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  1. Now that’s an excellent translation and theory. Thank you @KristiD 😊
  2. Isn’t that what politicians and religious leaders do..?🤔 If you have a politician that doesn’t talk out of both sides of their mouth, you end up with a President that offends and insults everyone. Even some of his own party and supporters.😂 Personally, I would rather be offended and insulted than Bull$h_ted. Besides, I can’t understand them when they talk out of both sides of their mouths. Heres an example: Can someone who speaks BS, please translate what the HECK she is saying!!?
  3. Remember who helped them set up their government(US). Looks like their gov is working perfect has planned. Getting someone in office who seems to actually care about the people is impossible. The US gets a president who seems to actually care about the US, it’s citizens, and it’s military and he’s portrayed by many as the most evil and worst president we have ever seen. He is not a politician and refuses to play their game of deception and screwing the American citizens, therefore even members of his own party want him out. The US is a sad example of a good government.
  4. One of the best rumors I’ve read in a long time. Thank you Jeepguy.
  5. I know I’m grasping here, but here it goes; All the restrictions have been on $10,000 usd, $20,000usd, and over $20,000usd. Based on current rates, Iraq’s currency restrictions is on $900 +-..??? And then a grant of $1400+- for food for 8000 families. It doesn’t add up. However, if you have an exchange rate of $.01-$.02 to 1 Dinar which equals 1,000,000 dinars = $10,000-$20,000. Now that adds up. Right?? Again- probably just Grasping!😁🙏
  6. Yep! Looks like I was reading into it. I saw Baghdad, got an overdose of “hopium”, and didn’t pay attention to Kuwaiti. Thanks for another reality check, DoD.
  7. As I was reading the article, this caught my attention. I’m trying not to read into , what just may be a typo, BUT, 50 million dinar=$164.4 million!!! Is that not 1 Dinar = $3.28. Sorry if this thought is way off. Like everyone else, I’m a little desperate for this to be over.😊
  8. ??????? $1,000 (purchasing power)/1,200,000 dinars (1200 thousand)=$.00083 and "IF" the strengthening of the dinar equivalent to $2,400 (purchasing power)/500 dinars=$4.80 instead of $1,000. $1,000 (purchasing power)/500 dinars=$2.00 Could this be suggesting an RV of $2 per dinar and strengthening over time to $4.80 per dinar? Hey!! It doesn't hurt to fantasize. It's my story and I'm sticken to it. At least through the weekend. I will worry about reality, Monday.
  9. Is it possible, things are already determined and set in motion to happen by the end of 2018/first of 2019, and the timing of this letter is just an attempt by the US to take the credit.🤔
  10. Maybe it was a simple mistake..? OR, maybe in his mind, one will equal the other!!🙏 Sorry! I am an extreme optimist. I can't help it.🤑
  11. I like the way you’re thinking RMC. I could easily interpret this as saying 1 Dinar will equal what the 1000 Dinar “was” equal to. $.84😁
  12. I think everyone is way over thinking this. There is one sentence that completely simplifies this: ”6 puppies on the altar of "local stability" aimed at accelerating the process of nomic and reconstruction in Iraq. “ Obviously, if you have 6 puppies on the alter, this will create Local Stability, and that will accelerate the reconstruction in Iraq. See! Clear as mud.
  13. As I was reading this, I kept having to remind myself, the articles and statements were about Iraq, not the U.S.🤔
  14. Hey guys, the above post is kind of long. So, I wanted to sum it up for you. I think this explains it. Sorry Clown. I know this is usually your department, but I just wanted to help. "Washington, New York, Oct. 19, IMF and US Treasury, implementation, economic reforms, new Iraqi Dinar rate, Oct. 21, Oct. 22 EDT, notification, announcement, Fines and Penalties payments, Prosperity Packages, 24 to 72 hours, more "notifications", Hong Kong, Singapore, large tranches (??), exchanges, Paymasters (may be my favorite), announcement, screen crawlers, gold back standard, USN, Federal Reserve, indicators, huge flag that weighs over 2,100 pounds, unfurled, economic reform system law, enacted and activated, the cabal, repelled, subverted, Cyber security, Deep Source, Resistance, The Republic, temporary freeze, next week, rock solid, shuffle, Stock Exchange, $1.75-$1.79, 3-4 weeks, general public exchanges, the reval, international market, double dipping, "cash out", high tax, contracts, long term payout, negotiate, competitive exchange rates, investment package rate, Money changes people, , humanitarian projects, (And last but, definitely not least important), aliens (this is my favorite)." This seems to have all the ingredients. Even a couple extras to spice things up. I like it. This qualifies as a good BS rumor.
  15. A little Weed in my salad..? I haven't tried that before. Now, If I just had some salad.
  16. I'm sorry. I didn't have time to read the entire post. But, I did notice the "blue numbers" at the bottom. ("The exchange rate is at 5000 Iraqi dinars for each 100 dollars") Isn't that $.02 per Dinar..? Versus the old exchange rate of $.00086 per Dinar.
  17. The feeling seems to be, "Low oil prices", no RV. This is just a thought, what do you think? If I am Iraq. I want to RV my money, back to its former glory. An RV is something they have to "handle", not manage. Once an RV occurs, from that time forward, it has to be managed. So, Regardless of the price, Oil is their main source of income backing the value of their currency. It will be the main backing for the next 50+ years. So, the best time to "handle" an RV, is when oil is extremely cheap. They have already set themselves up to "handle" the RV. Now, they just need it to RV as low as possible. Example: 10 cents. This makes it much easier/cheaper to "handle" the RV. Meanwhile, knowing the price of Oil will, and probably has to, go back up, that will make it much easier and profitable to "manage" the RV. Crazy thought? Or, Very plausible?
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