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  1. Why are we getting so much conflicting news articles out of Iraq? Shabibi was speaking about 7-10 days on the 20th (which was my birthday) And now, a week and a half later, we get an article that says middle of next year. This is so frustrating!
  2. Buahahaha! That is great! I like hearing it from the bankers view for once! +1 man good story!
  3. With plenty of alcohol and/or herb and you should be all set!
  4. Well if there is one thing this investment has taught me it is the "word" doesn't hold much weight. Unfortunately. You would think people could just be honest.
  5. Ooooh I see, so the auctions are a condition of the sanctions to keep it at 1170. So i would suppose that if they quit selling, the dinar would go up in value on its own?
  6. TonyTNT is just way out there- i usually skip over his comments- i mean for the most part they usually couldn't even be plausible. There also seems to be alot of circular logic involved in his posts. I think some of the other guys get a morsel of truth and fabricate a story out of it. Also, Okie has already divulged his source many times... Nuff. I think Nuff is his imaginary friend
  7. Rockstar: Left a post on your wall- couldn't figure out how to PM
  8. Yeah thats what im talkin bout! Do you guys think CBI's site will stop responding or that the rate will just change? My bet is they just mod the HTML file, upload and replace. Then when you hit your F5 key, you would see the change.
  9. Ha! Well its pretty close to the 4th, you'd probably get away with it
  10. I feel dumb now, I was an hour off on the Iraq time... It was actually 9:00AM
  11. Oh Yeah the CNN it totally forgot :lol: Yeah im afraid so and its still working
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