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  1. from another sire Currency** News** Hound BAGHDAD: Iraq plans to redenominate its dinar currency by knocking three zeros off the nominal value of bank notes to simplify financial transactions, a senior central bank official said yesterday. Central Bank deputy governor Mudher Kasim said he expected the new currency to be used in the market in three years and it would have no impact on inflation. “This will facilitate the payments system … instead of carrying a lot of money, we will carry less. This is an important reform,” Kasim said.
  2. More than two million people the number of beneficiaries BAGHDAD - Haider Flaih are restructuring the banking sector in Iraq and the development of technology systems modern and one of the steps that seeks to achieve economic transition in Iraq in general, has played the regimes of modern technology a prominent role in the progress of the banking sector in various countries the world, is that a number of things conspired to prevent the achievement of those gains in Iraq, or are to keep pace at the very least, until he began work in earnest to use the smart card to receive monthly salaries of the retirees and covered by a network of protection, to turn the two slides journey of suffering caused by the long queues that were serving during which time periods are not uncommon in order to receive their monthly salaries, which accompanied the manual labor many of the problems was not the last of which to blackmail the beneficiaries or increasing rates of corruption .. Economists in Iraq, praised a lot on the process of using the smart card in dealing with the beneficiaries of the retired and covered by the system social protection, and called for their expansion to include all aspects of daily life the other, especially the card to use at the present time with approximately 250 property can utilize them in the payment of monthly bills for water and electricity as well as dealing as a tool in cash to pay the wages of shops, according to experts, the electronic trading to work is one of the protectionist policies of large users of money widely and on eg those working in Chierfat or private traders, businessmen, industrialists and owners of professions that require financial transfers continues, and shows here, an economist Alaa Abdul Amir that electronic trading could provide the cover of financial protection for the owners of the cards smart, especially in expanding the use to include employees and retirees alike, which can contribute to reduce the circulation of counterfeit currency, for example, or caught using the money damaged, as well as reduce fraud and theft, and stresses the researcher also said that the main expected outcomes from the use of The smart card is to reduce the chances of friction direct financial between citizens and workers in the government institutions that can contribute to reducing the chances of taking bribes and extortion .. Executive Director of the International Company for the card so smart He said during the interview (morning) to the size of the massive expansion which has been by the company towards the inclusion of staff a number of provincial services to the smart card. noting that work is now under way to include the staff of the governorates of Basra, Najaf, Diwaniyah, Babylon, the smart card to be able later to receive their monthly salaries by the card, noting that other provinces seeking their request to the inclusion of all citizens the services that card to be used until card identifying them indicating that those provinces, aiming to become the cards data base with the virtues of sobriety major security can not be penetrated .. said Thaer Awad also: We have developed a global company (which is a private company active in Iraq), a wide range of plans the most prominent of expansion towards the inclusion of private banks in the work of the smart card and enable them to provide card services to all beneficiaries in Iraq, said Awwad said smart card project began using the systems, sophisticated and very modern and this is what will contribute to the development and progress of banking in Iraq and contribute thus paving the way for a number of workers in the those banks to perform the role again after that was assigned the task of paying the amounts of ATM mechanism without interference and wide by workers in the banks .. and hinted Executive Director also said the expansion included a number of vital services in Iraq as an integrity and Mustansiriya University and the company drilled wells in the oil ministry and the Faculty of Medicine and the displaced registered with the Department of Immigration as well as the General Directorate of Traffic, retirees and covered by a network of protection .. revealed Awad, an orientation in a number of provincial councils to commit their constituencies to use the card to smart as well as an intention to use identity identifiable in a number of other provinces because of its information on the bearer impossible to falsify or distort .. and Awad well as the signing of the work of five private banks based smart card, adding that the plan requires the involvement of all private banks in the system, especially after signing a preliminary agreement with the Association of private banks to hold a joint cooperation .. and said Awad, also a advanced negotiations with the province of Kurdistan to include all staff there are services of the smart card, confirming the existence of preliminary approval with the Ministry of Finance in Kurdistan .. said Awad said the number of beneficiaries from the services of the smart card was two and a hundred thousand beneficiaries, is to provide services to them through 1762 outlets across Iraq ..
