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  1. I just got a "PING" it comes..OKIE the wolf is coming and no one will come to save you on this "I'm Sorry". You have cried wolf so many times now...I hope it eats well on you and your soul for constantly misleading the people on here. ( My opinion only and no others)
  2. Okie, I have been here and another Dinar site that your " Intel" is shared on a short time and through a few of your "THIS IS IT!! IT HAS RV'D" comments and you base them on people giving you positive "Intel". I suggest you find another job..because i get better promises from the local fast food joint and better "intel" about whats in the bag of goodies i just bought than you have EVER given! I am tired of it and i am sure there are a lot of others that have too!! ( But i speak for myself and it is only opinion). You should change your screen name to " BOYWHOCRIEDWOLF" because that's how i feel about your intel and the information you pass along to these great people on here only to let them down! If my comment gets me banned..I apologies to those that i have offended. ITSINTHEMX My opinion only and not meant to be used in any other matter or copied.
  3. It all sounded legit to me, that's why i posted it on here because i wanted honest thoughts on it.
  5. I agree, it's people like yourself that think this is funny pulling crap numbers and speculation out of the air and then posting it to bring false hope to those who don't understand your playing a cruel joke. Your wrong and i hope you can someday see that and be able to put your head on your pillow without the feeling your a bad person. This is solely my opinion and no one else.
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