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  1. Yes, I do hope God continues to bless America, but I think God "spare" America is more appropriate this morning.
  2. Right, and the real names of those 3 people are Moe, Larry, and Curly.
  3. My father retired from the military at age 43 with 25 years service. Your neighbor's "retirement" shouldn't be a shock.
  4. My thoughts exactly. I never did go overboard with Dinar purchases or time spent on the computer. I joined the speculation about 1 year ago on the advice of a friend. The chat was at a frenzy at the time but my friend said I could realistically expect a return of 3 to 10 times my investment. I thought, "why not"? I didn't miss any meals or fail to pay bills. Instead, I only "invested" what I could stand to lose. If anyone heeds any advice from anyone, I'd suggest it be that. Again, only invest what you can stand to lose. I admire those who have had the persistence to follow this for
  5. Right. Whoever is POTUS at the time will surely be blamed. :blink:
  6. Maybe the reason they plan to be silent is that they'er getting together for a big Super Bowl party. :P
  7. Nah, you won't get many negs, I'll get them. I agree with your post, but I'm of the opinion we'll still be here months from now debating the next forecasted RV date. My hats off to anyone who's been dealing with this for 5-8 years. I don't know how you do it but you must have the patience of Job.
  8. I like both Adam and Breitling, but they have provided rates in the past. Adam has projected a RV between $0.10 and $0.30, and Breitling said about 86 Euro, or $1.17 USD at the time. I think Adam's rate is more believable for the initial RV, but I'd prefer for Breitling to be correct. Actually I'd like Okie to be correct with this $8+ talk, but that's science fiction.
  9. July 14th sounds good to me........but what year?
  10. Um.....riiiiiight. And how were things with the Mad Hatter and Chesire Cat?
  11. Adam's latest chat says there's lots of talk about a redenomination. Not sure of the details, but it apparantly could happen.
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