  3. Aircraft Meets Retaining wall- Truth! & Fiction! Summary of the eRumor: eRumor claiming to be written by To The Point News about a brand new Airbus A340-600 that crashed into a retaining wall on a pre-delivery test. The aircraft crew were all Arabs from Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies and when one of them shut off a warning alarm it caused the computer to shut off the brakes while the plane was at full throttle. The Truth: There was an aircraft accident but it did not happen in the manner described in the email. According to a safety article written on November 16, 2007 for the Aircraft did loose control and hit a blast wall and the French air accident investigation authority opened an investigation to rule out pilot error. At the time of our investigation there was no report posted. A brand new Airbus A340-600 just painted in Etihad Airways' colors was being readied for delivery in November 2007. The jet was at the manufacturing facility in Toulouse, France and undergoing some pre-delivery tests. It was to be delivered to the Abu Dhabi-based airline the following week. Nine crew members were on board, one of whom was an employee of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, a service provider to Etihad Airways. The nationalities and affiliations of the other crew members have not been revealed. . According to the article, "During the engine run-up test, the aircraft's landing gear jumped over the chocks wedged against its tires to hold the A340-600 in place -- along with its brakes -- against the propulsive force developed by its four Rolls-Royce Trent 500 engines. At maximum takeoff power, the A340-600's four engines develop a total 224,000 pounds of thrust." The aircraft ran over a blast fence, causing causing extensive damage. Five of the nine people onboard were injured, including the employee from Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies. Attribution of this particular eRumor claiming to be from To The Point News is fiction! The story did appear on the To the Point News web site, but the writer of this eRumor slanted it to be insulting to Arabs..
  4. If this has already been posted, just disregard The oil wealth and progress of the proceeds of abundant, secure the cover of the national currency has become with the Iraqi dinar of the strongest currencies in the Middle East. The central bank has to distribute its reserve of foreign currency in the basket of currencies like the dollar and the pound sterling and the Japanese yen as well as its reserve of gold so that it stays the cover of the Iraqi dinar strong, regardless of fluctuations in the currency market. and even the early eighties was the Iraqi dinar equivalent of more than three dollars U.S., but the damage to the Iraqi economy since the invasion of Kuwait at this time 21 years ago and subsequent wars and international sanctions, sponsored all firing runaway inflation brought on the Iraqi dinar value so that the exchange rate now is more than one thousand dinars to the dollar. and coupled with the erosion of the value of currency financial difficulties, banking, administrative and accounting different still exist, especially in trade and handle daily cash. Faced with this situation decided that the Central Bank since the early 2010 a plan to drop three zeros from the Iraqi currency nominal and boot to the procedures gradual maintain their purchasing power and prevent the exposure of the Iraqi market to the economic turmoil hurt consumers. Radio Free Iraq, met with central bank adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh, who reviewed the falling value of the Iraqi dinar, referring to the deletion of zeros is part of a project to reform the management of the national currency. He said Judge Mohammed al-Saleh burden posed by the mass cash payment system, as reflected in the revenue budget figures, for example, trillions. He Mohamed Saleh said the project dropping zeros from Iraqi dinar is based on optimistic forecasts the prospects for the development of the Iraqi economy in the coming period. and revealed the central bank adviser said the bank plans to return to the coin because of their preferences on paper currency, especially from small groups that value are not worth the trouble to deal with . and rejected Mohammed Saleh, said that setting a date to launch new dinar, saying that the management reform of the national currency a strategic project, but stressed that the central bank will be within a month an integrated plan for implementation to the Cabinet the last word in this regard. expert in the Ministry of Finance Crescent miller expected to result in deletion of zeros for low inflation, noting that countries such as Turkey and Brazil prior to Iraq in this area. noted Miller features the new currency is expected circulation after this procedure, including the adoption of the three languages ​​are Arabic, Kurdish and English, only the symbols of civilization and to prevent the use of pictures of any official. He an expert in the Ministry of Finance convinced that the process of replacing the currency will be smooth, especially as the old currency will remain in circulation alongside the new currency of time to allow withdrawal of gradual steps do not affect the exchanges daily. economic analyst Basil Jamil Antoine ruled economy is affected by changing money, but called for an awareness campaign to prepare public opinion and to the procedures for logistic in the financial institutions involved. One benefit is expected to touch the citizen directly as a result of the deletion of zeros the possibility of using vending machines that are still unknown in Iraq because of the difficulties of technical and practical in the mobilization of these ATMs in Iraqi dinars now. contributed to the file via Radio Free Iraq in Baghdad, Khalid Waleed
