management problem in Maine to fish and other aquatic life and to further determine the role of angler education in minimizing the number of soft baits discarded while fishing. To the best of our knowledge the Maine legislature is the first to consider legislation on this topic. Also, we are not aware of any study other than the 2009 laboratory study by G. Russell Danner published in the North American Journal of Fisheries Management that raises a concern with soft baits. In addition, we know of no study of fish in the wild on this topic. To the contrary industry research involving literally thousands of soft baits to test fish of many species (particularly bass and trout) has indicated minimal problems for the research fish involved. The research experience is that the fish either regurgitate or pass the baits without problem. These studies fed baits appropriate for the size of the fish being tested. It is possible that the Danner study may have fed trout large soft baits and the selection of those size ranges is much less likely to occur by free swimming trout in the wild. There is a wide variety of types, sizes and shapes of soft baits and we are not aware of these causing problems, even in laboratory experiments. We do know that soft baits are popular among anglers and that they comprise a considerable segment of the artificial bait market. They are popular because they negate the need to obtain and keep live baits and they are effective. For this reason they are especially popular with non-resident anglers who visit Maine to sportfish. From the publication Sportfishing in America published in January 2013 we know that anglers in Maine provide a $614,401,455 economic infusion to the state each year supporting 6,723 Maine jobs. This economic engine from recreational fishing in Maine also provides $42.8 million in state and local tax revenue. Forty-four percent of Maine’s angling days are done by non-resident anglers. Obviously curtailing the use of popular artificial baits may cause a negative impact on tourism expenditures in Maine. In addition, forcing anglers to use live bait, or once live baits, can cause the inadvertent introduction of nonnative invasive aquatic species. Obviously Maine wishes to take prudent steps to sustain its fishery resource base and the economic base that flows from recreational fishing. Given that there is no study of the impact of soft baits on fish and other aquatic life in the wild, legislation banning these types of popular baits is unwarranted. The legislation seeks to ban “rubber” baits with rubber being undefined. Realistically, there are no such baits on the market as soft baits are made from various substances, none of which are rubber. There are biodegradable soft baits available and this legislation would ban even the use of those baits and certainly does nothing to encourage further research into that area or to improve consumer demand for those types of baits. Much can also be done through angler education to minimize the number of soft baits lost. There are, and can be more, soft bait recycling programs and programs describing the proper disposal of used soft baits. Anglers by nature are conservationists and they will react positively to practical, commonsense programs that allow them to fish with effective baits and that educate them on their use and disposal. We encourage the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to work with local angler groups to accomplish this. Again, Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, we urge you to reject this legislation and instead allow the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to conduct the appropriate field studies to determine if this theoretical problem with soft baits poses any practical population management problem in Maine to fish and other aquatic life and to further determine the role of angler education in minimizing the number of soft baits discarded while fishing. Thank you and please make these comments part of the official hearing record.
  15. Soldier Admits Shooting Man Trying to Cure Hiccups Feb 01, 2013 Associated Press FORT HOOD, Texas -- A Fort Hood soldier has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, saying he shot his friend accidentally while trying to scare away his hiccups. Fort Hood officials say Spc. Patrick Edward Myers, of Spartanburg, S.C., was sentenced Thursday to 3 1/2 years in military prison. He also was busted to private and will receive a bad-conduct discharge. Myers fatally shot Pfc. Isaac Lawrence Young in September while they were watching a football game at a Killeen apartment. Myers told police he thought the weapon had dummy rounds and was trying to scare his friend so his hiccups would stop. Young, of Ash Grove, Mo., was 22. The case was tried in military court on the Central Texas Army post because the victim and suspect were soldiers.
  16. K9 On Rappell (Live Fire) by David Reeder on February 6, 2013 Check out this video from 5326 Solutions; he’s demonstrating some K9 kit from Elite K-9. I love to watch a dog Do Work. Elite K-9 Special Operations Harness: Read more: Kit Up!
  17. Informative article. Thanks Dtard. I wonder if Kyle knew that this guy was far more troubled than PTSD? Was not a good idea for him to have a gun. Kyle was certainly an American hero, and will surely be missed. But to be honest here, he did have a lapse in judgement. Just as we all have. But this one cost him his life.