  5. Bondlady's chat 3 year cbi article August 7, 2011 [campdav] Gulf Daily News - 07 August, 2011 Iraq plans to redenominate its dinar currency by knocking three zeros off the nominal value of bank notes to simplify financial transactions, a senior central bank official said yesterday. Central Bank deputy governor Mudher Kasim said he expected the new currency to be used in the market in three years and it would have no impact on inflation. "This will facilitate the payments system ... instead of carrying a lot of money, we will carry less. This is an important reform," Kasim said. [bondLady] well if it didnt have a new rate to it then they would have to carry a lot of cash [bondLady] unlike here in the article where it says.........."This will facilitate the payments system ... instead of carrying a lot of money, we will carry less. This is an important reform," Kasim said. [bondLady] the only way once the ld's are released for it to make them carry less cash is to rv when they release them [bondLady] other wise they will carry tons an tons just for a can of coke [bondLady] and the 3 year thing on it [bondLady] im thinkin that means they will do this for 3 years before they rv agin [bondLady] they will keep it like it will be once they release the ld's for 3 years before giving any more changes to the dinar imo unless they got such a unreal amount of money pour in that the imf stepped in an said hey u have got to raise your rates girlygirl] BondLady - basically we need to wait for release of the coins then? [bondLady] i feel like the ld's will come 1st gg an possibly 2 coins [bondLady] i could be wrong [bondLady] but i think there will be like a 1,5,10,25,50,100 iqd note then a quarter and 50 cent piece or a dime an a nickel [bondLady] basically like our currency [bondLady] there tryin to make theres close to ours [bondLady] i said this earlier [bondLady] but ill say it 1 more time here [bondLady] in 2003 they made 14 denominations of the new iqd when they replaced saddam notes BondLady] so far today the only ones of those 14 released was a 25k,10k,5k,1000, 500 250 and a 50 [bondLady] thats 7 out of the 14 they have already made [bondLady] so were lookin for a ......... [bondLady] 25,10,5,1, we already have the 50 and 100 notes [bondLady] so 7+5 =12 [bondLady] leaveing 2 [bondLady] so i feel like thats a quarter an 50 cents [bondLady] but in iqd not usd [bondLady] so the newer coins would need to basically be a penny, dime, nickel [bondLady] in the articles we have seen [bondLady] it says [bondLady] the coins was produced in 2004 but it wasnt the right time to bring them out [bondLady] it wasnt the right time for them to bring out the 50 iqd either but they did [bondLady] the 50 is only worth what 5 cents? [bondLady] hope that helps
  6. 07/08/2011 12:23 Baghdad, Aug.7 (AKnews) - The Iraqi Finance Ministry said on Sunday that it will submit the federal budget for 2012 – with no fiscal deficit - to the Council of Ministers in September. Deputy Finance Minister Dia Khayyoun told AKnews that the 2012 budget is based on the premise that Iraq will export 2.2 million barrels of crude oil per day at $85 a barrel. Iraq sits atop the fourth largest oil reserves in the world and oil exports account for 96% of the country’s economy. "The Ministry of Finance has developed mechanisms to counteract deficit in the 2012 budget," he said, without specifying what those mechanisms consist of.
  7. Also with the RBS if you have your receipt it is 0% that was a great find Machine, i'll be watching all weekend now
  8. Thanks for your post Machine, thats really interesting as this site has never faultered before, maybe it was a test or could even be putting it in ready for Sunday night,
  9. This is the only agenda for the meeting on tuesday that i can find http://www.burathane...cle_132136.html
  10. Sami al-Araji, head of the Iraqi National Investment Commission said on Thursday that Iraq was able to attract investment worth about six billion dollars of projects licensed since the beginning of the year to help rebuild the country after years of war and sanctions. Araji told Reuters in an interview that most of these projects in the sectors of housing, infrastructure, and also in services, telecommunications and cement. He said, "We have attracted in the first half of the year ... about six billion dollars is the total value of projects licensed." Iraq, which is exhausted because of wars, needs the investments in all sectors to rebuild the country. The aim of government in a five-year plan for economic development is to attract investments worth $ 86 billion by 2014. Among the most pressing needs of the development of the vital oil sector in Iraq and build housing and develop agriculture and increase the production of electricity to reduce the chronic shortages of supplies. Araji said that he was to attract investments worth $ 23 billion since 2009 to some 542 projects licensed in various parts of the country. Among the most projects of the National Investment ambitious, which was first announced in March to build one million new housing units with an average of $ 50 thousand dollars per unit with a total value of $ 50 billion. The Commission reached an agreement with South Korea's Hanwha Engineering & Construction in May about the project that includes 100 thousand units. Araji said he expected a deal to build another 100 thousand housing units in Basra with a consortium led by the group (T. R. A. K), South Korea. He said he also hopes to reach an understanding with Hanwha and / T. R. A. K / to adopt each of them 100 thousand housing units. The aim of Iraq plan for the years 2010-2014 to diversify the economy through the participation of public and private sectors in the industry and attract more investment. Araji said that the investments in the first half of 2011 was better than the previous two years but the crisis in the euro area and the turmoil in the Arab region and the general situation of the global economy are all factors that contributed to reducing the chances of signing major deals for foreign investment. Araji acknowledged that corruption is a problem in Iraq, but said the commission had not received any complaints and that the government take measures to fight corruption. According to the latest annual report from Transparency International, Iraq is among the most corrupt countries in the world.
  11. Received and the Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, "UNRWA" a donation from the government worth two million dinars in support of its major programs. The donation is the Iraqi agency, at a time when UNRWA is facing a deficit of chronic in its budget, the main devoted to the provision of health services, education, relief and social services for over 4.8 million refugees registered with the agency and benefit from its services. said Filippo Grandi, UNRWA Commissioner-General said: "We are delighted to receive this donation from the Iraqi government which had previously been a donor generous to the Agency, and the resumption of annual contributions to the Agency comes at a time difficult for the Agency and refugees alike, and we look forward to deepen the re-establishment of cooperation between UNRWA and the Republic of Iraq. " mentions that Iraq was previously a strong supporter of the Agency, where he presented donations of about $ 12 million during the eighties of the last century, and this donation, Iraq to become one of the top donors to the Arabs to balance the UNRWA regular
  12. This site globalarabnetwork has been showing that rate for the last 3 months or so,
  13. This seems to be dropping slightly, though i would think this is normal as currency's fluctuate daily
  14. Sorry if this has already been posted At long last, a deal on raising the debt ceiling and cutting spending has been reached. The agreement, which the White House dubbed "a Win for the Economy and Budget Discipline," includes: a $2.1 trillion increase in the debt ceiling and 10-year discretionary spending caps generating nearly $1 trillion in deficit reduction (balanced between defense and non-defense spending) over ten years. What's more, a super Congressional committee will come up with a package of $1.5 trillion more in cuts and/or revenue enhancements that's guaranteed an up-or-down vote by December. And if Congress can't agree to a package, automatic cuts will commence in 2013, split 50/50 between domestic and defense spending (exempting entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare). Should it pass, the deal will have far-reaching consequences. The conventional wisdom on the politics of the deal have already hardened: good for the GOP and especially its Tea Party base; bad for President Obama, who gave in to repeated threats; bad for Congressional Democrats, who were marginalized; a slight gain for the U.S., which finally affirmed it would live up to its financial obligations. Much of this conventional wisdom is likely to prove wrong in time. And the impact is likely to be larger in the coming months on the markets, the economy, consumers and taxpayers than on politics. Is this deal good for investors? It sure seems to be a plus for global stock markets, as Asian stock markets and U.S. stock futures rose after the deal was announced. It's difficult to see why, though. The U.S. stock market isn't a barometer on the U.S. economy any more. The typical member of the S&P 500 already gets about half of its revenues (and almost all its growth) from overseas. It's a truism that equity markets hate uncertainty. And the quick positive reaction is the latest example of the risk-on/risk-off trade. When bad things happen, or when investors think bad things are going to happen, they sell stocks. When anxiety fades, they buy stocks. That's what is happening now. But when there are crises over government debt, doesn't the real action take place in the bond markets? Yes, it does. And the action in the U.S. bond markets has been odd in recent weeks. As the U.S. careened toward a debt crisis, people and institutions around the world continued to buy U.S. government bonds, pushing interest rates down further. In fact, last Friday, the 10-year bond closed at 2.8 percent. Investors never really believed that the U.S. would not pay its debt. They did believe, correctly, that large budget cuts would slow growth in an economy whose rate of growth is already slowing. And that tends to push interest rates down. So bonds may fall as investors embrace risk again. But over the long term, this deal in and of itself, is likely to act as downward pressure on rates. Isn't slower growth a potential negative factor for stocks? Exactly. While the deal takes uncertainty over debt payments off the table, it does contribute to other types of uncertainty for stocks in general, and for certain classes of stocks. For example, the deal calls for real cuts in defense spending (with the prospect of much more), which would be negative for the large defense contracting/aerospace complex. And as a general rule, actions that reduce domestic demand (as across the board budget cuts would) are a negative for companies that derive a disproportionate share of their revenues from the U.S. If this is resolved, can we get back to worrying about the ongoing crisis in Europe? Yes. As the U.S. flailed toward an agreement, Europe has continued to grapple — or fail to grapple — with its own sovereign debt crisis. Spain is paying high interest rates to borrow. There's no path toward a resolution of Greece's severe fiscal problems. And don't look now, but Cyprus, the island nation whose banks are heavily exposed