  18. Child Pretends He's Saving the World, Then Gets Suspended By Bobby Eberle February 6, 2013 12:30 pm What is going on with people? Is there a virus sweeping the country that burrows deep inside the brain and destroys all common sense? Just look what happened in Loveland, Colorado where a seven-year-old elementary school student was suspended for trying to "save the world" while using an imaginary grenade. That's right! We're not talking about an actual weapon or even a picture of a weapon. We are talking about an imaginary grenade being used by a seven-year-old child! As reported by the Denver Post, the child is now "confused," because he got in trouble "for trying to save the world from evil." Parent Mandie Watkins said Mary Blair principal Valerie Lara-Black called her Friday afternoon to inform her that her second-grade son, Alex, had been suspended for throwing an imaginary grenade during recess on the playground. Alex did not have anything in his hand at the time and made no threats toward other people, Watkins reportedly was told. Watkins said Alex's story matched up with the principal's account: He threw the pretend grenade at an imaginary box that had something evil inside. He was going to save the earth this way, and when he threw the grenade he pretended that the box exploded, in apparent success. As Fox News, according to the school, the boy's actions violated their list of "absolutes." The Daily Mail contacted the school and was told that no comment would be forthcoming because the situation is "complicated." The Daily Mail learned that the list of "absolutes" was "not a district-wide policy, but rather specific to the Loveland elementary school in question." Ok, so now we have a confused little boy who was simply playing "hero" on the playground. And this warrants a suspension? Come on, folks! At the very least, this shows a complete lack of common sense by school officials. More troubling is the trend that we are seeing which labels a firearm or other such "weapon" as evil rather than a means of defending oneself in the fight for good. And this is exactly what the child was doing.
  19. February 5, 2013 at 9:17 am Ted Nugent Goes Off on Piers Morgan: ‘You’re So Full of Crap” When Ted Nugent sat down with Piers Morgan in Texas Yesterday, he delivered the CNN host his most explosive interview since last month’s showdown with Alex Jones. Read more:
  20. What an ABSURD statement that YOU make. Your assumption of how Ron Paul supporters feel is biased and uncalled for.
  21. Sorry for re-post. Didn't see it. And I agree, this guy is awesome!
  22. posted on February 4, 2013 byFrancis Marion Student’s Laptop Wallpaper Results in Suspension Paranoia is running so high in America’s public schools that teachers and administrators are looking for violent killers under every piece of paper and laptop computer. Ever since Sandy Hook, kids across America are being suspended for the horrible vicious crime of being kids. We’re hearing more and more reports of overreacting educational professionals who spend their careers trying to teach kids not to overreact. ■We’ve heard of a 6 year old boy that got suspended for playing cops and robbers and then pointing his finger at another kid and saying ‘pow’. ■A 5 year old girl is suspended to telling another girl that she would shoot them both with her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun. ■Then there is the case of the 5 year old preschooler who made a gun out of Legos and then acted like he was shooting the other students. School officials believed the incident posed a threat and told parents that the boy would be suspended if it happened again. ■A Bronx school was put on lockdown for an hour after a student reported that another student had a gun. After a thorough search, they discovered he was armed with the ever deadly Nerf gun. ■There’s also the case of officials telling a 3 year old deaf boy to change the sign for his name because it looks too much like a gun. His name is Hunter. Now it seems the paranoia has hit a new level of including pictures, which we all know are deadly and can kill in an instant when revealed, or so you would assume from the reaction of school officials in Florence, Arizona. Daniel McClaine Jr., a high school freshman has aspirations of the joining the military after graduating from high school. Consequently, he is interested in many things that are military oriented, including guns. The wallpaper image on his school issued laptop is of an AK-47 lying on a flag. When a teacher at Poston Butte High School saw the image, McClaine was turned in to the school authorities this past Friday, who summarily told him that he was being suspended for 3 days due to having a threatening and offensive image on his computer. The school has a policy that prohibits students from accessing, copying, creating or sending any images that might be deemed illegal, threatening or harassing. McClaine tried to explain that he had read the policy but saw nothing threatening, offensive or harassing in his wallpaper choice. He explained the gun isn’t his and said: “This gun wallpaper does not show anything that’s violent. It’s not showing anybody getting shot in any way. It’s just a picture of a gun. It’s nothing — nobody getting shot, nobody getting it pointed at them, it’s nothing.” The suspension soon made the local news, where McClaine’s father said: “To me it’s ridiculous. Three days for a picture? It wasn’t like he was standing in front of the school holding the gun. He should have got a warning. He shouldn’t have ever been suspended. Not for something so frivolous.” Evidently, the school officials must have realized how foolish they were, because the three day suspension was lifted and McClaine was told he could return to school on Monday. Teachers and other faculty are supposed to set examples of how to act responsibly for the kids they are entrusted with, but lately, they have been acting worse than the kids they are suspending. I think it’s time for educators to grow up, stop panicking and act like adults for a change.
  23. Newtown father: ‘You’ll have to take my guns from my cold dead hands’ Posted on: February 4th, 2013 A video of a father, Bill Stevens, whose daughter attended Sandy Hook Elementary school, scene of the mass shooting in December, is making its rounds today of his testimony against gun control at a Working Group Public Hearing at the Connecticut State Capitol on gun violence prevention. Although his daughter was not harmed in the shooting, his daughter’s friend’s little sister was a victim. In his testimony, he was very clear on his stance against going after legal gun owners and that no one will take his freedom away to protect his daughter. Stevens told the panel that he is not there to cite statistics, lives saved by a gun or the economic impact. He was there to remind those people about the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, the Constitution of the State of Connecticut in regards to self-defense. Continue reading at Read more:
  24. Exactly!! Tell me who else would still have a job, after they threaten to shoot another in the back?
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