to Greece and that just suffered a huge power plant explosion, could be the next problem spot. How will this deal affect growth? Poorly. Government spending is demand. If you don't believe it, try asking Wal-Mart or any food retailer what would happen to sales if food stamp payments were to be disrupted. As we've noted many times, government, at all levels, has already been throttling back employment for many months. The private sector is driving growth and will increasingly have to do so on its own. Cuts in discretionary spending, even if they are backloaded and spread over ten years, will mean less money for scholarships, for education, for health care, transportation and infrastructure — all vital parts of the economy. How will this affect consumers? There was great concern that a debt crisis would cause interest rates to spike and ignite inflation. That prospect now seems unlikely. In fact, interest rates remain extraordinarily low. On net, for those with jobs and decent credit scores who want to borrow, the deal is likely to be a plus. And America's long-suffering taxpayers, who pay the salaries of the politicians who brought us to the brink of default? How do they come out? That remains to be seen. The big concern among many was that this crisis would result in significant tax increases. All the big discussions -- the Simpson-Bowles Commission, the Gang of Six in the Senate, the potential Grand Bargain between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner -- included revenue enhancements, the elimination of loopholes, the termination of tax credits. In other words, tax increases on some people. And at time when income tax rates and overall tax receipts as a percentage of GDP are as low as they've been in recent history, the prospect of making a huge dent in the deficit through spending cuts alone seemed politically unviable. And yet, thanks to a combination of Republican intransigence, moderate wishy-washiness, and Democratic lameness, the deal included no revenue enhancements. People worried about higher taxes have dodged a bullet, for now. So taxes will never go up? Remember, I just said "for now." As always, the devil is in the details. As the White House noted in its fact sheet, tax cuts are always just over the horizon. President Obama couldn't get Republican agreement to raise taxes on the wealthy, but he may not have to. Current law calls for the Bush-era tax cuts on income and investments to expire at the end of 2012. All that has to happen for taxes to rise is for President Obama and Congress *not* to agree on how and whether to extend them. And as this whole artificial crisis has shown, Washington as it is currently configured has a great capacity for not agreeing.
  15. They do keep referencing Turkey, but maybe somewhere lost in the translation they could also mean that they will learn from how Turkey did theres and not to go the same route , just another spin on it you never know, heres hoping
  16. Agree totally, also they wont work because of the heat but its ok for the troops to have to work in that heat, with all the other dangers,
  17. I know what your saying but at least as Machines states, some news is better than no news, in IMO this will happen so fast when it does, we will all go to bed feeling frustrated, thinking god its the same old news yet again, then we will wake up the next morning and bang its been done overnight well thats what i keep hoping for
  18. Date: Mon 08/01/2011 9:04  Baghdad / follow-up term economic central bank denied that there was fraud, entered the country, which led to the postponement of the project to delete the zeros of the three, adding that the process of removing the zeros facing the reactions of the parties is strong. The central bank adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh (Agency news ): There is no validity to enter the counterfeit currency into the country led to the postponement of the deletion of zeros to the notice, and that the project still exists, but ink on paper has not been implemented so far. Saleh added that the issue of fraud and breach of law and economic crimes list and present in all countries of the world. He said: We faced the reaction is very strong by the other parties to achieve the project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency, but despite this we as an authority cash we consider a project strategically and binding to be applied in day. And between the central bank adviser to the project to delete three zeros is to re-structure of the Iraqi currency and start a new currency system, in addition to replacement of categories (250.500) JD currencies metal to facilitate a lot of things.
  19. when this thing RV's i will give a donation, a little from all means a lot to so many
  20. Great post, we will definately arrange a meet in London when this is over It is not worthless even with dents as this can be taken to a silversmith for repair, Sheffield silver doesnt command as good a price as what they call solid silver over here (925) but a full tea service if it is made by a collectable silversmith could still be worth a good amount, if i could see the markings i could tell you ha ha ha
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